I recently reviewed two segments of Beth Moore’s “Bible teaching” on my radio program and I must admit I was bowled over by just how bad and dangerous her teaching really is. I know she’s popular but this woman is NOT rightly handling God’s word. Instead, she is twisting the scriptures to her own destruction and the destruction of her hearers.

Take a listen for yourself. Not only is this bad, it’s downright dangerous false teaching! (Online source)

Please visit A BETH MOORE EXPOSE and listen to Chris Rosebrough as he discusses Beth Moore’s scripture twisting.

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  1. Joyce Watson says:

    Beth is talking about God-confidence and says in her book our security is in Christ.
    Just because she says your confidence what she is saying is your confidence in Christ-the confidence God gives us. You can twist this around to whatever you want to believe, but I think you being over critical. Also, she relates what she learns in the Bible with women and their lives today. She is not saying that what she experienced or we sometimes go through in life is in the Bible, but that we can relate to how we feel and the things that we do.
    Get a Life!

    • sandyvanasch says:

      Dear Joyce Watson:

      No one is being overly critical of Beth Moore. If you really want to know how she is twisting scripture and leading women astray; you can find many sources on the internet. I have personally written about her at my website also. This website gives you other sites to investigate for yourself.

      Most women “Idolize” Beth Moore. They go on emotions and they do not “know” the scriptures themselves in order to know that they aren’t being taught correctly. She is an icon and almost worshiped by many women.

      Please investigate her teachings for yourself. Learn what the Bible is actually teaching and then you will see where you are being led. Don’t follow a person; follow Jesus and His Word.

      In Christian love and concern,

    • Greg Blevins says:

      Joyce, you have not listened with knowledge from the Word of God, especially the letters addressed to the churches, those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. I personally listened to her take verses 35 and 36 in Hebrews 10 and remove them completely from their context. This woman butchered what the Holy Spirit caused the writer to write concerning Jewish believers who were being enticed to continue animal sacrifices even though The Lamb of God had already been sacrificed and raised to mediate for believers in this intercalation of time. The confidence mentioned in chapter 10 concerned the believer being able to enter God’s presence at His throne through the Blood of Jesus Christ under a promised New Covenant and all their hope was not in themselves for there reward but in this confidence from God through the blood of Jesus Christ. I’m just touching on chapter 10, read it for yourself starting with chapter 1. Beth Moore does teach what the emerging churches teach! Stop feeling your way around, study what she says on several things. As a bible teacher I implore you to check her out closely. Do not let your feelings interfere with your Godly thinking.

  2. And you are not the wolf in sheep’s clothing you’re looking to find?

  3. One sure sign of a wolf is greed. The one common factor I have seen in these false teachers like Beth Moore is how they market their books, etc. When I see any teacher promoting books, tours, etc… it always draws a red flag of caution for me.(1 Timothy 6:10)

    If you listen to Beth Moore and then compare her teachings to the Word, you will see a problem (Acts 17:11). Beth Moore may give some good helpful advice concerning family and female issues, but her teachers about the Bible are wrong.

  4. Mary says:

    Interesting how people who confess to be Christians drag people who are proclaiming Christ as Lord through the mud – much like the Pharisees drug Christ through the mud…. however, I have never heard of you – but God has blessed Beth Moore’s ministry – I for one have found myself more eager to grow closer to Christ after reading her books – go figure.

    • Greg Blevins says:

      If you find yourself more eager to grow closer to Christ after reading her false teaching it simply says that you have little understanding of the Word of God. You forgot to mention what Jesus said about the Pharisees in Matthew 23. Jesus constantly exposed them. You also must be ignorant of the letters to the churches especially 1Timothy 4, 2 Timothy 3 and 4, Peters letters, Galatians, The letters to the Corinthians, Jude etc.. We are told throughout the entire bible including the entire Old Testament of those who were false teachers, false prophets, whether God was speaking to the Nation Israel or the Messiah/Christ speaking to the Lost Sheep Of Israel in the Gospels, or the Writers of the New Testament speaking to believers/body of Christ/the bride of Christ about our lives in Christ under Grace. Our Doctrine is found in the letters to the Churches and at the first it was primarily Jewish believers and Hebrews and a few other letters were written to help them understand this life under the New Covenant of Grace, which is different than the New Covenant awaiting the Nation Israel when it is saved. Beth does not seem to understand!

  5. Virtus says:

    I have not read all the comments and I tried listening to the clip but, frankly, I don’t have all day and after a few minutes, I still hadn’t even heard Beth Moore’s voice.

    I do not listen to Beth Moore. I did participate in her Breaking Free study at a local church many years ago. I am not saying that you who think her teaching is unbiblical are completely wrong. I have encountered some of her insights myself and sometimes thought they were reaching beyond scripture. But I would like to suggest to you that you consider that her teaching is healing to many because some of it is pure Insight.

    Beth was abused sexually, I think by her own father, when she was a child. I, too, have been abused (emotionally by my father, sexually/emotionally/physically by my first husband, and spiritually in a bible-believing but controlling church to the point I was suicidal). I have overcome it all, however, if you have not experienced the wounds of this kind of abuse, you may not understand the special relationship that the abused develops with God as the Holy Spirit in particular. Since abuse is so confusing, much of what the Holy Spirit imparts to the abused in their lonely place is Insight. Little bits of insight way too detailed and personal to ever find in scripture, although, I found it in generalities there certainly. These types of insight, revealed over time, helped me to understand, accept the losses, give the pain to the Lord, feel His heart breaking for me, forgive the abusers one by one, and heal.

    You might not know it, but if you really understood this kind of very deep and personal relationship, you might find yourself jealous of Beth Moore’s deeply personal relationship with the Lord, whether you like her teaching or not.

    • Greg Blevins says:

      You do not seem to get it, we are not to listen to false teachers who use the Bible to teach humanism and exalt man as something to put confidence in. When someone removes the scripture they use from it’s context they have immediately crossed the line. They will continue to promote their works by also using themselves as doormats and appeal to man’s feelings and ignorant believers and unbelievers alike will like and eat happily from the existential trough. Please study the Word of God so that you can more easily see the difference between sound and false doctrine.

  6. Julie Pope says:

    Wow….I realize this was discussed a year ago, but I really feel moved to comment. I am not a Beth Moore fan, but certainly am not her critic. I am thankful she pursues God and I believe she is reaching others with the word. There is an incredible battle against darkness in this world and I am thankful for those who are trying to reach the multitudes. There are bigger battles for me than criticizing other Christians and pointing out how my theology is more correct and superior. Satan loves it when we go after each other, his work is done.

    • Kiddiescloset says:

      I agree with you, Julie. Satan is just sitting back and enjoying when God’s children go against each other.

    • Greg Blevins says:

      Beth Moore is giving out false doctrine and if you and the other reply to your comment were to read and gain understanding of the Word of God then you would recognize that she is not teaching what the Bible teaches. Yes we do have a responsibility to expose these Cretans. Most believers today have almost no understanding of Scripture and therefore almost no Spiritual Growth to speak of. How do you think apostasy begins and destroys. False teaching and little or no doctrine(sound) turns believers into incredible feelers who have ADD when it comes to studying for themselves and they can easily co-exist with unbelievers who only feel in the first place which most pastors are glad to oblige.

  7. Kiddiescloset,

    It’s even better for Satan when he watches God’s children defend a false teacher instead of heeding the warnings from those exposing the false teacher.

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