1 But realize this, that ain the last days difficult times will come.

2  For men will be alovers of self, blovers of money, cboastful, carrogant, drevilers, cdisobedient to parents, eungrateful, funholy,

aunloving, irreconcilable, bmalicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, 1chaters of good,

atreacherous, breckless, cconceited, dlovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

5  holding to a form of 1agodliness, although they have bdenied its power; cAvoid such men as these.

6  For among them are those who 1aenter into households and captivate 2bweak women weighed down with sins, led on by cvarious impulses,

7  always learning and never able to acome to the 1knowledge of the truth. [1]

We live in a day where the truth is a lie, and a lie is the truth. We live in a time where liberals and ecumenical preachers have hijacked the Christian faith by projecting a belief that unity is all the matters. We are told that we should not call out people who are in error. We are told that as long as they are serving the Lord to leave them alone, and we are told only to be concerned with our own business. We live in a day that is full of apostasy and false teachers whose teachings have infected the body of Christ with their deadly venom. These people telling us to be silent are the ones who fear the light of the Word of God shining upon their ministries’ teachings and actions because the light of Christ exposes the darkness being taught by these people. It’s in these false teachers’ best interest to advise their followers not to study deep into God’s Word and not to speak out against other ministries.

It is up to all of us who love the Word of God to stand up and teach/preach the whole council of God. Even when it is unpopular in the Christian church, we must contend for the truth. We must continue to expose errors, heretics, false teachers, and false prophets. It is our duty to God to speak the truth even when that truth brings down a fire storm upon us. We must witness in truth and love while standing firm on the pure doctrines of our faith. These false teachers have the world on their side because their portrayal of Christianity is a form of godliness which serves to comfort the religious craving of mankind’s carnal nature, so it is of no surprise how they are accepted by the world and carnal Christians.

I really hate to see so many people taken captive by these false teachers and carnal preachers. I just wish that more Christians would stop with the attitude that we cannot judge anything and would start exercising judging in a godly manner. If we do not call out errors, false teachers, false prophets, and heretics, then who will? Too many times those teaching errors will use the excuse, “We should only show the lost the love of Christ in unity. We should not be arguing or debating, we should not be calling out preachers by name… because the lost will be watching us, and what Jesus are we showing them?” My answer to this question is if we follow this logic, then the Jesus we would be showing the lost is a Jesus who cares nothing about His Word and His commandments. My Jesus told us in His Word to mark those who teach things contrary to what we have learned in the Bible. The people using lost people as an excuse to promote this ideology of a “big love Jesus” do not stop and think about the damage they are actually doing to the cause of Christ.

I blog and expose these issues because I love the Lord, because I love His Word, and because I love the people who are deceived by these servants of self and Satan. It is my prayer that God would move over these people and bring them into the truth found in the Bible so the Jesus Christ can truly be glorified.

a1 Tim 4:1

aPhil 2:21

bLuke 16:14; 1 Tim 3:3; 6:10

cRom 1:30

d2 Pet 2:10–12

eLuke 6:35

f1 Tim 1:9

aRom 1:31

b1 Tim 3:11

1Lit not loving good

cTitus 1:8

aActs 7:52

bActs 19:36

c1 Tim 3:6

dPhil 3:19

1Or religion

a1 Tim 4:7

b1 Tim 5:8

cMatt 7:15; 2 Thess 3:6

1Or creep into

aJude 4

2Or idle

b1 Tim 5:6; Titus 3:3

cTitus 3:3

a2 Tim 2:25

1Or recognition

[1]New American Standard Bible : 1995 update. 1995 (2 Ti 3:1-7). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.

  1. marcusmaxis says:

    ok do you love the 10 commandments?

  2. Nader says:

    i think that in the last days u should help the people know Jesus more rather than live to worn them. instead of warning u should show Jesus. because who are u to Judge the people around. this isnt the kingdom that Jesus tought us. ” dont judge or u will be judged” this is someone looking for self centered ministry

  3. Matthew 7:2-5 (New American Standard Bible)

    2 “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

    3 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

    4 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?

    5 “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

    Verse 5 is always ignored and over looked by the “do not judge” crowd.

    If we love people, we warn them and admonish them in love.

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