I wanted to show you another example of the poison being taught by Rick Warren. Warren’s gospel is a gospel based upon you and your good works. The Gospel of Christ is all about the grace of God.

My advice is very simple concerning Rick Warren:

  • Do not buy his books
  • Do not read his books
  • Avoid preachers/churches that promote Rick Warren
  1. Rebecca says:

    And most of all do not listen to people who tell you what to not buy, read, or listen to….

  2. So we should just be silent about false teachers like Rick Warren. We should just stay silent when our churches replace Bible studies with reading Rick Warren’s books.

    I guess we should start praying in the name of Isa as well since Rick Warren prayed in Isa’s name.

    Part of loving people is warning them about false teachers, errors, and advising them. Rick Warren’s gospel cannot be found in the Word of God. This is why I warn people about Rick Warren.

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