Sweet words of hope, blessings, and healing used by this false prophet to deceive millions per year.

1 John 4:1-6 (NASB)
1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;
3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.
4 You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.
5 They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them.
6 We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.

2 Peter 2:1-3 (NASB)
1 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves.
2 Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned;
3 and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.

  1. STEVEN says:


    • Niki says:

      Steven you are absolutely right! This is a TRUE prophet of God. May God have mercy on your soul whoever runs this site. You have tried to name any and everyone that you can, claiming them to be false. I have to tell you: you are not real yourself. I can almost guarantee that you had your own personal failings with some Christian people or some church. You have to know God for yourself. People are people. Prophet Manasseh Jordan is one of the most ANOINTED people I have ever had the pleasure to hear. I was at a meeting last night that left me wanting to search deeper for God. You should stop spewing and proclaiming words of hate and ask God to show himself to you. I’ll bet you will abolish this site. May God find you where you are and change your heart.

      • Mimi says:

        My prayer, that this website will go down. You are all wrong! Stop and seek God he has the answers. 😉

      • Janet says:

        Amen and amen. I never heard of this man Manassheh, when i was watching I started to question in my mind if he was for real & from God. He called my name out & said just what I was thinking & to call so he could pray for me. He said you have been thinking all this time if I was from God or not. I told God I didn’t know him or his fruits, but I could feel God was telling me to call & I should of listened to God voice first. I did call after he said that.He is suppose to pray for me & tell me what God wants me to do. I am waiting eagarly hoping I can do whatever God ask of me. Yes, we are suppose to test every spirit. i would be more leary of attending a place or church of someone I didn’t know & following them. I don’t much more Manasseh can prove himself

    • certx says:

      I love the yelling screaming rants about “he is leading thousands to christ…” “how many have YOU led to christ…?”

      Well….the argument is that he is leading thousands AWAY from christ while we trying to prevent it and lead others to christ by exposing false prophets before they can grab more. You say pray for sight… perhaps you just dont recognize it when it’s right before you. Its like the guy who died in the flood then asks god why he didnt save him. And god says I sent you truck, a boat, and a helicopter. Why didnt you get on one. Because the man couldnt recognize gods hands.


      • Gbenro Jiboye says:

        I have only a question for you. Did the Lord Holy Ghost tell you that He is fake? Because, by default we should assume he is not fake, since has come in the name of the Lord…and bible says such are blessed Psalms 118:26 and again elsewhere it saith: How beautiful upon the mountains(Isaiah 52:7). The last reason why we should take him to be real and not fake by default is found in 1 Cor 13:7. When we enter into such beliefs foolishly as love expects us(We are fools for Christ’s sake..1 Cor 4:10) then He (the Holy Ghost who sheds abroad the love of God in our hearts..Rom 5:5) who is the power of love sees our faith(Remember that faith worketh through love Gal 5:6) in accepting His teachings with simplicity(like a little child) and releases His Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent power to expose everyone not deserving of that trust which we have put in them by obeying love believeth all things.
        1. Did you by default first believe that Prophet Manasseh is a true man of God?
        2. Was your belief inspired by God’s love
        3. Did the Holy Ghost disprove that belief by speaking to you and nullifying that belief.

        Answer this question honestly so that you do not join the ranks of them that spoke against Moses(Korah, Dathan and Abiram), and the ranks of them that spoke against Christ when they saw His miracles and said He worked those works by Baal-zebub… and finally remember the exhortation which speaketh to you as children saying:
        Gal 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
        Gal 5:15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.
        God bless you and multiply the peace, joy and love proceeding from the Holy Ghost unto you and teach you to walk in the fullness of the riches of God made available in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      • deanna says:

        I would like to know if Prophet Manassah is a man of God “WHY DOES HE HAVE A PICTURE OF ANGELA SIMMONS ON HIS WEBSITE DRESSED IN A SLEZZY OUTFIT AND SHOWING HER BACKSIDE, THIS IS PORN. And on Angela Simmons website she poses for photographers in the nude, but stating how she is a devout christian. WOW…………. D

    • CERTX says:

      Ok, so I was almost done, but then I saw what I think is your website… mister Prophet Steven. If am right about that, then interestingly you defend this man as a man of God, prophet of God, etc. What is interesting is that, if it is in fact, your website, you denounce the “prosperity gospel”, of which this man, like his father, are HUGE participants in the whole “prosperity gospel” realm. I am not sure you have any idea of whom you speak. Either that, or you are also actually a member of the same “gospel”, and are only attempting to blind the eyes of the sheep with your website, only to draw more to this very false religion and gospel. Accurate? I wonder.


      • dee says:

        what is wrong with preaching prosperity. why dont you people want to embrace the fullness of the gospel but are fighting those who have enjoyed enough light from God. the funny thing is that like saul of Tarsus, you think you are doing God a favour. Zeal without knowledge-that is what you people are practicing. You dont even believe in supernatural healings and miracles yet you believe in a poor doctor somewhere who doesnt even know christ. And when others are doing the healings, you say its demonic. What kind of a God do you serve. A God who is interested in making his people poor and the devil molesting them with illnesses. I dont and will never serve that kind of God. Dont be offended sirs- i am only speaking the truth and it will pain. Have so called prosperity preachers spoken against Christ or denied Him? Please show me a direct example as i have not yet come across one.
        Advice: Scripture supports scripture, dont run with one verse and slash innocent peoples throat. If you are doing this by ignorance, then may God forgive you for defaming His prophets but if its deliberate then may God Himself judge you

    • D.B. Cooper says:

      you must of bump your head steven. you must be a true follower of this beast mannasseh.

      • Saundra O says:

        Ladies and gentlemen it is Time to get closer to The Most High God and learn to hear the true voice of The Holy Spirit. I used to think Benny Hinn was a fake and The Lord led me to repentance about that and I repented and even as I repented the gift of healing was released in my life. Hallaluia. Because you dont like how a man carries himself or the people he is affiliated with is not free passage to judge. Listen to The Holy Spirit people if you dont KNOW the voice of the Holy One then please GET A PRAYER LIFE SEEK HIS FACE AND NOT HIS HAND spending time in His Presence is the only way to gain the knowledge of the FULLNESS of Him and HEAR HIS VOICE It is time to PRAY and WORSHIP ALMIGHTY GOD saints of the LORD PRAY

    • Janet says:

      Amen and amen. I never heard of this man Manassheh, when i was watching I started to question in my mind if he was for real & from God. He called my name out & said just what I was thinking & to call so he could pray for me. He said you have been thinking all this time if I was from God or not. I told God I didn’t know him or his fruits, but I could feel God was telling me to call & I should of listened to God voice first. I did call after he said that.He is suppose to pray for me & tell me what God wants me to do. I am waiting eagarly hoping I can do whatever God ask of me. Yes, we are suppose to test every spirit. i would be more leary of attending a place or church of someone I didn’t know & following them. I don’t much more Manasseh can prove himself.

    • Terry Smith says:

      Which Jesus? the born again Jesus that Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland preach? Jesus Christ warned that MANY would come in His name, deceiving if it were possible even the very elect. Just as Israel is being prepared to accept the Antichrist, there are many who call themselves Christians, who are being prepared as well.

    • chris says:

      so goddamn wrong everyone if you want to.preach god and everything else then do it in a actual church and stop taking money lots of money for you false shit. there is no prophets just fathers, priest and etc. those are the ones that preach about god and should only. they have the right to cause they have gone and beenapprove by the churches. so fuck these prophets. Their all false.

  2. You need to take a moment…breath in..breath out….again do the same until you calm down.

    • Janet says:

      Amen and amen. I never heard of this man Manassheh, when i was watching I started to question in my mind if he was for real & from God. He called my name out & said just what I was thinking & to call so he could pray for me. He said you have been thinking all this time if I was from God or not. I told God I didn’t know him or his fruits, but I could feel God was telling me to call & I should of listened to God voice first. I did call after he said that.He is suppose to pray for me & tell me what God wants me to do. I am waiting eagarly hoping I can do whatever God ask of me. Yes, we are suppose to test every spirit. i would be more leary of attending a place or church of someone I didn’t know & following them. I don’t much more Manasseh can prove himself. It is better to follow false prophet than to discredit one.

      • Yeah basically the people who buy into this young man have many issues and most don’t have a IQ over 80. Our laws should be changed to have people like BENNY & HIS PROFITNESS locked up quick for taking $$ from the meak & weak minded in our country..

      • Kathy S says:

        Kathy says;

        They will fool the very elect if possible. My question is, is it possible. The Bible says it is possible.
        Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but he that do the will of my father. many will say in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in thou name cast out devils? and in thou name done many wonderful works. And then I will profess unto them I never knew you,He will say depart from me you that work iniquity. I also got a phone call for me to call the prophet, And the outcome was not done in an orderly fashion. might a fact he wasn’t even there. I was actually wondering where did he get my number. I don’t judge the situation, and I don’t even know Him. The word also says to try the spirit for many false prophets are gone out in to the world. If I listen to the word of God there is know way I can go wrong, and I do have a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I have a praying life style. Just be careful, because they will do many marvelous works that don’t mean they belong to God, satan also comes as an angel of light. to deceive the people. So please be prayful, God Bless.

  3. Bud Press says:


    If you were a true prophet of God you would,

    A. have the God-given ability to discern truth from error.
    B. know that it is Biblical to defend the faith, expose the unfruitful works of darkness, and judge righteously.
    C. put what Manasseh Jordan teaches to the Biblical test.

    Manasseh Jordan was trained and educated by his father, E. Bernard Jordan, who claims to be a “Master Prophet” and “God”. And Manasseh links to and supports his father’s so-called “ministry”.

    Need proof? Read my article, “The Prophet, the ‘God’ and the Heretic” at http://tinyurl.com/32kptj6 .

    Bud Press

  4. calvin says:

    Thats why i dont go to any church anymore.So full of liers and deceivers and when i spoke up i got beaten down with the “dont judge” word or “dont you know he loves jesus ” Im going to say this false prophets and teachers are ruling the church nowadays, and even when they arent there in your church, their teachings are everywhere.benny hinn, kenneth copeland mike murdock and 98 percent of the teachers on t.v. these days are liers , i had to go online just to find descent pastors who preach the truth and teach the truth.As for self proclaimed prophets im not afraid of the terroristic threats they say will come on me if i judge them by the word.Fear tactics dont work on me i fear God allmighty alone no man will threaten me or my family because we stand up for truth and even if they do the weight of their threats that god will judge us will fallm to the ground.So steven stop[ threatening people and claiming god says that he told you to tell this man this.It would be better to have a logical sensible debate rather than threaten to sick god on people cause they dont buy all the nonsense going on.

