Perry Noble appeals to the Scoreboard

I get asked this question in various forms a lot by NewSpring Church members. I pondered answering this question via my blog for several months now. I’ve tried to focus on discussing a wide range of subjects facing the church today. I do not follow much of anything that goes on at NewSpring Church anymore because I feel several discernment blogs have documented some of the major problems taught by Perry Noble. Because NewSpring Church is in my community, I occasionally visit NewSpring’s blogs etc.. just to see what is going on and comment about it.

Before I answer the question, “So when did you stop worshiping Jesus and start attacking God’s work at NewSpring?” I want to briefly review some problems I have with Perry Noble’s teachings.

One of my main concerns with Perry Noble and NewSpring Church can be seen by simply following Perry Noble and his staff on Twitter. These people are all about following Noble’s vision without question. They parrot his every move to the point that they blindly follow him like a little messiah. Since Noble spoke at Rick Warren’s church during Radicalis, you can see all the tweets from NewSpring pastors and staffers @Rickwarren all of a sudden. (Refer to the pictures at the bottom.) This is a classic example of one of my main concerns with NewSpring Church. All that matters is Perry Noble’s vision and that what Perry Noble says is true. When people like me point out the dangers from following Rick Warren or Rob Bell, many NewSpringers simply ignore the warnings in favor of the blessings Noble puts upon these men. Many NewSpring pastors like Brad Cooper, Pudge Huckaby, Howard Frist, etc… all tweet and blog about following Jesus Christ and how important it is worship Him. My question is are you really following Jesus or Perry Noble? Now, I know that question might seem unfair and maybe even unjust, but in light of what is being done at NewSpring Church I think it’s a question that must be asked. If you follow Perry Noble on Twitter, you will see what I described in this paragraph because many just blindly follow Noble without ever questioning his judgment.

I do not like the way Perry Noble paints those of us who openly disagree with him as servants of Satan. Many times Perry Noble puts us on the opposite side of Christ just because we speak out against what he is doing. (See Why Do People Criticize? for a good example of Noble’s rants against critics.) Perry Noble is so obsessed with critics that it consumes his blogs/sermons at times, but then he tells his people to ignore critics. He speaks of critics as hateful, not loving, enemies, and out only to harm the church. His portrayal of people who disagree with him is to paint them as cold and unloving people who are pharisees only concerned with their self-serving hypocrisy. When Perry Noble is dealing with heretics like T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, Noble takes a very different approach with these false teachers. Noble goes out of his way to tell us that God is blessing T.D Jakes and Joel Osteen. Why does he defend the false teachers who vomit heresies into the church while painting those of use who stand by the orthodox doctrines of the faith as unloving and/or non-Christian?

The reasons I left NewSpring Church:

  • Perry Noble was not approachable even when I tried to follow the chain of command via Campus Pastor first.
  • Perry Noble’s teachings and his insights are put above the Word of God by NewSpring Church’s leadership team.
  • Perry Noble has created an atmosphere where he cannot be questioned. To question Noble is to bring down the wrath of NewSpring upon you.

When I questioned some of Noble’s teachings, I witnessed the transformation of a NewSpring Church from one that is open and welcoming to one that is hard, cold, and unfriendly. I was told to accept Perry Noble’s vision or leave. My Scriptures did not matter, and my sincere requests to speak with Noble were ignored. All that mattered to the staff was following Perry Noble’s vision while believing they were serving Jesus by protecting Perry Noble & his church from criticism and my questions. As long as you sell out and follow Noble’s vision you are A-okay, but to step out of line draws immediate attention because you are viewed as a threat.

One of the sour fruits of Perry Noble’s teaching is seen in how Newspring Church deals with critics. Observe the lack of care the church had for James Duncan and his family. I can testify from personal experience that many of my NewSpring friends who are on the staff/volunteers no longer talk to my wife or me. The ones that do want to do so in private because they fear some at NewSpring might see their post and report back to HQ. I see the hurt in my wife’s eyes many times when she sends her NewSpring friends messages only to get ignored because I spoke out against Perry Noble’s vision. I recently had a NewSpring staff member remove his/herself from my Facebook friends list because he/she did not want other NewSpring staffers to know he/she was my friend. When I questioned him/her about this I was told, “We can talk in private but not in public.” What a shame that a church culture would make people feel this way! I’ll admit at first all this angered me, but the more I thought about it it my anger became sorrow. What was my crime? My crime was searching the Scriptures and following Acts 17:11 by trying to talk to Perry Noble. My crime was pointing out some errors and hoping that NewSpring Church would conform to the Word of God instead of blindly following some of Perry Nobles’s bad teachings.

