When I came across this blog How to know if your church isn’t spending enough on missions from Defending Contending it proved yet again how the seeker-sensitive slogan of “excellence and relevance” is a like a whore. This ideology will literally take Christ’s commandment to help the poor and turn it upside down. Instead of using money to help people, fund missionaries (in the case of these so-called churches this is a good thing), and showing the love of Christ, this ideology creates an idol of worship called the church building .

In July, I wrote a blog called The work of the Church and helping the poor that deals with this issue. What I fear is that many traditional churches will look upon these apostate self-help centers for the carnal nature of mankind, and want to mimic their programs instead of simply preaching the Gospel. I fear our churches might start flirting with these twin whores! If we look upon the fruits of “relevance and excellence” we will see great wealth, great numbers of members, and a very successful business plan. If we are not careful we might become charmed by the lure of these two harlots.

The best thing we can do is have nothing to do with these types of self-help centers called churches. It is my prayer that we stay true to the Word of God by helping the poor, funding missionaries, helping each other, and not wasting money on “fluff” while our communities suffer. It’s really shameful when the church will spend millions upon millions of dollars per year to keep the programs running( light shows, high tech services, etc…) while people in the community are going hungry!

See http://defendingcontending.com/2009/09/01/how-to-know-if-your-church-isn%E2%80%99t-spending-enough-on-missions/ for some pictures of these shameful churches that bring reproach upon the name of Christ. I’m sure the CEO’s of these non-profit organizations are not in need of anything unlike so many people in America.


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