    • C.Elizabeth Mojica says:

      The church is a building the people make up the church. Every where you go that is mentally will be attacked there first. If he got yoyr mind you have a battle. So what they lie you are going to church the hear what GOD has to say to you in the spirit. There’s only one person peferct . So go back to church and confront them with the truth. : )

    • prophet Ephrata Bethlehem.s says:

      if you don’t go to church certainly and forcebly you will go somewhere!!!!! to Hell

      • Loli says:

        Not going to church will not send you to hell. Church is a building that is all. You might want to go to church to learn how to stay out of hell,

      • Maureen says:

        The main reason a person will go to hell is if they don’t receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Actually, when Jesus is Lord, you have a loving relationship with Him and you follow Him. People think that they can say the sinners’ prayer and this is a ticket to heaven and a stay of hell card. Being born-again is a start of a journey to heaven. You must stay on the right road by obeying Jesus. There were 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins. The 5 foolish virgins got born-again, but they did not prepare for the second coming of Jesus. Jesus is coming soon. We need to prepare ourselves. We need to stop judging people. Let God be the judge. Keep yourself pure in the Lord’s eyes. I’m sorry I can’t tell the hearts of people, and I refuse to speak evil of them. I am too concerned with my own salvation to make that mistake.


      thats not an excuse,we go to church not to follow what they PRACTISE(DO), but what they preach,no body is perfect.we are all human being, we have our own weaknesses,go to church and pray for ur soul. Judge not, and you shall not be judged; condemn not, and you shall not be condemned; pardon, and you shall be pardoned(LUKE 6:37).

    • Kathy S says:

      Hi Calvin, and i will say to you Amen and Amen. the flock of God is so scattered Ezk chp 34 because of so much wrong going on in the churches, and yes so many lying claiming to be prophets of God.
      When most of them is bleeding God’s people for $$. some people give all they have and the prophecies never come to pass. Deut 18:22 said When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, Especially those in tv ministry its all about the $$$$. take away the money and see who will be still standing. So many have made money their god. because they will do and say anything for it. But their day is coming too. what they do today Jesus never done. I follow my word if it is not there I’m not doing it. what they don’t even see is that God has taken so many of His people out of these churches. and i i’m one of them, Thank you Jesus

  5. gracey says:

    –lets stop jugding please,we r all accountable before the most high God.christians have differing gifts,abilities,experiences,and maturity. God doesn’t expect us all to be and act the same, but he does expect us to “hold on” to what we have,to persevere in using our resources for him. The philadelphians (rev. 3:11)are commended for their effort to obey (3:8)and encouraged to hold tightly to whatever strength they have. You may be a new believer and feel that your faith and spiritual strength are little. Use what you have to live for christ, and God will commend you. take your complaints and your doudts about this fake prophets to the most high God who knows us better than we know ourselves,iam sure he’ll have an answer for you.God bless you.

    • H. Thomas says:

      To gracey:
      The WORD of GOD says we are to judge righteously, to discern the spiritual basis of everything that comes our way, whether it is of HIM or not of HIM. This young man is the son of E. Bernard Jordan, a shyster and deceiver using the Name of the LORD to take advantage of the unwary and the uniformed. Like father, like son.

      • Toumi says:

        How can you judge a person based on the deeds of his parents. Should I attribute all of your parent’s flaws to you? Does God condemn us based on what our parents do or what we do?

  6. Mel says:

    That’s why i follow the only true prophet: Jesus Christ. In these days, you just never know. How about getting out of the church and preaching to gangsta’s, drug addicts, prostitutes, and homeless. 🙂

    • Lou says:


    • Peter says:

      Jesus Christ is Lord and is the son of GOD and not a Prophet….
      Some are called to be preacher’s teacher, care for the sick & needy, the destitute and the prostitutes.each one’s calling is different.what is your’s. And what are you doing for the Lord Jesus Christ.we must ask ourself’s that first before we point a finger at any one. God Bless you my brother

    • C.Elizabeth Mojica says:

      GOOD for you that what Jesus would do.

    • YES that is true ministry…. also I have not read every comment word for word. However, as much as it seems that there are those who are very passionate I did not see where anyone mentioned what the WORD says about prophets. We shall know a prophet is truly a prophet if his word comes to pass. I don’t know if this dude is the real deal or not. I do wonder if anyone has researched by maybe locating these individuals and following up. But to just bash the dude without any proof one way or another is not going to solve the problem. I do know the WORD says by HIS stripes we are healed. I do know that JESUS’ ministry did involve giving sight to the blind, lame to walk, the deaf to hear… the dumb to talk and raising the dead.. showing us that through HIM all things are possible. So critisizing this dude for telling folks GOD wants them healed?? What makes you think GOD does not want them healed? Also we shall be the head and not the tail… we are to live above and not below… lenders and not borrowers.. what does that mean?

  7. Xn says:

    What amazes me is how little discernment there is in the church!

    It is so blatantly obvious to me that this Mannasseh Jordan is a false prophet. And this is what discernment is – the ability to judge between what is true and false; to know what is real from what is deceptive.

    We have a responsibility to make faithful judgments and to warn others away from the schemers and schemes of the Adversary. Not to do so would be unfaithful and unloving.

    • Loli says:

      I agree! I was watching him tonight and had a question. He says he has a prayer closet and room is limited. Does he charge for this? my gut says he is all about money and he IS fake. Just like Kim Climent who my pastor has mentioned a few times as a prophet and I have called him on it and believe it or not my pastor has finally agreed with me that kim isn’t accurate. Besides if a prophet isn’t accurat then how do we know they are true? I am a doubting Thomas I will only believe what the bible says and if a prophet can’t be accurate 100% of the time then he isn’t real.

      • That isn’t necessarily true…. the WORD says we prophesy in part…and we know in part… in part would mean that we would not know and see everything… we might see the beginning and not the end.. the middle and not the beginning… the end and not the middle… not saying that all these people are prophets but not being 100 percent accurate doesn’t mean that they are not prophets.. there is a specific example I believe in Romans… where a prophet was not all together 100 percent accurate.

      • Krissy says:

        I was curious so I called his ministry to be prayed for and was sent a letter with money amounts that could be sent in so he can put me in his prayer closet so he could pray for me because space is limited. Really? So if thats the case is space limited in Heaven? I have never felt so strongly about someone being a false prophet or for that matter saying it. When I tried to watch him on TV I feel sick like an uneasy feeling. Oh, then I made the mistake of giving them my phone number and he will call with a recorded message that he is gonna have a phone conference and to call him back because God wants to start blessing me within 30 days. Really? I don’t think he puts a time limit on blessings. My point is this it sends out a negative message to non-believers and new Christians that forgiveness comes with a debt and that is not true. We are saved by GRACE not money! If I were a non-believer I probably would have believed him too.

      • Kathy S says:

        Amen my sister, God Bless, God is not a sometime God He’s always on it 100%.
        He leave’s no room for error. He is not a man that He should lie nor the Son of man that He should repent. it’s got to be in the word for me.

  8. Lou says:


  9. C.Elizabeth Mojica says:

    Prophets/Prophetness: A Person who receives messages from God to tell his people. A Prophet/Prophetness is called by God. Be very careful when speaking against God’ annointed. Samuel a prophet and he spoke into David life.

    suggestions if you do not understand the above
    read or rather study the bible example Deuteronomy 18:18
    research the word
    read a book : The Prophet by abraham j. heschel

    God bless and be careful what you say against a prophet of GOD.

    • daddo says:

      we are not speaking against gods anointed,we are speaking about those that are clearly false prophets…no fear…we are confident in our judgment…..

      • Kathy S says:

        Amen!!!!!!! the spirit of God does not leave us ignorant concerning these things.
        and we are not afraid of anything that is not of God. gifts comes without repentance, they have a gift but serving the gift and not the creator. I’m not blown away by what anyone does, no matter how miraculous it looks, unless I know its my father. ‘No one is bashing anyone, I don’t know whether this man is wrong or right, for one he’s young. and maybe just learning how to use his gift. Me myself I don’t see my father. which is God. and yes we are here to judge, most false people that’s there defense, “stop judging” we are the people of God and we are to judge the world, our surroundings, who we hear, and who, and what we listen to. the word of God said, by their fruit you shall know them. so let the fruit speak for itself. it’s not a debate. We use that scripture judge that you be not judged and take it all out of content. Jesus told those Pharisees and those other sects. what he thought about them, was He judging? no, He told them exactly who they were. And I have the mind of Christ. God Bless. The Bible said they will show great signs and wonders. Make sure your serving Christ and not the person.

  10. paul says:

    Jordan is as disgraceful as his pathetic, money grubbing daddy, master prophet E. Bernard Jordan. Why these charlatans are allowed to legally go on TV and spout their con games? By the way, what is a master prophet? Kind of like a master plumber?
    There ought to be a law against such crooks preying on the weak, desperate people that buy into the nonsense of these rotten human beings whose only goal is to get your CASH sent to THEM, supposedly to “spread the gospel” but in reality it allows these tv preachers to live an opulant, multi millionaire lifestyle and continue to air their constant, never ending begging for cash “infomercials” on TV 24/7. Notice they don’t spread the gospel, they just beg for more money. Money, the tv preachers’ master.

  11. vicky says:

    we all just need to be careful and pray and watch to know who is real and who is not ,because in the end we have to answer for ourselves.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Shamefully I went to a Psychic. This was before I knew the Lord and was Saved. Now I know that this psychic power was demonic but I was fooled into believing because he told me the names of people in my life and things that I had never told anyone. Even the info was accurate the spirit was not from God. The Bible said to test the spirits to see if it is from God. Just because someone can read your mind does not mean it is from God the evidence is if their prophecy comes to pass!

    • CERTX says:

      Thank you! That is the point. The bible even tells us that they will perform MANY MIRACLES to convince you (us) that they are truly prophets of God. It says they will deceive many. We must always be aware of this and test their prophecies, not their “evidence” (mind reading, etc).

      • Loli says:

        So true. I used to be into Metaphysical junk so it is hard for me to believe any so-called prophet.

    • fels says:

      ONLY GOD CAN READ YOUR MIND…you were right on some issues though..

    • Paul says:

      hear hear!! familiar spirits give insights into people’s lives. Am not fooled by their fake word of knowledge. It means nothing of they can’t keep the rest of the scripture. “He shall fool many with signs and wonders even the very elect”..oops!!

  13. Anonymous2 says:

    Lest any Prophet get too highly exalted remember Paul Cain!

  14. Mauritz says:


    Please be very careful in what you say. Even a prophet that does not the will of God remains a prophet. Take the example of Saul, who was a king. David feared to touch him for he knew Saul was still anointed by God, so he waited upon God to act. God puts His authority in men. For example a son should listen to his father. All authority comes from God. So if you sin against authority you sin against God himself.

    I do not say Manasseh is a false prophet or doesn’t walk in the ways of the Lord. My point is that he probably got authority from God and He doesn’t like it when people speak evil about His prophets, even though they may not walk completely in the Lord’s ways.

    I suggest that you repent from your accusing words, lest the favour of the Lord won’t leave you. Read examples in the bible of sinning against authority. Example; Moses and his sister.

    • CERTX says:

      It is one thing to “not do the will of God”, it is entirely another to falsely prophesy in the Name of God. In fact, God himself says that anyone who does that “must be put to death.” Meaning God’s judgment for such a person is death. He got his authority from his own father Bernard Jordan, who “teaches” to be a prophet at his “School of the Prophets” at Zoe Ministries. Anyone ever notice, by the way, that the “set” for their video’s is in an Egyptian setting? Hmmm. Yeah. Ok. So anyway, your advice of repenting for you own sins is perfect advice. However, it is also right to be aware, and wary of people like Manasseh Jordan and his father. And it is right, even commanded by God, to test prophets, and expose them whenever and wherever they are found to be false. Check the youtube videos of them both making mistakes in their “prophecies”. Prophecies of God can NEVER be wrong. A true prophet of God can NEVER be wrong. If he is wrong, he is not of God.


