Volunteers who show up for Load-In at 4AM while it is 18 degrees with a strong wind blowing; obviously love Jesus more! (source)

It seems that if you volunteer at NewSpring Church and show up to help setup the Greenville Campus at the Carolina First Center that you love Jesus more than other Christians. Yet again, we see the over emphasis on works by a NewSpring staff member (in this case the Greenville Campus Pastor) instead of emphasis on deeper study of the Word of God. I have a few questions for Perry Noble and his board of directors that should be answered:

What did NewSpring Church do with the money they took up in 2007-2008 for the Greenville Campus building fund?

Why can you not simply buy a building instead of renting the Carolina First Center?

*Why did NewSpring Church waste the money (possible millions) to completely remodel the old Bi-Lo building on Roper Mountain Road when it was rented instead of being purchased by the church?

Why do you subject your volunteers to such a weekly task of setting up the Greenville campus when NewSpring Church is bringing in millions of dollars per year?

Why do you waste money on stuff link renting the Bi-Lo Center (See http://www.newspring.cc/ten ) vs. providing a permanent building for the Greenville Campus?

I guess the people of Greenville are subjected to these things so the Pastor CEO Perry Noble can see who loves Jesus the most while he checks their tithing records and volunteer service. Kinda strange that Noble and NewSpring’s inner circle wants to check your tithing records for possible jobs, but NewSpring members/financial givers cannot check Perry Noble’s salary/benefits or the church’s financial records to make sure their money is not being abused and wasted.

Also see:

The Seeker-Sensitive Purpose Driven Church for the Carnal Nature of Mankind

*NewSpring Church in Greenville had to move because of an issue involving Bi-Lo and leasing the building on Roper Mountain Raod. This is why they moved from the old Bi-Lo building on Roper Mountain Road to the Carolina First Center.

  1. jearwood says:

    You make some legitimate points, but the comment about the volunteers who get up early on cold mornings loving Jesus more is obviously tongue-in-cheek. That’s the kind of nit-picking that gives credence to Noble’s claim that critics are pharisees who hang on his every word looking for something to criticize. I’m not calling you out on it, just pointing out that your valid (IMO) points are minimized when you make points by taking something out of context and the spirit in which it was said. My two bits, for what it’s worth.

    Interesting blog, though!

  2. I understand your points. I was just using Howard’s tweet as a lead in to my bigger concerns about the waste and (IMO) abuse that is coming from NewSpring HQ in Anderson SC. This is why I linked the Tweet from Howard so hopefully people we see the context and research my questions. I appreciate your input.

  3. MRWBBIII says:


  4. debra roland says:

    I found this and want to say a big thank you!!! I thought I was alone in seeing perry noble as a false prophet wannabe getting rich off the members. I read his blog and his use of vulgarity shocks me. Not to mention his constant bragging about his mac while putting down lowly pc users. He always takes creidt for “a hundered people were saved today” and never giving credit to the one he claims to be a special called man from – God.

    He is a cult leader and needs to be exposed.

  5. Ben Firebaugh says:

    The fact that you would take the time to right this is really depressing. I began going to NewSpring four weeks ago and it has changed my life. The fact that so many people have been lead to Christ is awesome and the fact that Perry Noble is growing God’s kingdom is awesome. I feel that no matter what he makes it’s a direct gift from God for the awesome work that he has done. It’s post’s like this that give Christians a bad name and makes people think that we are hypocritics. I would encourage you to pray for MY pastor and OUR church and every unsaved soul out there that more people may come to know Christ.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Note that you still have an icon on here that says “Be the FIRST to like this post” I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but I have never agreed with everything any preacher does. I can also say he teaches from the BIBLE and he has brought thousands to Christ. I have a question for this blogger…. How many people have you brought to christ? How quickly has your church grown? If you are a christian, how can you criticize anyone as successful for the kingdom of God as this man is? If you truly love God you will celebrate his success. I would also be willing to bet if you compare % he gives more to God, not only in $ but in effort. Always remember when almost everyone disagrees with you it probably does not mean the world is crazy. I am sure this comment will be immediately deleted, but it is not me or anyone on here you need to answer to. It is God only.

  7. Tanner says:

    Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Thank you “davidjosephhorn” for showing us what happens when you “study” the bible and then forget everything it says. And no i don’t attend Newspring. And no I don’t even agree with every move Perry Noble makes. And yes this blog is a perfect example of how this type of self-righteous, legalistic, judgmental attitude is the largest problem with the church today. Volunteering isn’t a bad thing, being blessed with a large income (even as a pastor) isn’t a bad thing. Maybe if your tone wasn’t condemning and the points you focused on were actually relevant, you could have a useful tool to help expose “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. Do you take careful time to think about what you write? I mean write about the fundamental problems there are in the Newspring theology or complain about having to listen to Clayton King or something of substance. Instead you focused on the church building and volunteer hours??? It’s humorous to see what you really value most. It doesn’t say anything in my bible against volunteering or in what building you should hold church?!?!?! Jeeze I need to take a shower to wash the judgement and legalism off of me after reading this pseudo-Christian muck. It’s your type of “Jesus does things my way” attitude that is the degradation of the church in America, not the location or willingness to help set up church. Your lack of understanding of God’s grace and your own sin is extremely evident. It’s ironic how in your attempt to “expose” Perry noble, you have actually exposed your own sinful heart. God has a sense of humor doesn’t He?

  8. Rick says:

    Wow once again I am blown away by a supersaint guardian of the church. You sound so familiar with the “deeper study of God’s Word” pretense while displaying a painful thin skiness and shallowness of spirituality. Attacking with a sawed off shot blasting so rapidly and randomly that more innocent bystanders are stuck and injured than the one you are really trying to assasinate. Go back and read the Gospels and listen to the Master Teacher acquainting spirituality not to academia but to application. The Pharisees were proficient at prideful academia and anemic at application. It seems that the Master Teacher was much more concerned about people understanding the Word by infusing massive story and illustration into His teaching. Just a general study reveals exposition of OT explained with about a 25/75 ratio.
    In 35 plus years of pastoring I have found that the most obnoxious, arrogant, divisive, and non productive believers are the deeper study crowd. Obviously their lack of actual application into “good works” leaves them so much time to gather around a coffee table and impress each other with their superior knowlege of the Bible… justifying their attacks on everyone and everything that is not sitting around their table with them.
    Get a life! Your lack of one is taking lives all around you.
    (Ironically I just showed a dvd of Perry speaking to our Board and then to our Praise Team. All were moved and inspired by what they heard. I was checking the web for Perry Noble and found you right at the front of the line on google.)

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