We the people of the United States need to work to restore the Republic back to the people. The federal government is drunk with power and it is slowly enslaving us all under the mask of duty and service to us. Our Supreme Court should be over turning any law that violates the Constitution, but sadly our highest court is ever so silent. Our highest court will not stop a violation to the Civil Rights Act commonly known to us today as diversity aka Affirmative Action.

Judge Napolitano on Congressional Power

This week, Judge Napolitano is presenting a five part series entitled “The Constitution and Freedom,” where he explores the nature of our rights and looks at America’s constitutional history.

The second part is featured on the left. Click on the “Comments” link for the rest of the installments.

And don’t forget that Judge Napolitano will be joining us for our CPAC 2010 events! Click here for details. (source)


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