      • daddo says:

        are you kidding?…”gluttony,the forgotten sin”?..who is it that is straining on that gnat?…maybe understand the truth of scripture before applying such an absurd argument…we should worry more about our diet than a flaming false lying prophet?…

      • Kathy S says:

        Love you my brother, God Bless

    • Moneyistherootofallevil says:

      Benny Hinn, Menasseh Jordan have the confidence to blatantly go on TV and get your hard earned money because so called believers like you will not question them. Its not about challenging authority, wake up and smell the beans man. I am pretty sure God does not talk to men on earth and tell them exact dollar amounts that people should give. Watch the tricks that psychics use, its the same bullshit….getting people’s information before hand and coming out later to claim God had told them. These false prophets will burn and so will you for following them. I guarantee you that you can send as many seeds as you want to these guys and you will not get what they promise. What happened to just having a trust a personal trust in God? The money you give them to supposedly use for spreading the word is what they use to advertise and pull in even more suckers. Goodluck to you if you don’t re-evaluate what gospel you are following.

      • kevi says:

        Thanks for telling the truth… even a familiar spirit can tell accurate information and passed it on as from the Lord. This guy’s dad is a money lover and offer generic so-called prophecies and duping the gullible African Americans big time. Most of Jordan’s prophecies has to do with money money money money money.

  15. Seeking truth says:

    While you are all arguing over whether Mr Jordan is a false prophet or not, I find it trully interesting that nobody has left a comment on the “GLUTTONY, THE FORGOTTEN SIN” page. Come on CHURCH. While you are all busy strainy out a gnat, you are swallowing a camel.
    When your finger is pointing make sure you look at the ones pointing back at you. Take the plank out of your own eye and “then” you will see clearly to remove the speck out of someone elses.

    PS. I’m not saying this b/c I endorse anyone. It is just an observation of the rediculousness of some of the comments.

    • Mauritz says:

      @ Seeking truth
      I agree with you that we must not condemn people of God or even “false” prophets (see my previous post). Although, we must not forget that satan never lost his anointing and that it is good to test the spirits. Of course everything that is spiritual has the be examined spiritual. We can not examine it trough earthly eyes. We can either listen to the word of God or ask God himself… and check if it correspondents with the bible.

      Also I notice that in some of the posts is not so much love. Everyone of us errs in some way in being a Christian. We should pray for pastors and ministers!

  16. olubunmi says:

    this site promotes ‘Pirate’ Christian Radio…
    i would never judge Matthew 7.but i can check d fruits that a branch yields.
    there’s a prayer army out there, that would stop the mouth of lions and the gates of hell shall not prevail.
    Jesus ridiculed the devil, oh His followers will do likewise and more, no doubt about that…
    God is One, and the devil pees on himself!
    Glory to Jehovah God.

  17. Sandra Wright says:

    When watching the Prophet on TBN, I had an experience that I had been waiting for all of my adult life. I was home alone. While the Prophet prayed, I was on the floor sobbing.
    When he promoted prayer, I knew that he was a man of God.

  18. kcjc says:

    i dont understnad that when God raises up a true prophet u call him false just bcoz u r jealous and when satan lures u 2 a false prophet u praise him.
    i dont find anything that he speak against the word of god. he is anointed n called 2 serve the divine purpose. ur barks wont stagger a mighty man f god. stop condemning n start 2 flow wid the spirit not against it

    • CERTX says:

      Interesting… lol first, I for one, am not praising ANY prophet. In fact, I have yet to see a true prophet. Every prophet currently running around, has miles of mistakes, incorrect statements, etc all over youtube. Check them yourselves. They ARE there. Second, he is “called?” By whom? He didn’t get his “ability” to prophesy from God. He was “taught” to prophesy by his father, Bernard Jordan, who founded the Zoe Ministries, where he runs the “School of the Prophets”. The WHAT? Prophecy is not TAUGHT! It is GIVEN by God himself. Don’t start in with this garbage of how one is taught to “be in tune” with God’s spirit so you can hear his words. That’s just nothing but a load of … well you get the idea. A true prophet wouldn’t even have to believe in God to be a TRUE prophet. God doesn’t need it. He can choose whoever he wants to be a prophet. “learn to hear God’s words?” That’s just laughable. Sadly laughable. I have a friend who is a true atheist, and if God so chose he could THUNDER into my friends mind and give him the words to say… AND force him to say them EXACTLY as given. Even if my friend didn’t want to. It could even be that is how God might to choose to bring my friend into the Flock and change his heart. But a school that “teaches” to be a prophecy? Whatever. Condemning? Not condemning, exposing, which we are commanded to do by God.


      • Ashwin says:

        (1Co 4:1) Let a man so account of us, as of ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.

        (1Co 4:2) Here, moreover, it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

        (1Co 4:3) But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, or of man’s judgment: yea, I judge not mine own self.

        (1Co 4:4) For I know nothing against myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord.

        (1Co 4:5) Wherefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and make manifest the counsels of the hearts; and then shall each man have his praise from God.

        (1Co 4:6) Now these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and Apollos for your sakes; that in us ye might learn not to go beyond the things which are written; that no one of you be puffed up for the one against the other.

        (1Co 4:7) For who maketh thee to differ? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? but if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory as if thou hadst not received it?

  19. DIVINE says:

    Mathew 7:1-2, has a contribution to this. we are now experiencing the spirit of the end time which the Bible tells us about. when it is very difficult to differentiate the real/false. I personally believes in prophecy, but to cry out loud, what a true child of God should pray for now is, for God to give him/her a discerning spirit to know God’s own prophet and the imitations.

  20. Felipe Ramos says:

    I m Deaf. My english is not wonderful as my primary langauge, AMerican Sign Language. So, I was just skim above all comments. The question of prophet M.Jordan is not matter. The question of our heart toward to prophet M.Jordan … Remember look at 2 Thess 5: 19-22 “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. ” Some churches teach the prophet gift is use only during early church, but there are no evidence in Holy Bible.

    • sue says:

      thats ryt touch not Gods anointed and do his prophets no harm…Prophet mannaseh foward by fire…you’re anointed by God himself,dont worry about people they attcked the first prophets before you too..God loves you and shall always protect and mulitiply your seed,it is well…!!!!

  21. sue says:


  22. CERTX says:

    I am amazed at how many people defend this guy saying “while [Manasseh] was praying, I experienced something I never have before… i knew since he was promoting prayer, he is of God” (remember God himself says that’s exactly what they will do… promote the things that God says to promote to get more converts) and “we mustn’t judge Gods people [or any other person]”, “blah blah blah”. True we should not judge, that is God’s prerogative alone, that does NOT mean we aren’t supposed to determine whether a person proclaiming to be doing God’s work really is or not.

    Of course we are supposed to determine these things. God tells us to test a person claiming to be a prophet of God. We are not, or at least I am not, judging Mr. Jordan (father AND son), but rather, I am making the determination that they are, in fact, NOT prophesying words given to them by God. This is easy to determine, God explained in one sentence of how we ARE supposed to do this. He said in Deuteronomy 18:21-22 that if a prophet prophesys a thing in God’s name and that thing does not come to pass, he is not prophesying the words of God. That is the universal test of the validity of any prophet. If even ONE thing does not come to pass, he is a false prophet. We also are not Judging them. God himself is. Their Judgment is alive and operating today every bit as much as thousands of years ago. In Deuteronomy 18:20, God says VERY clearly, that a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. This is not man’s judgment for him, it is Gods alone. And it will be imposed by God in God’s time. Again, we, at least I am not Judging him, but rather doing what is the DUTY of every Christian. I am trying to open the eyes of the poor desperate sheep who are blindly following this man and people like him. That is something that we are commanded to do by God.


  23. Letricia says:

    I saw flyer posted on facebook about this young man and decided to look him up and hear him for myself. I took the time to listen and it really makes my heart sad that many in the church lack DISCERNMENT. This is totally a scheme by the father to put his son out there on the map just like him. I am the daughter of a Pastor and I know there are some good Pastors out there but many of these big televised preachers only see people as commodities and we will give to them, go home and struggle, and defend them while they live lavish lives laughing all the way to bank while getting better at their CRAFT not ministry. It is really sad when you can only say “don’t judge.” The Bible says judge righteous judgement. If you have the heart and spirit of God you should know what you are looking at. The church has gotten to gullible. Stop worrying about your ears being tickled and get in God’s Word you already know you should have a prayer life.

  24. Fa says:

    People of God,
    we have the Holy Spirit in us and he is our teacher , if u cant trust Manasse or somebody else, leave him but dont judge him. Try to think if he is gifted by God and u say he is a false prophet..that means ur against God !
    Threre is a similare Story in the bibel !

  25. sam adddams says:

    Prophet Jordan is a true prophet. HE PROPHESIES HE WILL BECOME RICH WHILE HE BILKS MANY GULLIBLE SHEEPLE WANTING TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. I wouldn’t send him or any of the prosperity gospel pushers a nickel if they were starving to death. I hope they all rot in hell where they belong

  26. God's Jewel says:

    Interesting… Very interesting.
    I was in a conference with the younng prophet just last month and was asked by three people what I thought of him. I gave my honest opinion then,but is not led to do so now.
    I am just not led to come online and pronounce someone Fake or real. What I am Led to Do is say to all. We are living in real serious times.False prophets will come and real prophets will come! To tell the difference we will have to have to know more than what the Bible teaches We will have to have the spirit of desernment.
    To those who believe he is False, Can you really spot a true prophet? Are you sure ? to those who believe he is real, can you spot a real prophet? Are you sure?
    What if God showed you you were wrong???
    Ask God for the spirit of desernment so you can be certain you are not being fooled, or, judging people wrongly.
    _Be ready, for if God calls you into a specific ministry you might just find your name up here where everyone judges if you are real or fake.
    _Be True!!! so when they call you a fake you don’t have to worry.
    And if you know you are a fake repent and ask God to deliver you, before you are consumed by his wrath.

  27. i love you prophet manasseh 🙂 sr

  28. jesus B.U sr prophet manassh

  29. Augustine says:

    can somebody make implication here? can we alllow God to do His work of judgement? Gen. 31:24 Romans 14:4

  30. chet says:

    @ CERTZ, are you born again? I am tempted to ask having read all your posts. Do you fear God? Do you honour God`s word? The way you are going, it seems to me that you are trying to wedge a personal war not based on the word of God: “the battle is the Lords”, I hope you know that. If you really know God and his word, you would be the last to earnestly jump into the arena of judgment, moreso as it relates to men of God. I have also noticed that the only allegation you have about the prophet is that you do not like his father who trained him. The only ground by which you may proceed, even in the least, is from the word of God. Have you tested his ministry as regards the word of God? What does the prophet say about Jesus? Please be careful. God is not man. God is not mocked. God is a consuming fire.

