Man builds his glorious temples...

I found this at It’s really disgusting for them to announce this sinful waste of money when this money could be used to spread the Gospel and help the poor like Jesus commanded. When the lost looks at these glorious expensive temples which Jesus do they see? Do they see the Jesus of the Bible or the Jesus of mankind? I can see the reproach this wasteful spending brings upon the Lord because it only shows the lost a God who is all about riches, luxury, and personal comfort. Our great God Jesus Christ was dirt poor when He became man to die for our sins So go ahead and pass that collection plate around and remember your pledge…to hell with the suffering people of the community who are in need of a home,  food, rent money, power bills, diapers, and cloths…we need a $130 million dollar worship center to please God!

Here is a video I did about the church, waste, and the poor The Church, Jesus, and the poor.

First Baptist Church of Dallas today announced a $130 million capital campaign to build a 3,000-seat worship center, a religious education building and parking garage, a glass concourse, and a sky bridge.

The project promises to transform a stretch of downtown’s St. Paul Street, near the attention-grabbing Arts District.

“The finest facility in this area should be one that glorifies almighty God,” said the Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas.

Five older buildings on the church campus will come down, but the 1890 sanctuary – where the congregation has long worshipped – will remain for weddings, funerals and other special events.

Jeffress said an independent church fundraising consultant, Doug Turner, had determined that this is the largest church building program in modern history.

The congregation stood in affirmation of the deacons’ unanimous call for a capital campaign, beginning in the spring.

But a formal vote by members is expected in a couple of weeks, after question-and-answer sessions.

Jeffress told worshippers that more than $62 million has been pledged or given already.

Dallas Tom Leppert led the congregation in prayer at one morning service and afterwards called the building project “a very important investment in downtown Dallas.”(source)


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