Should Christians play online games like WoW, EverQuest, and Eve Online?

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Christian living
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  2. Amal Gaspari says:

    Omg what u’ve blogged about really made me happier! (ok i know u must think im a retard haha!) nice

  3. Why should Christianity affect your decision to play video games? I fail to see the relevance. WoW is a fantasy world that has little to no relation to reality. Sure there are many greater things you could be doing with your time, but I fail to see anything wrong with it.

    • Meowmemoeoeo says:

      Some believe its the equivelent to when jesus pretty much said if you look at someone and you really want to screw them and don’t you are still commiting adultery

  4. Bart Lambeth says:

    Get a grip. Unless your seriously demented, do you think Christ cares if you play WOW or EVE ? Come up with something more useful for Christians to talk about.

  5. junglewind says:

    if u god God 1st then u christians be able to play vide games or online games

  6. Perennial says:

    I would think that online games fall into the category as any entertainment… TV, Movies, social clubs, etc. From what I understand of the Word, the Lord doesn’t say apply my will only here, but not there. He simply says apply it to your life.
    So, first, what’s your game like? Have a lot of spells, sorcery, demons? The knee jerk answer is, “Don’t be a retard, it’s obviously not real.” But on the other hand, read the Bible and see how God considers witchcraft. (Kind of like committing adultery against him.) What would a husband say about his wife just pretending to be married to another man? “It’s not real. We just talk about it and pretend.”
    Then also consider those you’re around. The Word is quite clear about not having ungodly people as your main friends, but we overlook our corp mates speaking like sailors for three hours every night.
    But most important, I think, is not laying down a rule that says, “Thou Shalt Not!” Instead each of us should be pressing into the Lord, and if we do, he’ll put on each of our hearts his thoughts on the things of life, because he’s interested in each of us becoming more like him.
    Personally, I stopped playing COH because there were too many naked toons. Guys are visually stimulated and once you get images in the brain, it’s hard to get them out. Paul the Apostle said fill your head with good things. Then I stopped playing WoW, because I felt weird praising God Sunday morning and playing at channeling, cursing and magic Sunday afternoon. Now I’m in EVE and having a hard time finding people of character to play with. So many of the chats both local and corp are on topics any Christian should be ashamed to take part in. That’s because it’s the world, and we’re cautioned to not be OF the world, but to be a light TO the world. Do I really want to invest myself in the game and spend that much social time with people who do not love the one who died for me?
    These are not life and death decisions, but hard nonetheless, because it envolves looking at ourselves and sometimes putting to death our wants for those of the Lord, and NOTHING ever dies nicely. Still, if he tells me I have to give it up, I do know at the end, it’ll be better for me than at the beginning.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I am a Bible believer who has been a gamer since I was able to hold a controler. I’ve played it all and like Perennial I have felt conviction for playing games which involve witchcraft/spells. I have recently quit WoW and going to start up Eve. If any other Jesus lovers want some company (I sure do) get ahold of me, i’ll leave some contact info:

    yahoo: jfrommb (you can email me here aswell as IM)
    icq: 62030097

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