    • certx says:

      @CHET I am and have been a true believer in Christ my whole life. I feel away once and realized my mistake in doing so, and have remedied that error. I am fine with Christ. As for my authority to judge? I have none. Determining whether or not a “prophet” is the real deal or not is very much every believer’s duty. God even gives us instruction on doing so in Deuteronomy. He tells us how to know if a prophet is false. You ask if I have any real reason to disbelieve him. Yes. In one of his “prophecies”, he tells a woman she will “receive that $1.2 million” … “by ‘some time’ in January of ‘this year'”. Unfortunately, January had already passed. He then quickly changes his mind and says “next year”, explaining that he was “in the spirit” and that “…sometimes in the spirit” “[sic] …it’s not clear”. WHAT?! I can ASSURE you, AT NO TIME will God EVER give a REAL prophet words to tell someone that aren’t COMPLETELY clear. The meaning or the reason may not always be clear to either the prophet or the person being told (God alone, knows his reasons), but the prophet isn’t SURE of what words God is giving him/her? No chance in Hell.

    • certx says:

      feel away = fell away 🙂

  31. davy says:

    life is full of challenges.
    if we r to judge, in what authority do we have.
    go to God in humbleness and find your true calling before we start on issues that dont build the kingdom of God.

    Read Matthew 3:20-27

    let prophets do their work and u do what u know you r supposed to do.

    each person will give an account of what u did according to your destiny/calling in life.

    stay blessed in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • certx says:

      Yes, each person will. And something you people who follows these charlatans always overlook. YOU NEED TO BE CERTAIN THEY ARE REAL BEFORE YOU FOLLOW THEM. Because God made it clear that following them is bad.

  32. chet says:

    …and one more question for you critics: “can you, by `your standards` tell me one prophet or man of God who you believe is REAL?” I really want to know. May God open your eyes to your ignorance.

    • certx says:

      Nope. Not one. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some out there, perhaps. It only means I haven’t come across one. You are mistaking profit for prophet. This is known to be a “business”. HUGE business. It is almost identical to the “psychic friends network.” They have just called it the “prophetic network.” But basically no difference.

  33. Tricia says:

    what really gets me is the first thing people say is “don’t judge. If you read that whole chapter Jesus explains why he says this but people only stop at the one verse. Many of these preachers have built their wealth off the backs of the poor. You have people who will give cash to millionaire preachers because they heard some good words and a brother or sister sitting next them could really be in need, oh but God don’t speak to them about that. How is it that God only speaks to you when you are inside the four walls in terms of giving. Now I use to get letters from “Master Prophet” Bernard Jordan. At the end of every letter there was an amount the he requested in order for me to get the prophetic word he had. Might as well go to a psychic if it is like that. I was once ignorant when it came to church and giving. I would give and when that good feeling was over I was like what have I done. I started researching the word for myself. Really going in depth as to what the scriptures really mean. Prophets in the old testament were not millionaires and they didn’t take from the people. In the book of Acts Peter and John said “silver and gold have I none but such as I have give to thee in the name of Jesus rise up and walk.” A miracle was performed. So all these people who defend these prosperity preachers go right ahead. You will never be invited to their homes and eat at the same table with them. You won’t ride in their Jets. Their is a strong spirit of manipulation in the church and many of the so called save folks are blind to the truth of Gospels and to those who are pimpin them. The prophetic gift was never meant to be a source of income.

  34. sam addams says:

    I agree with the last two posts. Maybe they don’t agree with all I have said and that is okay. Just think about these “prophets” for a minute. Jordan, Hinn, Murdock, Cerullo. Muncie, Baker, Coontz, as far as I am concerned are just in it for the money. Sorry I almost forgot Parsley. Time and again they ask for donations. Many times it is $1,000 or more. Most of them use scripture to have you believe that if you give you will receive. It is always many times over as well. If 1,000,000 give, there is bound to be some coincidence that some will get something. I heard a man’s testimonial about his kidney cancer. After giving to one of these preachers all he needed was to have his kidney taken out and the cancer was cured. Why didn’t he just get healed and keep his kidney? Or the one about a person who had a lawsuit decided in their favor. That was already in the works. What about the poor guy that lost the suit? Did he not give them enough? Does God just print money for the ones that receive it? Also people want to believe in something and always look for hope in their actions. I here them say Faith moves God to help you. To test your faith you have to donate generously to them. Well I have been a Christian with faith for many years. I have survived things I shouldn’t have without giving to any of these FAKE, PHONY, MONEY GRUBBING SCAMMERS. If this is so real, why don’t they just give money to each other and have God show them favor to keep their ministries going. Research sometime how much money these False Prophets have and how much their houses are worth. All in the name of the ministry no doubt. I would happily stand on their stage and dare God to strike me dead if I am wrong about them. Surely He would intervene on their behalf. One thing about God and Faith. The only people that can truly attest to God and Faith and Heaven are those that have died; and they arent’ talking. Like I said before, I hope they all rot in hell for preying on the poor and struggling. They are prophets all right, but is it spelled PROFIT, not prophet.

  35. alert says:

    Thanks for exposing the false crooked “christians”!

  36. Kevkain says:

    He is of God.

    • certx says:

      There was and is only ONE savior. No man walking today will be a savior to any. Your problem is that you don’t understand the difference in a man claiming to be “called by God” and one who really is.

  37. Tabot says:

    he who has the power to brand another a false prophet is in himself a false critic,atleast he is not offering us another option of a prophet,we are ok with or prophet Manaseh

  38. sam addams says:

    I have no problem with anyone preaching the gospel. If you notice the only gospel they preach is the prosperity gospel. Not the bible in general, just the prosperity part. What I have a problem with is these shysters stealing money from good and decent people. He can spread the word all he wants, but if you listen it all comes down to send me money. These pariahs go from network to network drumming up cash for others. Murdock is on campmeeting asking for a $’s as is Dr.Coontz. The young prophet Jordan was recently on Paula White asking for funds for her ministry. When are you gullible sheep going to realize they would take your last dollar if you were dumb enough to send it in. Nowhere in the bible does God say you have to give cash to anyone. He asks for offerings. In the old days it was sheep or oxen or what you had, not money. Send the good prophet a sheep and see what happens. Until you idiots wake up, they will be bilking you to your last day on earth. Why do you have to give the them? Are they the only “anointed ones?” Give money to a local church instead. It will be used in your community. Not going to build these scum their extravagant mansions. Also realize if you send these phony prophets money, where does God get the money he blesses into your life? In order for you to gain money, someone else has to lose it. I stand on what I said before. I dare any of those prophets previously mentioned to get me on stage and let me denounce them to God and the world and see I am struck dead. I hope they all rot in hell where they belong. But like Forest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  39. Tricia says:

    I totally agree with the previous post by sam addams. I don’t think it could be said any better.

  40. Pam says:

    Can you cast out devils? Can you lay hands on the sick and them recover? The thing with “discernment” is that I believe YOU have to have the REAL in order to determine if something is false. If you can’t beat it, YOU can’t judge it…because the POWER of GOD IS REAL.

    • certx says:

      I don’t know if I can cast out devils or not. I’ve never tried. But then again, I’m not claiming to do so. This guy, however, hasn’t done so, yet does claim to. In fact, he and Benny Hinn have been proven to be failures at casting out demons and healing. See the canadian broadcast company’s expose on youtube for your own proof of that FACT.

      “If you can’t beat it, YOU can’t judge it…because the POWER of GOD IS REAL”. What does calling someone a false prophet have to do with believing God is real or not. No one here is arguing that God is not real. Just this idiot false prophet. You seem to be in dire need of more research into the prophet you are worshiping.

  41. sam addams says:

    Pam, no I cannot cast out devils or lay hands on someone and cure them. Neither can they. Benny Hinn “healed” someone from cancer who subsequently died of (didn’t see this coming), cancer. When he was called on his healing of this person his reply was that this person was healed on stage, but lost their faith and then it returned. Yeah right. Watch the opening sometime of Dr. Coontz program Financial Freedom. It claims you will learn how to get wealth and manage wealth among other things. All he does is claim you send me money and you will get money, or health, or a better marriage. He never teaches how to manage anything. Just send me money and your life will be good. His life will be good, I believe that. But hey, if you want to throw money after these idiots that is your choice. Just remember, God does not care about you for your money or ability to pay in cash. Want to sow a seed to God’s work? Go volunteer at your local hospital, nursing home, or church, or school, or whatever. It will make you feel good inside and costs less than giving to the PROFIT preachers on television.

  42. jayden says:

    when Paul saw the demon possessed girl he went to her look at her in the face and with discernment he spoke the word of truth and the demon left her so if u claim he is not a man of God ask yourself these question
    have u discerned?
    do u have the truth?
    if u do then u can speak but if not keep quiet for a sin against the holy spirit can not be forgiven.

  43. Did Paul beg for money before and after he performed miracles? I seem to recall in the Scriptures where Paul said that he did not want to be a burden to the people therefore he worked.

    I tell you what for a small love gift of $1000.00, I can breath on you and put on a good stage show. I’ll even send you a piece of cloth I breathed on so that you can receive a special blessing( I’ll be sure to eat a lot of garlic and peppers!)

    When will people wake up and see these con-artist for what they are?

    • ladylee347 says:

      For the word of the Lord said, My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. FIRST I want to say he that is without sin cast the first stone. SECOND TOUCH NOT the lord’s anointed nor do his PROPHETS no harm.
      Blessings in JESUS name.

  44. sam addams says:

    As the saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid.” People will believe what they want to believe no matter anyone says. Ever notice these “prophets and healers” don’t show things they did later. How many peopled healed on stage are brought back a year later. As far as a prophet, just what have these “prophets” prophesied? I don’t recall young prophet Jordan giving any revelations that have happened. Just because you claim you are a man of God, doesn’t mean you are a prophet. Look up Jim Bakker and see how much he still owes the federal government in taxes and fines. He is a “man of God” that is back on TV with his new wife. From what I hear he owns nothing so he can beat the system. Are all of you taxpayers happy that you pay your taxes and he doesn’t? On top of cleaning out gullible people, they hide all their assets behind the cloak of a religious organization. Check out Joyce Meyer. She lives on a gated compound owned by her “church.” These people only want your money and nothing more. Sure they give some away in the name of respectability, but most of it sticks to their fingers. Like I said, I wouldn’t give them a drink if they were dying of thirst. They would take my last drop and then steal the canteen and sell it for profit. Remember, they are for profit not prophet.

  45. transientglory says:

    wow. i’m not even sure how i ended up at this comment thread. i don’t have any clue who this person is you all are speaking of. i guess the only input i have is that as disciples we are on a lifelong journey to become like Jesus, to be formed into his image. if a prophet or pastor or teacher or even a person that’s not all that familiar with the bible helps you in that endeavor, then stay close to them. people can be somewhat wrong in their theology and still be worth listening to. does what they say produce Christ-like fruit in your life? that is the heart of the matter. if someone is really teaching something that twists the character of jesus, God will be the one who questions them someday.

  46. Tae Tae says:

    God gave us prophets for a reason. true you do have some fake prophets and some real. Prophet M. Jordan is true prophet. HE has a sepcial annointing on his life.

