I have my fire extinguisher ready for the fire storm that is most certainly incoming about these videos exposing the fall of Billy Graham.

  1. joel says:

    hey i want to jin your group. I am from india. so please be in touch with me …

  2. Moosie says:

    I have reason to believe that as Billy Graham has gotten elderly, he has a certain amount of dementia.
    I once heard him say that he hopes there are other worlds out there because when he dies, he wants to continue to preach the gospel. I have no doubt that he
    is a born again believer who may be a little confused with either dementia or even Alzheimers. We have seen this happen with other saints as they get older.
    I say we should give him a break; he preached God’s Word for soooo many years without compromise of any kind; I don’t believe he is knowingly teaching anything false.

    • Christine Bou Hamdan says:

      I believe he preaches a false doctrine like the Pope, Rick Warren, etc, leading people astray. He is teaching a doctrine of demons, not of God, denying that Jesus is the only Way and denying that the whole Bible is the Truth. It seems he likes praise from men more than praise from God. The Pope (Antichrist) is heading a one world religion and they are all in on it deceiving the nations and peoples.
      Ezekiel 24: But if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and commits sin, and does the same detestable things that the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of their unfaithfulness they are guilty of the sins they have committed, they will die.

  3. David J Horn says:

    I have looked at Billy Graham’s old preaching and it was good. I think somewhere in the late 80’s he started to slide into the ecumenical movement which skewed his judgment. I too believe that Billy Graham is a saved man, I just think he got off track during his crusades and obsession with Pope John Paul II. Generally when I speak about Billy Graham, I always refer to him as a brother in Christ who just got side tracked by some bad judgments and poor choice of associations.

    When I reflect upon what Billy Graham has done, I am reminded of what to do and not to do. I agree that his age has caused some of his recent odd statements. Snakes like Robert H. Schuller is an example of someone who has taken advantage of Billy Grahams elderly state of mind. I just wish Graham’s family would think before allowing him to speak with people like Schuller.

    My grandmother’s judgment in her latter age caused her to say some strange things. She has some dementia. She did not say knowingly say anything false to us, at times she actually thought she was in her early 20’s right before she died. She would snap back to her current age and not even remember what she had said. It was heartbreaking to watch her as she scrambled around the house looking for her wedding dress because she thought she was marring my grandfather. I know Billy Graham is not to that extreme, but I believe he is not himself sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that this probably is the reason for Billy Graham’s odd statements over the past several years. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

  4. I read a statement by Billy Graham in the 70’s in Good housekeeping magazine where he stated…Hr was not so sure the Catholics and the Jews won’t make it into heaven…….a few years back when in Washington speaking to a group he preached the gospel and ended with the statement that that was for Christians only…and repeated the same the second time…….

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