Mark Driscoll should be held accountable for what goes on under the name of his own “Acts 29″

Posted: April 28, 2010 in Mark Driscoll
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I simply do not understand why so many people pardon Mark Driscoll? This guy is a sly wolf that has thrown up many red flags in the past. It’s time to start calling a spade a spade and stop giving this guy a pardon for his actions or lack of actions.

Here is a good article from Crosstalk Blog:

Commentary by Ingrid Schlueter

A reader to the Crosstalk blog sent a scathing message with the following remark:

“What right do Christians like you have to sit behind keyboards and call out pastors?”

Well, he raises a good question. He felt that Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church should not be held accountable for what goes on under the name of his own “Acts 29″ Network. It has been a source of some embarrassment that Harambee Church, a church plant of Mark’s church, cooperated with CAIR, the Muslim propaganda and PR group with terrorist ties to groups like Hamas, at an Interfaith gathering. We’re still waiting to hear form Mark about the Interfaith service/CAIR connection, but in that he would have publicly expose his Acts 29 International Director, Mike Gunn in doing so, we are unlikely to hear anything publicly. Despite Mars Hill claims to the contrary, as the founder and “lead visionary” of the Acts 29 Network, the buck stops with Mark Driscoll, period.

But what about that blog thing? It is currently in vogue to sneer at “watchblogs” that report on things like churches working with groups like CAIR, circus churches that blaspheme the Lord’s name while hanging on to their evangelical Christian credentials, false teachers and authors who are promoting doctrines of demons in the name of the gospel, and so forth and so on.

Pastors like Mark Driscoll are not just pastors of their own churches anymore. They are international celebrities with big money book contracts, speaking gigs at an endless stream of conferences and national media appearances. As such, what they write, what they preach, what they oversee becomes part of the larger church. If these men want to influence my son or daughter with their teachings online, if they want to show up on television shows and sell books on Amazon, their teachings and conduct will come under biblical scrutiny. You can’t claim that you are accountable only to your own church board when your ministry sells books all over the world, your sermon clips are put on YouTube and you solicit conference attendees from every background and denomination in the country. If you want participation and revenue from outside of your church, celebrity pastors, expect the scrutiny that goes with that.

As these celebrity pastors get more and more off the rails biblically, it is God’s own statement on their ministries that men and women from all walks of life have to take time out from their primary callings to warn about these leaders and expose what they’re doing. The churches aren’t holding their pastors accountable, so others have to. God is also using the unsaved to do that. When the church will not judge its own, the world often does it.

As a case in point, I give you this news clip from News 8, a Texas television station that is exposing the extravagant lifestyle of Pastor Ed Young. He’s the pastor of Fellowship Church, best known for putting a bed on his “stage”, doing a sex challenge, and appropriately showing up on Comedy Central. Note the irony of the reporter referring to the “church jet.” Only in America.

This is how evangelical Christians make headlines. Not for changed lives and holy living, but for outrageous conduct in Christ’s name. Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill first became well-known as the “cussing pastor.” That’s quite a claim to fame, but it got him plenty of attention. That’s how bad things have gotten.

We’ll continue to report and warn, because sunlight is still the best disinfectant. Most of what goes on in the name of evangelical Christianity today is a fleshly fraud. Christ referred to his “little flock.” Narrow is the way and few find it, Scripture tells us. May the Lord help all of us reject the horror show of the American “church” and follow on that narrow way.

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