We are not under the law of the OT tithe

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Tithe
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The sad truth is this little video sums up a big problem within many churches today.

I long for the day when pastors actually study the tithe. The way the tithe is preached today is wrong. The people pushing the OT tithe are not actually obeying the OT law for tithing. It’s not hard to see the truth when you take the time to study the OT tithe and then compare it to what is taught today.

  1. steward says:

    It’s complete ignorance. I don’t mean that in a way to demean them; but when you state that the tithe is changed, they refuse to entertain the simplest, unbiased facts. Their ignorance is quite sad. it’s like trying to convince somebody that the sky is blue when they believe it is red. They refuse to step outside and see for themselves for the fear of their ego being hurt.

    – jared

  2. Ron says:

    My thinking on the subject is this: If redeemed by the Law, give by the Law. If redeemed by Grace, give by Grace.

  3. 8thday says:

    Today my five year old saw a hole in my t-shirt and said.. “That shirt is a mess. It must have been chewed up by a dog.” Actually – it’s just old, but she was convinced she was right from the evidence she saw – not knowing the big picture. This reminds me of how so many make their conclusions about scriptures they read. I hear so much Old Covenant mindset in churches it makes me want to bust a valve. Living under that falls SO short of what God wants us to be, and has ALREADY blessed us with (Eph. 1). It was not carried over. We have a NEW contract, not a revised one… hence the name. 🙂

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