So to answer the question that I have been asked several times by some of my NewSpring friends and supporters, “So when did you stop worshiping Jesus and start attacking God’s work at NewSpring?” The answer is, “I never stopped worshiping Jesus. I just started to fully obey His Word by placing it above my desires and my own feelings. I placed the Word of the Lord above the visions of Perry Noble. I realized that in order to truly worship Jesus we must fully obey His Word.” It was hard for me to leave NewSpring Church. I tried many times to discuss my concerns with Perry Noble in private. After being dismissed, ignored, and told that I needed to sell out to NewSpring’s vision I decided it was time to leave.

People who defend Perry Noble need to understand that no matter how many thousands of people say the name “Jesus” at NewSpring Church, no matter how many thousands attend each week, no matter how many people volunteer, no matter how many life changes are professed, no matter how many marriages are restored, no matter how many families are restored, and no matter how many good works are done by Perry Noble it does not pardon the rebellion and errors being taught by Perry Noble. If the Lord Jesus Christ is truly first in our lives, then we will follow Him even when it hurts and when we question His leading. The Lord will never lead us into a place where His Word is belittled and where sin is called righteousness.

My goal is not to tear down NewSpring Church but to uplift the Scriptures by pointing out the dangerous reformation taking place under Perry Noble’s leadership. The Perry Noble reformation leads back to Babel and the way of Cain. We need to follow the true spirit of the Reformation which is sola scriptura by placing the Holy Scriptures above our traditions and desires. My prayer is that God opens their hearts to the truth. I pray that God convicts Perry Noble by the power of the Holy Spirit to lead him in a new direction. As I’ve stated many times in the past, (See Message to my NewSpring Church friends who have stopped talking to me ) my problem is not with the people who attend/volunteer at NewSpring Church. My problem is with Perry Noble and his staff of pastors who poison the Word of God with their love of the world which has consumed them and is skewing their judgment. When we become so relevant that the Word of God is irrelevant, then we have a problem.

What do you think would happen if a NewSpring staff member tweeted a message @perrynoble saying that Rick Warren teaches a false gospel? What if this staffer presented the evidence using Rick Warren’s own words and presented the Scriptures to backup this claim? I challenge you to ponder these questions and ask yourself why so many NewSpring staff members blindly follow Perry Noble. The problems with Rick Warren are easy to spot when they are examined in the light of the Scriptures. Where is the discernment at NewSpring Church?

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  1. […] “So when did you stop worshiping Jesus and start attacking God’s work at NewSpring?” […]

  2. simpleletterstoyou says:

    This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever found. Major props to what you do. I have never been to Newspring but have never been a fan of it, for many reasons both objective and personal. I recently wrote a post on Newspring myself, and while it may not have had all the truth and backlinks and proof that you’ve provided, it does indeed capture the frustration of seeing what is going on there. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    It is very hard to be so critical of everything when you are being involved and focused on Jesus. I understand that you have issues with Perry and you say you are not trying to tear it down, but you have to realize that every word you say is trying to tear it down. If a person were to be involved in the church as an owner and be tithing and volunteering, you would realize how many amazing things happen outside or the main auditorium. The children are learning about Jesus on their level. They are learning how to make Jesus the leader of their lives! It is amazing when you sit there and hear a child ask you about Jesus and get the chance to talk to them about how he died for us because he loved us. It is not something that came from Perry. Also, children are being taught in a way they can understand which is way better than being dragged into “big church” to try and pay attention while your six year old is drawing and asking you how much longer until lunch or dinner. The volunteer enjoy spending time with those children and pouring into their lives. There is so much more about NewSpring than just Perry Noble. He is a great speaker, but if he were to die, NewSpring would and will survive. It is not all about him.

    As far as being hurt by the church, I know several people that have been hurt by pretty much every denomination in the books. The church is filled with imperfect people, that if you stick around long enough, you will get hurt. I’ve personally experienced it in a very traditional Baptist church. The church is not perfect, but God still sent his son to die for us knowing everything that would happen. He knew that each and every person would hate, and lie, and cheat, and steal, and murder and he still came to Earth to die for each and every horrible person on this planet including me. We have to choose to look beyond the pain and see that the only one we can ever fully rely on is Jesus, but we are still called to be in community with the Church. You can’t tell Jesus you love him and Hate his bride. NewSpring is not competing against other churches; we are all on the same team trying to lead people to Jesus. EVERY Salvation is celebrated in heaven, not just the ones at this church or that church. Stop firing at your brothers in battle and fight the enemy!

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