The love of the world runs deep within the inner workings of NewSpring Church in SC. It’s really disturbing to know that NewSpring Church’s Greenville Campus Children’s Minister Pudge Huckaby openly defends listening to filthy language (See the picture) and justifies it by making it an outreach to hurting people. Where is the discernment from right and wrong? How can such worldly filth be used to reach people when God clearly said in His Word to be separate? 2 Corinthians 6:16-18

Here are some examples taken from Mr. Huckaby. I want you to truly ponder the example Pudge Huckaby is setting for the children who go to NewSpring Church. Ask yourself what kind of fruit will grow as Pudge waters their minds with the things of the world?

“One of the things that DRIVES me in CM is that I want to expose as many kids as I can to the unconditional, unfailing, unmeasurable love of Jesus Christ!

I want them to KNOW and FEEL God’s love in such a way that it over powers the pain that the world cuts them with! So many of us are sheltered and ignorant when it comes to the “real life” stories that children go through today.” source

Pay attention to how Pudge is setting up his defense. He starts off by talking about the unconditional love of Christ. Christ’s love for us is unconditional, but living for Christ does have conditions because God told us not to love the world.

Notice the emphasis on “knowing and feeling” God’s love. Pudge then proceeds to label anyone who speaks out against his carnality as being sheltered and ignorant. This is a good setup to ignore critics because Pudge immediately painted a picture of us as:

1.) Not understanding the unconditional love of Christ.

2.) We are sheltered and ignorant to the real world.

To help me prove this point, I want to look at a popular rap song, but before I dig in…(source)

Instead of going to the Word of God, Pudge proceeds to dig into popular culture for his defense.

YES, I LOVE RAP MUSIC! And (not to chase a white rabbit here but…) I LOVE EMINEM’S music too, and many others that say “bad words” in their music! And before many of you FREAK OUT because a Children’s Pastor just said he liked “bad music,” let me explain!

I love their music because it is packed with EMOTION and tells a story! They pour their hearts out and (if you listen hard enough) you will be exposed to a reality that most Christians miss because they are too busy being a “Pharisee” rather than a Christ follower. They tell the story of a broken heart, a broken world, and help me to remember the reality of what it feels like to be lost & without hope! (source)

Now we get to the heart of Pudge’s defense for rap. The bottom line is Pudge loves rap music no matter how filthy the words, how foul the message, no matter how explicit the sexual the content, etc… Pudge loves the world far more than he loves the Word of God! Romans 12:1-3

It’s amazing how he just lumps us as Pharisee and not Christ followers if we speak out against the poison he is teaching. I would like to know which Christ Pudge is following because that Jesus Christ is not found in the Word of God. My Jesus taught us not to love the world(1 John 2:15-16). My Jesus would never defend the worldly filth coming from people like Pudge Huckaby(Col 3:8). My Jesus loves the lost who are without salvation because He died for them, therefore He redeems them to a new life in Him by separating them from their past sins(2 Corinthians 5:16-18). My Jesus told us not to love the world(James 4:4) and not to be taken captive by it (Col 2:8). So which Jesus is Pudge following?

Now, after reading those lyrics you are thinking one of two things…

  1. How could I listen to such music
  2. How can I help

If you are thinking the first, I’m sorry I let you down. I’ll work harder to continue to care more about where God is leading me than what makes you feel “safe”

If you are thinking the second, I’m with you!

The thing that catches me about this song is that its someones STORY! It’s many peoples STORY! And tragically many times, the 1st thoughts we have as believers has more to do with condemning them and their story than finding ways to pour out the love of Christ on them…no matter their situation.

With all this, verses like James 1:27 have been sticking with me HARD lately! (source)

In this statement Pudge gives us a glimpse into his heart. We see the arrogance, rebellion, and prideful attitude coming from him as he defends his rebellion(Jude 1:17-19). It’s amazing how he ends this using James 1:27 as a defense. Clearly Pudge Huckaby has been corrupted and taken captive by the world. His own words are a testimony to this sad fact.

There’s something brewing in me with this. There are single mom’s, homeless children & tragic stories EVERYWHERE in our communities! Day after day they are longing for hope, dying for love and begging that someone would show them the love that Christ has POURED out on us IN HIS MERCY!!

