Ken Silva from Apprising Ministries has another good article exposing heresies coming from Rob Bell.

Rob Bell and Another Gospel

I’m thankful Mr. Silva and others are working to expose heretics like Rob Bell. We cannot stick our head in the sand and pray these heretics will simply go away. We must expose these false teachers and warn people about the dangers coming from people like Rob Bell.

  1. transientglory says:

    No…you should definitely not stick your head in the sand and pray for Rob Bell to go away. He is a God-gifted teacher. Please explain to me what is dangerous about what Mr. Bell teaches. Have you actually tried to understand where he’s coming from? I would recommend that you watch his teaching called Covered In the Dust of Your Rabbi. Its all about becoming like Jesus, which is exactly what we’re called to. Jesus never told us we had to have all of our theology right. He did talk a lot about love though didn’t he?

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