Over the past year, I’ve had several people ask me why I am reformed in my beliefs. I just wanted to give a general reply using some very basic reasons I became reformed in my theology this year.

I started pondering the Grace of God shortly after I left a local emergent church called NewSpring Church in Greenville, South Carolina. I always considered myself a non-Calvinist because I thought it was up to us to choose when we accept Christ. After sitting in this false church watching hundreds of people profess the name Jesus, the Holy Spirit started working on my heart about what I was observing at this church. I admit that when I was attending this Seeker Sensitive Purpose Driven Church for the Carnal Nature of Mankind that I was out of the will of God and rebellious in my life. I knew better than to be at this church because of my fundamental background, but I wanted change and a new way to reach people that the traditional church had thrown away. With this thought and logic, my journey into the Emergent Church began. Little did I know that my carnal desires would lead me to a place where I would become Reformed. When I repented of my rebellion, I took my family out of this church. I started pondering the Grace of God and how God’s Grace saves us. I could not get the images of people simply repeating the name Jesus out of my head. I could not find peace until I prayed and started studying the Scriptures concerning our sinful nature and the saving Grace of God. I kept pondering how repentance from sin was not explained and how I watched people being compelled to profess Jesus with little or no clear Gospel message being taught. I thought about the numbers game and how numbers were used by Perry Noble and his staff as a benchmark for God’s blessing. For months I kept digging and seeking God’s Will for my life and asking for a deeper understanding of my carnal nature and His Grace. I thought about the altar calls from other churches I visited and attended over the years past. I pondered and prayed asking God to give me peace and answers.

I am Reformed in my beliefs because:

I believe in the power of God to save and God alone (1 John 4:10). We do not seek God (Romans 3:10-12). God draws us to Him because we cannot come to God by our own merits (1 Corinthians 2:13-15 ,Romans 10:17).

I know there are more verses I could list concerning this subject. I just wanted to share a little about my experiences and why I am Reformed in my beliefs.


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