False teachers and heretics

Joel Taylor from 5 pt. Salt has a very good blog up today about the Emergent Church and why we should be standing up for the truth by calling out these heretics, false teachers, and sinful teachings.

After viewing Rob Bell’s presentation of his false, heretical gospel recently, it was difficult, at the time, for me to imagine more disheartening news for the day. I was wrong. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those at Apprising.org, and I am truly thankful to God for a site that actually keeps us up to date with the contemporary issues facing the visible church. Kudos to Ken Silva and gang.

But I was almost floored this morning when I viewed the latest video from the emergent ‘children of the Korn’. I know, I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am somewhat.

When I contemplate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am ever blessed, grace upon grace, always increasing in my thankfulness of what Christ has done on the cross, His propitiation on my behalf, and the unsearchable depths of His grace and mercy on such sinners.

Then there’s the ‘gospel’ of Rob Bell and the emergent church. Is there no end to this wickedness? Yes, but we must be patient, vengeance belongs to the Lord doesn’t it? What may be even more disturbing to me than Bell’s false gospel is the lack of prominent evangelical leaders to come right out and declare Bell a heretic. I guess politics and political correctness pays better doesn’t it? Why are evangelical leaders tippy-toeing around it? That’s another post.

I ran across this video this morning, newly tweeted by an emergent follower, and, after viewing it, I cringed and my imagination ran. I envision all the teens, tweens and all the other descriptors attempting to identify those various generations of people not my age and I think of how popular these emergent leaders and their false gospel has become. It is truly frightening. They are presenting, clearly a false gospel, clearly a false hope, and the bait and the attractiveness of it upon unregenerate men and women must be amazingly easy and comforting to those hearing it.(read the whole blog here)

  1. marcusmaxis says:

    what are they preaching?

  2. A twisted version of Christianity that makes the Word of God subjective to our human reason, in other words these preachers become the authority vs God’s Words being the authority.

  3. Acidri says:

    Interesting blog. I do agree with you further more The Bible should remain the acid test for every lying and deceptive spirit and new fad that spring up in christian circles…..please feel free to visit my blog. Leave a comment, cast a stone or draw a line in the sand.

  4. Acidri says:

    “We will be as God”….and then i will say to myself, ” I shall exhalt my throne above the stars of God”….you bet you know where such teaching is teasing you towards….sorry for writing twice on this article.Lol.

  5. Acidri,

    Did you check out this blog yet?


    The old Satanic lie is alive and well today in these seeker-sensitive self-help centers. I pray that the Holy Spirit will draw these people unto Himself thus pulling them out from under these false teachers. It’s my prayer that the Lord opens their hearts to the truth.

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