  47. KD says:

    Yeah…He’s so special that he is living it up over in Africa with Ang Simmons right now. Yeah, practicing being a true Christian with his arms wrapped around her, and her sitting in his lap. Yeah, he is really practicing everything he preaches and being “not of the world”. He’s not even dating like a Christian. Get outta here with the Boo Boo….THis cat is FAKE.

  48. emie says:

    i thank god for everything he has done in you to give you a light at your age may we have that faith that you are the one that god send in earth

  49. emie says:

    god bless you

  50. lisa says:

    I’m from Africa, Southern part. Your so-called prophet Manasseh was recently in my country with his daddy and entire family. His daddy (Bernard) came selling his package on how you can claim it and have it (total witchcraft about repetition of your desire until your spirit leaves your body to get to your desire and then calls on your body to come join). He said Jesus never discipled poor people but healed them and sent them away, therefore he (Bernard) does not disciple the poor. He said based on psalms 1:1 if a person doesn’t recognise themselves as God, that person is not worthy of his counsel therefore he doesn’t mingle with such. He said never give your money to poor people because by so doing, you’re sowing into poverty and will become poor like them, instead you must give it to him so that you’ll be rich. He then collected pledges of +1million in our currency and promised those people that they would be millionaires. He said in his church there’s no praise or worship session, people do that at home and go to church to read from the bible or his teaching material. He said based on John 1 entire chapter, we are now the Word manifest and this is not the time of the Holy Spirit on earth but is our time to manifest as God (yes, capital G not a god).
    For me, I’m sorry, whether you regard it as judgement or what, no one has a right to call themselves God and therefore this Bernard and his son are fraud and if people refuse to wake up, may the One and Only True God Jehovah help them coz nothing else will. oh and if any of you are in doubt, I can get the CD from my church and load it so that you can hear him for yourselves!

  51. Jehu says:

    The Kingdom of God is rule by rules, precets and laws which the Father establish under the mandate of Jesus Christ and Christ gave some Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers. etc- Ephisians 4:11
    God under the Authority of Jesus Christ gave made gifts :1 Corinthians 12:28 –
    Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues,[a] and to still another the interpretation of tongues.[b] 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.
    John 12:47-48
    New International Version (NIV)
    47 “If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. 48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.
    Regardless whether some believe here or not in Spiritual Gifts, the Person will be judge alone by their walk with Christ, not by the manisfestation of the Holy Spirit.
    Although I personally believe the Body of Christ needs such men like Paul, Peter, John who demonstrated the word of God with Signs and Wonders.
    The Bible says in the book of revelation, that because we were neither cold nor hot, he will spit us out of His mounth. This means to me that we were inside as part of His body and we were cast out or dispelled.
    We must have our eyes on Him alone and Follow His guidance and discernment.
    Love you in Jesus Name. Perfect Love Casts all Fear
    God bless everyone

    • Cornelia says:

      The Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than a two-edge sword, able to divide the soul and spirit, the joint and morrow and discerns the intent (or intentions) of the heart. Saints of God, pray and ask God to reveal the TRUTH about any body bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If it comes in any other form than JESUS; if it speaks of something other than the Blood of Jesus and the Cross of Christ – understand its origin. There are anicent spirits ready to deceive the very elect…don’t be one of them that can be deceived. Study to show yourself approved.

      Be watchful of the words you speak against someone. THEY who call themselves this or that will stand before the judgement seat of the Living God to be judged – NOT YOU.

      Stay under the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  52. Kiss Laci says:

    Was David Wilkerson a real christian man? Had he any experience in christian life? Had he any wisdom? Was he filled with the Spirit? Had he led people to Christ?
    Well, why did he accuse Benny Hinn and “prophets” like Manasseh Jordan? Why did he say that they are blasphemous?
    Looking at the videos about Benny Hinn and Jordan, I have to say it’s quackery.
    This performances are like a junk boosting of washing powder.
    Where is any spirituality? Where is dignity of the apostoles, of the real serving christians?
    I see only parvenues and grasping buffoons on the stage and I see the experience-christians eating menu.

    • Maureen Brisebois says:

      I did hear David Wilkerson say that Benny Hinn was blasphemous, but Kiss Laci’s comment about it includes Manasseh Jordan, and that is not truthful. David heard Benny say that I curse anyone who comes against this ministry and that is what he is talking about. Basically, David Wilkerson did not say or maybe he did not understand why Benny said this. What happened is that he had witches come into his meeting to curse him and the meeting. (this is happening people) At one time 3 of them showed up and the Lord showed him this. He pointed to them and told the one in the middle that she would soon be saved and that happened and he told the two on both sides of her that if they did not repent and get saved that they were going to hell. I saw the testimony of the girl who was raised a Satanist and than she came to God. Why are we so quick to listen to opinions (even preacher’s opinions) and not find the truth for ourselves? I don’t think that Benny Hinn should have said this, but he responding to the activities of witches. David Wilkerson is a man of God, but he was not always right in everything that he said.

  53. Mandy Shold says:

    I just saw this man speak about 2 hours ago. I was so moved by the Holy Spirit that I walked right up to the front of the stage and proclaimed to the hosting pastor, while she was still on the stage, that I believe in my heart that this man is a false prophet and I started to cry.

    His lessons primarily focused on vague references, reiteration, and boasting about his “gifts”, and a full half hour session at the end of his lesson which was solely devoted to asking people to give certain amounts of money “specifically around the number 11” – as he proclaimed God had spoken this number to him – he told the people that they would be blessed by the end of this year according to how much they gave. THAT IS NOT THE GOSPEL. I was literally shaking with despair, and praying to God the entire time for guidance, as I watched good and faithful people of God be lead away by this wolf in sheep’s clothing. When he came into the audience I prayed for protection – I did not want him to touch me – I know that man works for the Devil, not MY glorious, kind, meek, beautiful, strong, forgiving and ever faithful Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of the heavens and all of the earth!

    I also heard him use the Lord’s name in vain during his sermon, and he also spoke very shortly to his ushers and musicians telling them to “GO MORE QUICKLY” or “Quietly! No bass!”, never with patience nor humility. Another part of his message focused on separating yourself once you are born again from people who are involved in things that are not of the Holy Spirit, and I understand guarding yourself from temptation, but if it’s not the children of God who will preach to the lost then tell me, who is it? It sounds like a way of keeping the church inside of the church, he was actually preaching anti-evangelism. Who would preach a message such a this besides the devil himself? We as Christians must separate ourselves from sin, yes, but we need to remember simultaneously that we are no better than any other man, and we should hunger to share the gospel and remember to humble ourselves to bless people with the peace that comes from the gift of receiving our Savior. He also said if you’re blessed by the holy spirit and have special gifts that people in your church will be jealous of you and this is a sign of being anointed. What? I’m sorry? Jealously is not a fruit of the spirit – it is a sin of the human heart – and therefor has no rightful place in the body of Christ. We should rejoice in the gifts of our brothers and sisters in Christ and be glad that these gifts bestowed upon them help them spread the glory of God.

    He also told a story about how he wanted a $400,000 car but he had no credit so they would not give him this car. He said he prayed to God to meet his “need”, as he had nothing to drive, and God spoke to him, and said to give the 20,000 dollars he HAD saved to put towards a car, to a tele-evangalist (I forget the specific name) and so he reluctantly did and what would you know because he did that God blessed him and gave him a 500,000 dollar Phantom Rolls Royce. I don’t know about yours, but my pastor isn’t lusting after an ostentatious car, he’s thirsting for the the righteousness of God. God says he will ALWAYS meet the faithful’s needs, maybe I’m being old fashioned but I don’t think I will ever put a 400,000 dollar car in the realm of necessity. However, his telling this story makes sense, he told another and both of them focused around him giving a lump sum of money and they receiving a HUGE earthly blessing. Each gift was to a tele-evangelist, and the gifts he received for “sowing his seed” were a million dollars, a rolls royce, and also a special bank account at Merrill Lynch. I thought “No thank you” – the only treasure I want is the treasure in heaven. These stories sound like both manipulation, and a sermon of false hope, to coerce people into giving money to this “ministry”

    At the end of all this ranting though, I just TRULY hope he does come to know God and what his blessings really are. I pray that his proximity to true people of faith will someday help him to see the light of Jesus Christ and break free from the bonds of Satan which are holding him. I do not care about being right, I care about the faith of the people and the faith of this man. Instead of fighting about his heart, which only God can know, I think we should pray for him instead. Pray that somehow, someway, this man will find Salvation. After all, our God is SUCH an awesome God – maybe this man is meant to be a prophet someday, but that day has not yet come.

    God Bless you all. – Amanda

    • Jason Mann says:

      You are right Mandy Shold although you sign off as Amanda.
      I have just caught up only yesterday on this person and what he calls himself. See who it is that he is associated with and this gives many clues. I recently for the first time went to a Benny Hinn meeting and was totally shocked and I can see the same deception can be seen in this young man also.
      In the latter days the Bible warns clearly of many many false prophets.
      We all need to ask Yeshua for the gift of Discernment of Spirits and also the power of love to go with it. This Discernment gift is the only gift outstanding for re-establishment within the body of Christ and we certainly need it in these present days.
      Bless you Mandy and let me have your observations on what I have said.
      Jesus is ALWAYS LORD.

  54. Jehu says:

    The coin has two faces- Ceaser and God-

    What’s happening is some ministers want to reach from one side of the coin( God)- to the other side of the coin Ceaser(Money, pleasure, lust,etc). God will only honor what He has given through Spiritual Gifts (One side of the coin), but will dispell the things built under Ceaser. One cannot continue ministering and lusting after things, eventually one will overcome the other. Also we cannot judge a man by Gifts, we judge a man by His fruits. Also we cannot attribute the Spiritual things to the fall of man, otherwise we will find ourselves finding against God. Danger place to be at. Eventually, the righteous will stand, the wheat will be taking and the shaft will be left. Today, check your heart that you don’t grieve the Holy Spirit for what He really wants to do. The bible talks about a disciple named Demas who went back into the world. We must be wise in our words. Love your brother, do good to those that do bad, seek the King and Kingdom, walk with Him, follow His word, share the good news of Christ. Passionately love HIm and one day “YOU WILL STAND CONFIDENT! in JUDGETMENT DAY-

  55. John Yawe says:

    Just Took a Long weekend vacation to MN to witness the Mighty Prophet of God…God has really Anionted him no doubt about that. God is not discriminative. Please read Psalm 105:15.God Bless you.

  56. Frank E says:

    So much for the REAL things we need…

    “And the speech pleased the Lord, that Solomon had asked this thing. And God said unto him, Because thou hast asked this thing, and hast not asked for thyself long life; neither hast asked riches for thyself, nor hast asked the life of thine enemies; but hast asked for thyself understanding to discern judgment;” 1 Kings 3:10-11

    We need WISDOM to discern the truth. Something money cannot buy and the only way you get it is by asking The Lord Jesus Christ for it.

    Please note that Solomon did not ask for PROSPERITY…He did not ask for long life (healing?) nor the death of his enemies!

    Please Lord Jesus return soon and get us out of this wicked world and deliver your real sheep from the clutches of these evil workers of iniquity.

