Posted: December 3, 2009 in prayer request
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For the benefit of our many new readers, as it says in our About section Apprising Ministries is an online apologetics and discernment ministry extending as a fully integrated auxiliary from Connecticut River Baptist Church (SBC), where I serve as pastor-teacher. And even though this local church is affiliated with the SBC, AM itself is designed as a non-denominational outreach.

The fact is I have no staff to assist me with research, writing, answering email questions, etc. and at this time AM receives no financial assistance at all from any other agencies or churches. Right now AM is still running behind our projected budget for the next couple of months.

Those who have been with me for a while already know how much I absolutely hate discussing funding, but it’s something all ministers must do. And at this time AM doesn’t have any radio program to make appeals from; nor do we have any product to sell, so a work like depends entirely upon the generosity of God’s people.

I’m asking that if you’ve been blessed through the work here that perhaps you might consider helping to support this labor. The truth is, I regularly receive letters from many pastors around the country looking for help discerning issues or asking me to do additional research, and we remain hopeful that a church or two might consider taking on AM as even a small part of their mission giving.

In any event, at this time a gift of any amount—whether one time or on a regular basis—will go a long way toward helping to keep AM available along the Internet Front. If you’d like to donate via PayPal click here or you can make your checks/money orders payable to Apprising Ministries and send them to:

P.O. BOX 340
Claremont, NH 03743

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