I admit that I do not follow everything that Pastor CEO Perry Noble does, but I do occasionally read his blog. I try to keep an idea about what is going on at NewSourSpring ChurchSelf-help Center because it is in my community.

I’m not going to comment much about the following decree from Pope Noble other than the name James Duncan and Col 3:8, but I challenge you to find the double standards and hypocrisy:

Seven Danger Signs That Our “Walk” May Be A “Limp” Part Two April 27, 2010

#1 – When We Lack Humility

Intimacy with God will always result in humility…period.  BUT…when a person becomes obsessed with who they are rather than who HE is then it will ALWAYS show!  (Sort of like the church where the pastors picture is everywhere…even in the restroom, which is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!)

Now…please understand, if someone tells you that you are not humble then you cannot argue (and if you try then you just prove their point.)  (BTW…I blogged in detail about that here if you want to read more.)

#2 – When We Read The Bible For Information, Not Transformation

All too often as a “professional minister” we open our Bibles to try to figure out how to shape other people rather than hoping that God, in His mercy, will shape us!

#3 – When We Listen To A Sermon On Sunday’s And Think, “I Hope THEY Are Getting This,” rather than, “Jesus, shape MY life through this!”

#4 – When We Say Things Like, “That song doesn’t really do it for me anymore.”

(Which is always sad and funny to me @ the same time because…”that song” wasn’t written for the purposes of “doing it” for you…but rather to honor/exalt the name of Jesus!  So…if HE is pleased with it…then we should be as well, unless the singing experience is all about keeping us happy!)

#5 – When we make excuses as to the way we are instead of actually practicing confession and repentance.

If someone is a butthole…and then they are that same butthole 10 years later…they probably aren’t walking with Jesus.  We can’t walk with Him and stay the same!!!  (BTW…the only people who got mad at this point are the buttholes!)

#6 – When we complain that other people aren’t recognizing our gift rather than faithfully using it every single day.

When our desire moves from affection for Christ to receiving the attention of others…there’s a SERIOUS problem.

#7 – When we refuse to celebrate God’s blessing and favor on the lives of others because it seems to be “out shining” what we are currently doing.

When we begin to tear down other people and ministries out of insecurity it is merely exposing a problem in OUR lives…no one elses! (source)

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*This blog “Seven Danger Signs That Our “Walk” May Be A “Limp” Part Two April 27, 2010” was copied from www.perrynoble.com. I’m using this information as defined under the Fair Use Law.

  1. Rollins says:

    “Blog about that one, Buddy”? This guy is just so full of love and patience for those who rightly criticize him. Seriously, he reminds me of a little boy as he jabs at his critics. As for “results”, Moses got “results” when he disobeyed God and struck the rock for water instead of speaking to it. It still “worked”, but God was not honored by that. Results in themselves are not an indication that God is glorified. But you just can’t tell people like this “pastor” anything like that. “Answer not a fool according to his folly”

  2. flowersofmoss says:

    Sorry, but while I do disagree with Perry on some things, his blog post here seems pretty valid. I’ve been to four different churches in the area (and one in Indiana before I’d even heard of NS) that preached messages very similar to this. I guess what you’re disagreeing with here is hypocrisy? I’m not sure. You could be right, but the message itself is biblical, so far as I can tell by comparing it with my other experiences

  3. Newspring Attender says:

    I would just like to let you know that in 2008 NewSpring was the #82 largest church in America. Now, if what Perry says offends people, why do we have almost 5 campuses that hundred, even thousands of people go to. Who wants a boring pastor who is afraid of stretching the bounderies for God. The NewSpring “slogan” is NewSpring: A Church Where Change Takes Place. We don’t lie. Thousands of people have come to christ through perry’s teaching. If you have a problem with that, take it up with God.

    • alexanderP says:

      Just remember, you don’t come to Jesus through Perry Noble; you come to know God through Jesus Christ. Perry Noble is nothing but a man. Everyone says he’s a dynamic speaker-funny and relevant. So I went online and listened to several of his messages and I didn’t get the same feeling everyone else is getting. Reminds me of another person everyone says is a dynamic and interesting speaker–Barak Obama. Arrogant and full of self-pride, can’t relate to his audience. His audience is related to him, much like people do around celebrities. A celebrity can say anything and people will laugh when it’s not funny, attentive when boring. Also, The services I watched started out playing secular songs mixed with christian worship songs. Secular music is not inspired by God and has no place in worshiping the Lord. The Bible clearly states in James 3:12 ‘Niether can a salt spring produce fresh water’. It’ either of God or of the world. That’s right, secular music is of the world! Maybe that is how the name of the organization got it’s name ‘NEWSPRING’ — a spring that can produce both salt and fresh water??? Hearing secular music in a so-called christian service sealed the deal for me about Newspring being a business and not church. But that’s exactly what Perry would not call it, right. “IT’S A CAMPUS”

  4. Newspring Atender,

    Church size, the number of members, and the number of buildings are not evidence of God working in a church. The pure will of a man who delivers a “pleasing” message can appeal to hundreds of thousands of people in the name of “Jesus”. One clear example of this is Joseph Smith and the church that he build in Jesus’s name. So to base God’s blessings on the criteria that you have used would be to say that God is blessing Mormon’s and Jehovah Witness’s.

    When you stretch the boundaries that God has set forth in His Word, all you are doing is manually moving the sin line little by little each day. What will happen is because the line has been “stretched”, there will come a day when you are consumed by darkness:sin. When that day occurs(and trust me it will because sin is not something to toy with especially in the name of Christ), we will found ourselves so caught up by our pride and hard hearts that we will refuse to repent because we perceive ourselves as “brave and bold”. This my friend is a deadly combination of rebellion and pride which will lead down a path of sin and destruction all in the name of being relevant.

    Believe me, it is not jealousy that drives me to speak out against the poison being taught at NewSpring Church. As a former member I know first hand how Perry Noble’s circus works and I have seen how it is nothing but a scam in the name of Christ.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. I do not log on everyday any more, but I do try to log in a couple of times a week.

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