  57. steven says:


    I have only one question to you all,WHERE IS THE JOHN THE BAPTIST PROPHET OF TODAY?
    who will dress in sacloth, eat locust,drink honey, live in the desert.

    all others are greed for money, fame, ranks etc…please!please people christ is coming back for his ministry he thrusted in our hands.

    am a believer who fear God.

  58. Steven,

    Very good question!

  59. Sam Addams says:

    This Profit Jordan is nothing but a pulpit pimp. He pimps for himself and others for money. Right now he is on Paula White trying to get a $300.00 Remnant Gift. What a scam. For all you believers, go watch Dr. Coontz. He is always wanting money for his “ministry”. Seems all these people of God have an anointing that only their “special” clique seems to have. Hell, the other night ole doc coontz was on The Harvest Show pimping for $1,000.00 to start with, then for a couple of hundred from many more. What I really found laughable was he wanted you to put it on the credit card that you were in trouble with. That way the card could help God bless you out of debt. Why can’t these stupid people that support these leeches see them for what they are? I think religion in and of itself is good. Unfortunately, these scum buckets take advantage of trusting souls. I do hope they all rot in hell. I have more respect for a bank robber than these soulless creatures. At least a bank robber is upfront about stealing. I am going to get my free preacher certificate off the internet and become a man of God. Maybe I can get anointed too and have God speak to me like he does them. But like I said before on here, stupid is as stupid does.

    • NieCee says:

      Yes he is, I weep for these people who are so into them. Nowhere in the bible did I once see Jesus charging for prayer or revealing the word. If this was the case when he did the Sermon on the mount he’d be RICH!! Sam why are you messing with my head? Every time I see Paula White’s name I can feel my blood pressure going up. PAULA WHITE IS ONE OF AMERICA’S BIGGEST SCAM ARTIST OF ALL TIME, SHE NEEDS TO BE IN FEDERAL PRISON. She owes on both property in Tampa and is now off the get her hands on the late Pastor Tims church in Orlando. Yes she is. I know one thing for sure she wont be wearing any Jimmy Choo shoes (or whatever his name is) off me and mine. He friend I don’t remember his name who claims that FedEx and UPS drops off loads of money to him……who is this man trying to fool? FexEx and UPS does not deliver money. I could go on but I am getting angry by the minute. You can read my post below…….these people gets me, there is a special place in Hell reserve for them.

  60. Ivyy says:

    Just look at Jesus! A true prophet just confirm what you already knows and even if he want to confront you with your sin than it will cost you no money at all! It’s not good to pay for a profecy this is wiscraft just like the wonderdoctor, the bonoe mang ect. Let no man become a idol.Let we go to God and not to a god. Does any of these ministries give to people who are in need? If I ask Benny, Paula or Prophet Manasseh 40,000 euro will they give me?
    If money is the motive how can we save a soul? We save a wallet, a empty bank account and more debts. Yes we need money in the body of Christ, BUT THE RICH MINISTIERS ARE RICH TO INVEST IN OTHER MINSTRIES,BUT INSTEAD SOME OF THEM BECOME SELLFISH AND LIFE IN THEIR ONE MILLIONS HOME’S.
    Giving to a valse preacher, prophet or what kind of title they have wil brings you under a curse and that’s why some of you are poor, because now days we do not go always to God the I am, the I am but to people. It is sad.We put our hope in peoples.

  61. dominique says:

    for he who know all the false prophets on the earth…..can we have the names of true prophets of God so then we can follow them ?

  62. There are no prophets of God today to follow. What we have is the Word of God given to us by our Father through the prophets and apostles of old. When we rightly divide God’s Word then we have the truth.

  63. Jehu says:

    God is doing miracles all over the world. I just got back from Panama and saw a great move of the Holy Spirit. Watch how the power of God moves as we allow Him move. Blessings in Jesus Name

  64. eddie says:

    To the writer of this blog,

    I am totally with you.
    I am a pentecostal and believe God still uses the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the 5 fold ministries to equip his people.
    We do not deny the work of the Holy Spirit
    But by testing this man’s ministry and actions by scripture, he stands as heretical, and self glorifying. He has no respect for God’s holiness.
    Prosperity and showmanship is his works
    What really really saddens me is the number of Christians that have fallen to this subtle cult
    And even the person that cries wolf is not supported.
    No one has the full revelation of God and I most certainly don’t.
    But come to God humbly and seek His Word and you will realize just how wrong this guy and his associates (e.g. Benny Hinn) has become.

  65. Dear brothers and sisters don’t fight over these things.pray and think about what is right and what is wrong. Is it right for a preacher to pay $10,000 dollars for a one night stay in a Milan Italy hotel?………
    Is it right for Mike Murdock to say he loves money. and say he does not mind fires of hell but what bothers him most is the stupid people down there with him. I am not sure if he said stupid or idiots, but lets be real. DON’T DEFEND EVIL……….. healing is from God Almighty. God kills and makes alive and if you will read your bible he says He will put diseases on people. God puts something on someone why go to a doctor and fight against God’ will. God is still performing miracles. Be careful abut talking against God’s miracles. ………i have been in meetings in Brooklyn, New York and saw W.V. Grant Jr. perform ii was was scary…….please keep in mind Calvin these people who preach falsehood must be prayed for, because the money and fame must be very tempting. they are not beyond repentance………..listen closely to what they say. I have heard some famous preacher talk filthy during sermon and the congregation laughed…… Listen closely and keep your bible open. Please don’t get depressed. There are some real men/women of God out there. They won’t be perfect, but they will be trying to improve and renew their mind and actions everyday…………….
    And they will not excuse sin and false prophets. God says …..”the elders that sin rebuke before all that others may fear”….If Benny Hinn’s wife divorces him that is not a sign of him being a false prophet……….check out his ecumenical ties and other things he says and does. Spending $10, 000 of gospel money on one night in hotel room is not so nice………

  66. James King says:

    Dear people do not get discouraged.Keep on serving the LORD and witness about salvation in Christ Jesus. …..Try you best to lead people to the truth. Don’t send your hard earned money to these false prophets/money grabbers………get with some like minded saints and win souls. If you start a congregation be sure and put the gospel outside your building I see many churches here in Syracuse, New York costing millions to build and not a word about Christ outside of their building. Don’t be ashamed of God’s word…….can you imagine some great multimillion dollar company owning a building and not advertising their company name………Jesus Christ the name above every name……..

  67. James King says:

    I think the people who say there are no prophets , must then say there are no evangelists, either………well that leaves us with pastors only……….where do we see in scripture this concept…..where do we see in God’s word that we go around calling men Pastor this and Pastor that…….you carpenters out there do your friends call you Carpenter Jones…..or accountant Brown………or bus driver Larson….there are many evangelist in our day……and prophets..check out hat the biblical definition of prophet is…….some people say when the perfect is come all these things will be done away with………and what will be left is love……….then are you saying wisdom is gone…are you saying faith is gone………..if wisdom is gone how can we teach without wisdom….how can you comment here without wisdom?……..if faith is gone how do people get saved……….and has God removed faith and wisdom…..do you really believe God has changed His Holy word and put doctors on this earth to heal people against His wishes?………Doctors who murder innocent children daily…..saved doctors Ok go to them…..God’s word says to call for the elders of the church when sick…….read the great commission and Mark chapter 16….It is sad when Christians have to put their faith in heathen doctors and rail on those Christians who refuse to these doctors…..and would even call the authorities on those who refuse doctors care…If you want to go to doctors go ahead…if your fellow Christian wants to go to doctor Jesus Christ why are you picking on him/her……..do you work for the chemical companies…..are you PR person for the medical profession that has put millions on drugs?….one preacher said if you live closer to doctor Jones go to him when you are in trouble…..if you live closer to doctor Jesus go to HIM…..Why do Christians try to promote the medical profession and demote God’s healing power….brag about Christ…..the doctors get enough promotion, publicity and worship…..It would sad if God left us alone and without hope in the hands of doctors…..but HE did not God is our healer and deliverer and Saviour and an ever present help in time of need……..may God bless you and your loved ones forever in Christ Jesus

  68. James King says:

    When you tell someone they are destined for hell if the are not born again….are you not prophesying about their future……………when the two prophets of God start preaching in Jerusalem will you cry out false prophets…………there are no more prophets…go home stop preaching………read your Bible

  69. mel says:

    Thank you very much for this video and for exposing this FALSE prophet.

    It is obvious this is not prophesy but divination no different from fortune tellers. The power this man is using is from the devil, unfortunately foolish christians believe him just because he has information about them, they forget even satan has power.

    Dont mind the christians who are arguing that this is a man of God, reason why they have been decieved is because they are LAZY CHRISTIANS.
    They dont read their Bibles at home, the only time they open their Bible is on sunday. The only Bible verse they know is “thou shall not judge” and thats because they use it to hide there own sins whenever they are being corrected.

    They love man more than they love God. They are willing to sow seeds of hundreds to big ministries, but cannot give a begger $10. To them giving/sowing is gambling, sow $100 get $700

    Lazy prayerless christians hence their foolishness, they believe anything. By the way let me ask you, when is the last time you studied yr Bible at home? By that i mean quiet time i.e one to one with God? ( keep the answer to yourself as im sure ur tempted to lie out of embarassment)

    I dont even feel sorry for those who have been decieved because those who GENUINELY love God are NEVER deceived because they seek God and find Him , unlike the ones man, no wonder they are lost.

    well as false prophet joel osteen said, enjoy yr best life now because hell awaits u after this.

  70. James King says:

    Some say that if certain people with serious illness would have gone to a doctor they would have lived………instead of dying…….well can this concept be proven by scripture? how can anyone know if a person would have lived or died? Now consider the another point of view……..can anyone prove through scriptures that someone died because they DID go to the doctor?……………………

    And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians. 13 And Asa slept with his fathers, and died in the one and fortieth year of his reign.
    2 Chron 16:12-13 (KJV)………..we also have the proof of research that over 90,000 people a year die from malpractice in USA
    ….. If anyone wants me to take them to a doctor i will take them……..if they don’t want to put their life in hands of doctors who belong to a profession that excuses promotes and agree with murder of millions of babies each year……..the America Medical Association the group your doctor belongs to and supports –agrees with the slaughter of innocent lovely children………with all the bragging about doctors and the power they wield– soon Americans will be forced to take certain pi;;s, take treatment and if they refuse they will be jailed….