They are waiting for a happy ending…

I have a dream…(source)

What’s brewing in Pudge is rebellion and sin. This is a classic example of the blind leading the blind. The end result of Pudge’s seeker-sensitive-purpose-driven vision is rebellion and having a form of godliness but denying God’s power to change us.

2 Timothy 3:1-7 (New International Version)

2 Timothy 3

Godlessness in the Last Days

1But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

6They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.

I’ll again refer to the Pilgrim’s blog “When the world’s your mistress” as a source to expand on this blog. The Pilgrim lays a solid defense for the Word of God exposing people like Pudge Huckaby who only want to mix the world with the Word. In the end, the world overpowers the Word and it is evident in the testimonies of these worldly pastors.

In all fairness, Pudge is just the fruit of Perry Noble’s preaching and teaching.

If anyone from NewSpring Church reads this blog, I really hope that you ponder what I have been saying about NewSpring’s leadership. The end result of NewSpring’s teachings are sin and rebellion. The final result is a church where there is no difference between it and the world except they attach the name “Jesus” to everything in sight.

  1. J. L. Watts says:

    I fully respect this stance, and will most likely link to this post. I've posted on Perry Noble before and was roundly attacked.

  2. David J Horn says:

    I just read some of the NS defenders post to your blog. I find it really disturbing how they scoff at the Scriptures in order to defend the filth and sin coming from Perry Noble.

    The ear tickling at NewSpring must be really good these days…

    Thanks for the comment and thank you for contending for the truth about Perry Noble.

  3. J. L. Watts says:

    It got pretty rough, David, for a while, and with no one to help. I have received some comments littered with, will, take a guess as to the language source.

    At least there are a few of us out here.

  4. hrugnir says:

    …Does a single mention of the F, S or A-word rule out what movie or music is acceptable to watch or listen to for you people? Now, I am not a big fan of rap, but… I understand wanting to keep oneself pure and all, but if I had to cover my ears every time I heard the radio, I think I would have to become Amish.

    I think it is up to individual Christians to test their own hearts and see too what extent they need to separate themselves…

    Remember that Paul cited Greek poets…

  5. Just remember that Paul may have cited Greek poets, but he did not bring their false teachings, filthy language, acceptance of sexual sins, and sin in general into the church or into our Christian teachings. Paul spend a lot of time cleaning up Corinth because these Christians had fallen pray to what was accepted by that culture.

    It’s up to us to obey God’s Word about how we are to live and what we are to do as we walk with Christ. God clearly told us in His world not to love the world, not to have filthy language(Col 3:8), and to walk according to Him. God’s commandments are not subjective to our opinions and beliefs. We can choose to make His Word subjective, but it is still sin in the eyes of our Holy Father.

    We cannot get away from our culture and I will not pretend that we can. Even the Amish fall pray to culture(look up the Amish drug bust on Google) because we have a sinful nature. God’s commandments telling us to remove ourselves from worldliness, filthy speech, etc… is sometimes hard to do because it is socially acceptable.

    I think the other side of this is the one who take this way too far by claiming women cannot wear pants, men cannot have earrings, etc… Just like those who clearly rebel against the Bible’s commandments(Refer to Perry Noble, Brad Cooper, and Pudge for an example), these people add to what God said by making a bunch of useless man-made rules. Both sides of this coin are wrong and damaging to the Christian faith.

    A good reading IMO concerning this is the Book of Col. It deals with our liberties as Christians and it deals with how we are free from man-made rules. This does not pardon nor does it negate God’s commandments of not loving the world, not following the world, and not to be held captive by the world.

    I personally fight my urges and sinful nature when it comes to language and my old life style. it’s in these times I must draw close to God and put Him before my worldly sinful desires, It’s in these times the grace of God helps me overcome the world and it’s temptations.

    I appreciate your comments. I just think we all must be careful with what we watch, read, and say. it’s so easy for all of us(myself being chief among all) to fall back into the snares of sin because it is acceptable by our culture.

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  7. […] The sour fruit of Perry Noble: NewSpring Children’s minister defends his love of filthy rap music! […]

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