This is a sad example of a greedy hireling. Stuff like this brings shame upon the name of the Lord. I do not understand why so many people defend pastors CEO’s like Ed Young. Please visit Ed Young’s Admissions Are More Damning Than The Original News Story and read about it.

If the people giving to the church would demand to see the following it will prevent a great deal of financial abuse:

  1. The pastor’s salary and full benefits
  2. The church financial records with real numbers and not misleading percentages
  3. Hold the pastor and leadership accountable

Those who give to support the church have a right to know how their donations are being spent. I’m not saying we should pry into a pastor’s IRS records and/or look into his salaries outside of the church(book deals etc…) because this type of income is not by donations. All I’m saying is that all church salaries, benefits, and church financial records should be open for all members to see. This would go a long way in preventing abuse. If the people see the abuse and still continue to give then that is their choice. As it stands currently, many of these types of churches refuse to disclose this information while hiding behind a privacy statement. If you are living by donations then those giving donations have a right to see where the money is being spent. I truly believe that an honest pastor/church has no reason to hide this information from their members who give to make the church function.


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