  71. James King says:

    If there is any disagreement it can be settled by born again Christians by God’s Holy Word the bible…….it is sad so many Christians brag about doctor so and so…and are ashamed to brag about wonderful Jesus Christ…………………..Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: 5 And that he was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve: 6 After that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once; of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. 7 After that, he was seen of James; then of all the apostles. 8 And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.
    1 Cor 15:1-8 (KJV)

  72. James King says:

    If you do go to a doctor ask him/her what they think about abortion…….if the doctor says he believes it is alright and good to kill babies …..then if this butcher would condone murdering a little child ——how can you expect the murderous doctor to have compassion on you?………..I have hearded some say it is God’s will you are sick……well if you believe that, then why go to a doctor to fight against God’s will?……. The Bible does say God will put sicknesses on people and kill people and put all leaders in power and He makes alive and kills …God is sovereign….it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD

  73. James King says:

    Thank you all and God bless you all forever in Christ Jesus……..I do not believe God has left us hanging on worldly wisdom to survive in this evil and adulterous generation……..Jesus Christ is a very present help in time of trouble…..”supposing that gain is godliness from such turn away……….”…the reason people follow false prophets are many……………following are a few of the reasons

  74. James King says:

    Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
    1 Cor 14:34-35 (KJV)

  75. James King says:

    9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

    1 Tim 2:9-15 (KJV)

  76. James King says:

    Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. 22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. 24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. 25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; 26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word
    Eph 5:21-26 (KJV)

  77. prophet Ephrata Bethlehem.s says:

    I never saw witches,occultists,magicians…critisizing each others,and wors again i never saw a christian openly critisized occultists.but if God raised a powerful vessel in his kingdom we are ready to destroy the work of God and call all sorts of names the one God is using…the brothers of joseph called him the Dreamer of dreams bcz they were jealous of him.this is what you are doing today….you preach about the pharises who stood against jesus but you are doing the same…you are their children(present time pharises).many christians are stingies that is why they are very allergic about giving,most of the people who critisize giving never give even a cent.finally you so called pastor who critisize miracles you never do any….repent

    • Maureen Brisebois says:

      This website is attacking members of the Body of Christ and not exposing false prophets such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormans and Jewish cults, just to mention a few. The problems is that many Christians think that prophets and the gifts of the Spirit went out with the apostles. Those who deny that God is still the same today and that all the gifts are operating in the Body of Christ assume that anyone who is working in these gifts must be false and of the devil.

  78. Tilahun Kassa says:

    Please pray for me,me and my famly have health problems.

    • Gbenro Jiboye says:

      Jesus Christ heals you now. Your sins are forgiven and every curse upon your family and you broken. He that loved you and purged you by His blood cleanses you this instant. You are blessed and the staff of wickedness and affliction is forever broken. I love you all the same way He loves me and you.

  79. lilana says:

    intersting comments

  80. NieCee says:

    I am not saying that any of these Prophet, Pastors or Bishops are false. If anyone wants to believe them so be it.
    All I know is that they know themselves and God knows them. I can tell you that they will NEVER get my money to buy their mansion or $10k suits.


  81. Irvan says:

    May the lord use you more.

  82. Shehla A says:

    Folks, this is what the bible has to say about judging prophecy NOTE not the prophets themselves! It is the the spirit that is at work we are to test, and we do this by listening to the Holy Spirit:
    2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God;
    3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world.

    What does the website of Prophet Manasseh say?
    As a Christian he believes and testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and there is no other way to salvation than through Him. His ministry and his life are based on this belief.

  83. betty says:

    My prayer is for the owner of this site to seek God. And lnow him then turn around and use this site for some good like winning souls to the mesiah.

  84. Betty,

    I truly feel sorry for you because you are blinded by these con-artist who disgrace our Lord with their sickening actions. They come to us and promise health, prosperity, and miracles while they cloud your mind and pick your pockets.

    No where in the Bible are we promised anything other than God’s grace and that He will provide for our needs. God can and does heal, but it is not through these heretics called faith based healers. I have many in my family who literally “buy” into these scams only to get nothing in return.

  85. Sthe says:

    Guys why don’t we leave tht for God to judge thn to exchange words about this man.if he is a prophet praise God if he’s nt let God deal w it

  86. Sthe,

    You are exactly what these con-artist are looking for because you will not stand in their way as commanded in the Bible. It’s easy to say,”Let God be the judge” because it requires no work from the individual! Sadly, it’s this type of laziness which allows false teachers/prophets to flourish. A Berean is hard worker and a threat to false teachers and false prophets because we study what these “prophets” teach and then study the Word. A Berean’s way consist of time consuming study and discernment based upon the Scriptures.

    Acts 17:11 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    11 Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

    • Maureen says:

      Well, David, yes, I agree that you must judge what people say and do to see if you should follow their teaching or ways. But, the Word of God does warn us about judging. The teachers in the days of Jesus and His disciples called them names similar to “con-artist”. They said things like they were not of God and that they were devils. My point is that it was not the lazy guys that criticized Jesus, it was those who diligently sought the scriptures. The Bible says in different places that there are those who study God’s Word, but they never come to the knowledge of truth. Whenever I listen to a minister, I always judge to see if everything that they say is from God by the Word and asking the Holy Spirit about the issue. People do error, so whatever is of God I keep, and whatever is not but just their understanding of a thing, I don’t have to receive it. I am careful though not to start calling them a false minister if they are wrong in an area. This is judging. I have actually heard ministers admit to their mistakes, and then they tell the people where they went wrong. This is transparency.

      Now about the Berean. If a Berean studies the Word of God and studies what is taught by ministers, than that in itself is a good thing. I agree with this practice. Unfortunately, it takes more than that to be able to start calling ministers false or giving them your seal of approval. Before you call a minister a false prophet of the devil, etc., you should spend months and listening to hours of their teaching and reading any material that they have. You should spend as much time in prayer for them and asking the Lord to help you love them and pray His perfect will over their lives. Anyone can be critical, but to be like Christ is hard work. Its takes great love, compassion and taking the time to get to know people to be a true disciple.

      Actually, a wolf bites and scatters the flock. Since Jesus is obviously not talking about our teeth, what exactly is He talking about? The Book of James is a good place to start for answers to this question.

  87. Wolf says:

    I love how petty and hateful most Christians are.I’m glad I woke up and saw how false mainstream Christianity is,

  88. JClady says:

    People of God read ur Bible b4 u make this agruements. Dont deny God’s power and yes test everything. Just outta curiosity 2 the who posted this whole hows he doing? Ref 1st comment

    • Tony says:


  89. ali says:

    Tell us who among the televangelists/preachers are the true ones.

  90. marilyn says:

    Is it not the devil who wants us to be miserable, but God wants us to be prosperous in all aspects of our lives.

  91. Ike says:

    What do you expect from the son of a clown who says he’s a “master prophet” who has a “school” to become a prophet, so for the right amount cash you can be just like them, a money grubbing fool. I cannot stand these lazy, good for nothing con men. Why, as a nation do we allow them to practice their trade of thievery?

    • Tony says:

      I agree, you would think we would know better. Taking God out of America has and is devistating. If America doesn’t have a true revival soon its gonna get worse. The price of gas will be the last thing we will have to worry about. It’s all about the money and it is written: the love of money is the root of all evil. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US.

  92. Robert and Elizabeth Macarubbo says:

    we love Prophet Manasseh, we believed that he is a prophet from the Lord Jesus…

    God bless you more and more Prophet Manasseh Jordan…

    • Ike says:

      Wow, are you all related to this criminal? Did you pay him or his pappy a large sum of money to become a “prophet” too?

  93. Loveday Cole says:

    This so call prophet is a liar and not a man of God as he claims. Some of our so call christians are so blind that they cant see this. If you need help in identifying these wolves ask the holy spirit – he is a person he will teach you all things. I cant believe people actually believe in him. The things he says are not scriptural. You can tell he has been briefed of the things he says. He should tell us things about the people in the crowed and not the pastors or singers in the alter that Benny already knows. Has he ever made an alter call for people to give their lives to Christ – but yet he needs your money to preach the gospel. He is one of these prosperity preachers because all he talks about is money. I am not judging God gave me brain and eyes to see. Dont forget what the bible says – by their fruit ye shall know them.

  94. 04/15/2012
    My message to those who choose to speak evil…..Prophet Mansseh Jordan is a man of God. You
    do know that we all have to answer to the Great and Holy Universal God. It also includes YOU…..
    those persons who choose to judge this young man of God. Our God does know our thoughts,
    hearts, and personal intentions……and it includes you as well as me. I will repeat what another
    person wrote on this site and from the Holy Bible….’by their fruits ye shall know them’.

  95. Paulkyla says:

    Religion is the opium of the people with limited mental capacity. Religion is a fraud.

  96. Paulkyla says:

    The only fruit of these false prophets are expensive suits and ties, Mercedes cars, swimming pools, private jets, multimillion-dollar homes etc,etc. Did Jesus have any of the above? If not, then they make Jesus look like a loser.

  97. Ernest says:

    I never heard of Manasseh Jordan till I received a phone call on 4/18/12 telling me I was under spiritual attack. I ask myself how did he know, there were times I’d hear a large dog barking inside my apartment while my dog lay asleep in my bed. The barking finally stopped when I placed a cross above the entrance of my apartment. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but my grandmother who passed away came to me in a dream and told me my dog Joshua was my protector and I shouldn’t be afraid because God is stronger. I don’t consider my self a religious person but this man reached out to me for a reason and I’m going to listen to what he has to say. I have a question for you guys, I had a dream in which the virgin mary was weeping blood everyone says it’s my sub-conscious playing mind games but my gutt says something else.

  98. Paulkyla says:

    Hi Ernest, The best thing to do is read the Bible especially Psalms 1, 23 and 91 every morning.

  99. Maureen says:

    There is nothing that is unscriptural about what this young prophet is preaching. This website has a problem believing that God our Father wants His children to be healed in everyway way. He is preaching the good news of the kingdom of God. The gospel means good news. False prophets lead people away from God. His is helping people to look to God. Thanks for putting the videos on the webpage. I pray that your eyes are open to God’s love and His ways. You seem to not know Him very well. Your are in spiritual danger my friend for speaking evil of the work of the Holy Spirit.

