Life Past the 10th Grade..from Lane’s Blog

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Perry Noble

Here is an interesting blog by Lane Chaplin from Lane’s Blog. He is dealing with some of Pastor (CEO) Perry Noble’s poor judgement and filthy mouth.

Here is an example taken from Lane’e Blog:

One of the things I deal with a on a daily basis is comments from unbelievers and immature professors of Christ. I’ll usually block the abrasive unbelievers and try to at least converse with those who profess to believe but aren’t clear about things and even the unbelievers who are cordial. One thing that I notice in each is a fundamental misunderstanding of their beliefs about what exactly I believe. Unfortunately, this tendency is fully functioning not only in the groups previously mentioned, but also in the professing pastors that come and comment occasionally… which brings us to the case in point. (source)

Please check out “Life past the 10th grade” for more info and some good insights from my friend Lane Chaplin.


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