Just a reminder of the filth pouring out of this sour spring called NewSpring Church.

Perry Noble: “This Sh_t Is Awesome!”


Perry Noble’s defense of Joel Osteen and TD Jakes

The sour fruit of Perry Noble: NewSpring Children’s minister defends his love of filthy rap music!

  1. Kaylynn says:

    I’m a Member at Newspring Church, and there is no filth pouring out of the church. Have you ever auctually been to a service? I got saved at newspring church after 3 years of atheism, so dont judge unless you’ve auctually been to a service.

  2. Do you New$pringers ever research the site(or person who wrote the blog….you know like me…in the about category) you post to or do you just spam post to any blog that speaks against the filth of New$pring Church?

  3. Sharon says:

    Hey David, I am a “Newspringer” and I love my church. We are all just a bunch of sinners that are in love with Jesus! We get together on Sunday and worship and pray. Probably sin a whole bunch before we ever leave the parking lot that day! We welcome the tired and broken. You see David, we are place where it is okay to not be okay. We all recognize that none of us there are perfect, after all, only one man fits that bill, JESUS!!!!! That being said, we sure are thankful for a pastor that will be the first one to admit that he is far from perfect. I love Jesus, my church and my pastor, and David, I love you too. We would love to have you come for a visit. We will reserve a seat for you!

  4. Sharon,
    You completely miss the point and your lack of understanding of “sin” and how the Bible condemns it is reflected in your post here. Noble and crew do not care about you, therefore they teach you that “nobody is perfect and everyone sins, so lets just slap Jesus to everything under the sun and worship“.

    I really feel sorry for you and all those who blindly follow Noble. NewSpring just wants your money and for you to work for them for free.

    Yes, my words are hard. Its because I care, I was a very active member of NewSpring and I worked within the church. Refer to “about me” for more info.

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