  100. Candace says:

    Please have a look at your 1 John verses 1-6 etc., and edit a correction: .3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. The second “not” negates the intent of the phrase and informs us incorrectly that they who do not confess Jesus is not from God is of the anti-Christ. What the passage does say in easy speak is: If a soul does not acknowledge that Christ is of God and made flesh is of the anti-Christ. KJV: 1 John v. 2-3: 3: Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. 4: and every spirit that confesseth [ not ] that Christ is come in the flesh is [ not ] of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now is already in the world.
    I see what you are saying and I feel I must agree. As with most television evangalists, the real focus seems to always be money. No matter how it is presented, wrapped up, disguised up–money is always sought. It’s big business. How difficult it is for the believer to challenge this blatant claw for cash in the name of God. How the believer is taunted with the “if you believe … ” routine. “if you believe, the way to show it is to send money.” It is always shrouded in the old “we must have money to spread the word of God.” HAH! “We help people in far off places to learn about and accept God.” HAH! If we take a closer look at just how much lucre has crossed the hands of these “preahcers” and their minions–if we look closely and start adding up (we know it is quite impossible to account for much of it–when people contribute anonomously, throw cash in the “buckets” they pass around … calculate if you will just for a ball-park figure and it becomes quite clear that God’s work is clearly not being done. Ask yourselves: How many billions have been freely given by naive, unsuspecting believers who give faithfully in the “knowledge” that the right things are being done.
    Ah, but I digress. What I am really trying to say is that our dear Christ said in Matthew 24: 4: … Take heed that no man deceive you. I see people have become desperate to be convinced that they are faithful and have been saved. In that desperation they are willing to accept whatever a “sweet talker” has to say–put their faith in whatever they put on the plate. And here is the tragedy: people in such a state actually seek out a deceiver to tell them what they want to hear–that they will apprehend the Kingdom of God, eternal life in the light of God by means of a path Christ never set forth. And this is something a truthful, holy, believing and obedient teaching spirit–would not do. This is because their real knowledge of Christ–has allowed them to grow a truthful, valid faith. As such in that state of Grace and Faith, they would not be able to point in the wrong direction. But even here is a vile condition: the evangelist deceiver is not pointing in the wrong direction (directly) but convoluting and corrupting the journey. Double speaking, lacing what they say with half-truths–even worse–slightly suspect preaching–moving a word or two here or their to acheive the right amount of manipulation with subtle, surreptitious massaging of the believer’s ego and emotional buttons–letting people think that that emotional high they feel means they are walking right and the door opens for them … The evangelist helps the believer exchange sober deliberate faith for an emotional high that they have been “convinced” –“deceived” into believing is what God expects of them. Of course part of this emotional high is tied to giving money–“tithing”. But it is all about the money. The money is the tool of the antichrist. Because people are prone to selfishness, self-gratification, seeking the easy way and an inability or lack of desire to see themselves honestly, believe that giving money is a sacrifice worthy of attention from God, because of these things and more–many people are just as guilty of being deceived as the deceiver is of taking hold of an opportunity. This foul, vile truth is what the preacher should be teaching–railing about–screaming about–to move people out of this fugue, this vile disguised apostasy. Yes, apostasy–not direct–but in the leading and in the following the deed is accomplished–for without even understanding the people renounce their faith, their beliefs, their obedience–oh it is such a tangled web of mendacity, on a scale which sadly acheives the revelation of Christ about the narrow road, the eye of the needle, the two in the field, the two grinding and the half of them taken–the half of them left … Lord, Lord, save us from ourselves so that we may get ourselves freed and saved from the one who confesses not that Christ is of God and made flesh.
    It’s late and I’ve been up for a long time–I apologize if I have made any errors of grammar and spelling …. Praise God.

  101. Dana says:

    When you think about it, the man is a genius. Imagine how loaded this guy is just because he figured out at a young age that you can easily manipulate the feeble minded for personal gain. Boston has more idiots per capita than the rest of the US combined, excluding New Jersey, which should have been quarantined decades ago. I can’t imagine what it would be like to think of the earth as only 6000 years old, or to not recognize that the sun is a close star, or that God so desperately needs a significant percentage of everyone’s income. You know this Manasseh guy is probably driving a new Lexus or Mercedes and has a multimillion dollar home with a cross shaped granite swimming pool. Probably where he keeps this so called “Prayer Closet,” too,
    where he “touches” people…

    • Maureen says:

      The Bible plainly warns us that we should not judge. What part of don’t judge do you not understand? God has no problems with His ministers having nice things. Especially, when it is God who blesses them. Some may be cons, but let God sort that out. We can pridefully point our fingers, but it is not going to help us to be pure in God’s eyes. Jesus is coming back very, very, soon. We need to repent of our own sins and stop causing division in the Body of Christ.

  102. WILLIAM says:

    Keep your eyes on God and on his word. Don’t judge people so you won’t be judged also….

  103. Paulkyla says:

    The Bible says that we can and we should judge according to 1 Corinthians chapter 5 verses 11, 12 and 13. When preachers say that we should not judge others I can smell a rat. They only say it because they know that they are doing something disgraceful and they want to cover their backsides.
    These preachers/sharks attract the naive but they repulse countless other good people.

    • Maureen says:

      You have assumed that anyone who warns members of the Body of Christ about judging that we must be rat preachers. You also assume that anyone who does not follow your example of speaking abusively about questionable preachers is naive. I would suggest that you leave 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 for awhile to look at 1 Corinthians 13.

      As far as 1 Corinthians 5:11-13, this is the portion of scripture that people who judge run with, but you should look at at chapters 1 through 6 as well for a more accurate interpretation in order to know what the Lord Jesus would have us do. You can’t look at just one scripture and ignore the rest of the Bible. Basically, Paul is speaking to a local church to judge its own members within the local assembly. Basically, Paul is speaking for the Corinthian church to expel members who they know to be wicked and engage in wicked behaviour according to the list the Paul gave them. The local body can judge the behaviour of members because they are in relationship with them. Basically, how can we judge people who we do not personally know? Even within our own circles, many times we have been wrong about a person. Another problem is that Paul speaks against airing the dirty laundry for the world to see in the same chapter.

      It is hard to judge a person from a distance. Many who judge are not judging righteously as the Bible clearly tells us to do. We also make the mistake of listening to gossip about the questionable individuals and unfortunately, we tend to believe the worse about them. Look again at 1 Cor. 13. For example, many people believe the news. This is unfortunate since I have found out a long time ago that the news is very bias and does not always report the truth.

      I’ll stop here since I don’t want to be too lengthy.

  104. Mr Joe says:

    I want you all to remember the story about Moses and his sister Miriam, God is the only on who will judge,not you, when you point your finger at someone remember that the other four fingers are pointed back to you. Judge not so dat you will not be judged. You no right to criticize any man of God.God is the one who choose them n He alone know how to deal with them. When Miriam was trying to talk to his brother about something that he has done, God did punish Miriam cos she has no right except only Him (God). You are warned, be careful the way you talk about who God has anointed. He said touch not my anointed n do my prophet.. a word to a wise is enough. Miriam became leprosy because she was trying criticize a man God!!!

  105. Mr. Joe,

    I am a anointed prophet…please make a donation of $500.00 love gift with a pledge of $50.00 per month and I will give you a special blessing. You are on the verge of freedom… do not let Satan take it away! Send the money right away! I see you are in a bondage…yes bondage….the bondage of doubt and the chains are keeping you from living the way that god wants you to live. Free yourself…take a walk of faith….plant your seed and god will water your faith!

    Now does that help?

  106. Crystal says:

    I got an e-mail from this prophet and thought “how did he get my e-mail address?” hmm. So I prayed and searched. Always got to get that understanding and try the spirit. Well I found this site. Reading these comments I’ve come to realize that everyone is saying the same things over and over but in many different ways. It either is or it isn’t. Time will reveal that truth; sadly many will be so consumed in their own thoughts that they won’t even see the truth when it comes. Another sad thing is that we have forgotten that although salvation is free MANY won’t receive it. Many will be deceived; many will be lost because they won’t receive “Christ” as their personal savior. When you acknowledge his death and resurrection and believe the point of the sacrifice and what it means for your life, your children – Oh my! When you receive him you know his voice, you know what is good for you and what is not cause you trust him, you seek him the word the things of heaven. God doesn’t need our help for anything other than spreading the good news, teaching the good news and his truths. He’s going to take care of everything false – just as he is going to reward righteousness. I would advise we all keep reading his word daily, repenting daily, and praying for each other daily; those who posted, those who were afraid to post, those who followed the proclaimed prophet, those who decided not to follow him; the proclaimed prophet included. Whether he is real or isn’t not even a debate because God has to deal with him one way or another just as he has to deal with us all. What God has for his people it is for his people and we are to pray for everyone even our enemies. I love all the posts because they provoked thought and those who talked from scriptural references and who posted actual scriptures -awesome because we do have to continue spreading the word even on pages we may not agree with. God said his word was a two edge sword and that it would divide. I am no minister, no prophet, but I believe. I can testify to his goodness through obedience, prayer, denying myself of worldly pleasures, fasting, studying the word, grabbing a dictionary sometimes when I am reading it. I can hear things I never heard before, I can see things I never saw before, and I understand things I could never comprehend before because of God’s anointing. I hate to say “I’ so I will say God did that for me and I know he did it for some who posted cause when you know him you got to talk about him. You don’t even know what that is not to want to share how awesome he is and what he’s done for you! God Bless us all as we all have a long way to go in our spiritual growth!

  107. Gbenro Jiboye says:

    Read up on how God says his servants, the Levites and priests should be treated. Neither deceive yourself about whether the Lord wishes for you too now to be prosperous( “Rev 5:10 And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth”. andalso
    “Rev 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen”) Wake up and smell the coffee Christians…..
    ” 2Co 8:9 For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.”
    God desires the best for you…and finally…

    For people who follow Christ…..
    “Mar 10:28 Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee.
    Mar 10:29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s,
    Mar 10:30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.
    Mar 10:31 But many that are first shall be last; and the last first. ”
    If you know you believe in Jesus as God’s Son, then you will believe His Word, for His Word is His truth….”Sanctify them through thy truth, thy Word is truth”..says Jesus.
    He means for you to be sons of your father without blemish, enjoying all things your Father enjoys(gifts of the Spirit and the grace/provision/riches of God) and also enduring those which He endures.(Fruits of the Spirit). Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. If you do not know that He desires and has made provision for you to be wealthy, it does not mean you wont enter into heaven, but you just simply wont be wealthy here. You have chosen to be an “eunuch” in terms of wealth (howbeit by ignorance) for the sake of the gospel.
    Be blessed in Jesus name.

  108. smith says:

    I know that god is real but i know too is not all of us gonna be save, healed …… im a sick man hopes ur prayer is going to help me cause i need to. Be bless.

  109. Elizabeth says:

    This is happening because the so called Christians are willing to defend all these false ministers instead of the True essence of the Gospel of Jesus….the REAL GOSPEL has nothing to do with “ear-tickling”…this is so obvious: all of these “prophecies” had been set up. I do not need an angel or prophet to “reveal me” anything. The whole truth had been revealed to humanity in the person of Jesus: The son of the living God. All these wolves are rampant because these people are not willing to read the Bible under the light and guidance of the Holy Spirit. They are following these false teachers because they are thirsty for emotional manifestations…sadly most of the churches today are breeding this kind of Christianity because they had put aside the Holy Scriptures. I used to be one of these followers, but God showed his mercy on my life.

  110. Paulkyla says:

    So true. False ministers, false teachings, false doctrines and political correctness have infiltrated many modern “christian churches”.

  111. mad says:

    you know what from what i have read on these comments is back and forth bickering saying this man is a man of God or he is not All i can say is the bible tells us to discern, test spirits,watch out for the ANTI Christ , sheeps clothingetc. ill say this simply if what they do is not from the spirit of God and completely lined up with the word of God then it is not true and from when i first saw benny hinn for the first time ever I DID NOT LIKE HIM! i don’t know what something just did not feel right so i researched about him later on and found lots of things about what he said and has done in the past that futher lead me to believe he was false. but mannesseh i am not sure at times i feel he was fake or he could be real but i did not know he was with benny hinn all i know is that i don’t like

  112. Paulkyla says:

    Religious people are morons and love to be treated like morons. Whatever they are told they believe it, no questions asked.Who said religious people have brains? Look at the suicide bombers,do you think they have brains? Look at other religions and you see that religious people have a serious problem in the brain department.

  113. terrorologist says:

    If this fucking cocksucker calls my phone one more fucking time, he’ll find out what pissed off person will do to his sorry ass!!!

  114. It’s very effortless to find out any topic on net as compared to books, as I found this article at this site.

  115. Colton says:

    I’m not shocked about the things you guys are saying. I’m sure you would say same about Jesus if you were born in His age

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