In a very few years the miraculous ministry of Rev. Leroy Jenkins has become widely known in the continental United States and many foreign countries. At present his evangelistic crusades are sweeping the nation and his outstanding gifts of Divine Healing and Word of Knowledge are seemingly without equal since the days of the Apostles.” Leroy Jenkins (source)

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This false prophet hits close to home with me because my father was greatly affected by him in the 1960’s. My grandmother used to tell me when I was a child how Leroy would pay people to perform for him during tent meetings. My father worked with him and helped with his tent meetings during his early years. My family is very familiar with this con-artist. Like all faith healers, Leroy is a fraud who only cares about money.

It’s sad that so many people are deceived by men like Leroy Jenkins. These men can bring in thousands upon thousands of people per service by giving them false hopes and introducing them to a false messiah.

And yes, I am biased toward Leroy Jenkins because I have seen on a first-hand basis the power a false prophet has over those he influences. I praise God that He saved my father a few years ago by delivering him, through the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the false gospel Leroy gave him in the 1960’s.

Today, many of my family members are still caught up in the charismatic movement. I pray for them (Leroy included) and long for the day the Lord delivers them the way He delivered my father. I know this post is a bit personal, but I wanted to share it with my readers. I just wanted to use my father as an example of how the Lord can deliver us from the darkest of deceptions.(Matthew 19:25-26)

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  1. Tim says:

    In 1970 my mother had cancer in the stomach, throat and lungs. Before she was to die, we went to a revival meeting in San Jose, Ca There Leroy told what she had, talked to her about our family, not knowing us at all. He prayed for her and she was healed of cancer. Her doctors checked her out and sure enough the cancer was gone. God used Leroy very mightly that day.

  2. Larry says:

    As Hank Hanegraaff says, the “seed-faith” system is clearly not substantiated by Scripture. Leroy is a con artist as I got mail from him in the past, and I had to send him money to see my miracle come. Ban him from all TV stations!!

  3. Michelle Stuart says:

    Hi pastor Jenkins happy new year this is Michelle Stuart from drigg’s hill south Andros writing u just to say may GOD continue to bless u and your family and ya church I have been bless from all the letters that you have been sending to me I am so glad GOD has place you in my life for such a time like this. I Michelle Stuart has made it over to a new year and I know GOD have plans for me and my family we all made over to 2012 and I could say GOD has truly been good to me and my family and kids I love the lord and this year my prayers is to draw closer to him

  4. Oscar says:

    Rev Leroy Jenkins has a true gift from God, I know he has had his problems..but “he that is without sin, let him cast the first stone”?

  5. rose early says:

    Rev Leroy prayed over my life as la girl and it came to pass.I know God uses this man.I am now 60 years old and I still support his ministry.

  6. Rose and other Leroy followers,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been deceived by this snake who comes in the name of Christ. Like I said in this blog, my father worked with this con-artist in the 1960’s and my family knows him very well because we are related to him. If Leroy reads this blog then he will know who my father is and figure out my link to him.

    BTW, the video about Leroy’s life is a total lie. Everything about this man is a lie created to generate a following of people in order to make $$$$.

    • Lisa says:

      How are you related to him? I too, am related to the Jenkins family.

    • Shane says:

      Where did you get your info? Have you read his new book in the Presence of mine enemies? It explains everything he has doesnt have anything to hide. everything he has been accused of has been re-buddled and proven to be facts in his behalf. he has all the letters of numerous senators and judges apologizing to him for falsely accusing him. Maybe you should do your research because you obviously really dont know him.

    • Dennis says:

      Well why didn’t your little chicken ass go down and challenge him ?He would ask for a punk like you to come on down in every service. HELLO SOMEBODY!!! show proof how your related, your full of it

  7. steve says:

    My name is steve vickers and leroy jenkins is my uncle, my mother sue jenkins was his sister, and i can truly say that he is not a fake. he is not perfect and has sinned as all of us do. however he is a true man of GOD and I know that for a fact.

  8. Steve,

    Your uncle is a con-artist. I assume you know who Leroy’s aunts and uncles are. If so, then it should not be hard for you to figure out what relation my family is to Leroy.

    So what did you think about all the lies Leroy told about his life/family when he released this:

    • Lisa says:

      David, who are leroy’s aunts and uncles? THey would be my fathers too. I am trying to figure out where granny Jenkins is. I think she remarried in the 80’s and passed away. I would love to know who her parents were. If you know please help me. Thank you Lisa

  9. Lisa says:

    I am trying to contact Steve Vickers. I am Lisa, Jr’s daughter. I have not seen you since we were at Granny Jenkin’s house in 1973. 3114 Euclid Ave. Please respond.

  10. It is tragic that so many are decieved by these minions of the devil. They use to abound here in the south, w tent revivals, preying on the poor & ignorant. Thank God for the teachings of my sainted Grandmother about these wolves in sheep’s clothing, & the others like her.. This Leroy is as phony as the gemstones on his ostentatious outfits (Can you imagine Christ dressing himself in such gaudy & trashy clothing?). My son is a legitimate pastor who went to Seminary, prepared himself to share the gospel with a Doctorate degree & with God’s blessings, is now pastor of one of the largest churches in the US. Yet, he has not “performed miracles” or sold tap water as “healing” & duping the believers out of thousands. “God will not be mocked”. Revenge is His!

  11. Koffi sotome says:

    Praise God my sister or mother if my wife is with me in us now we will visit yoü.1the Season of yoür son Pastor has Not come ,it will surely Happen 2 the ministry work is Good and and very Bad .your son should begin to pray for spiritual father 3 Player and fasting can give a Good Solution he Must have Gift of revelation enable to See the Opposition inthe Church 3 a very strong Player Group a Pastor Must have Player Life have Bishop or Apostel as Friends to pray One another to their ministries man of should marry awife who pray much man of god have to Pass. Through shame for miracle .man of Gog Must know if Wizards are in Church to against him not to operate in miracle

  12. Michael Pancho Bowers says:

    I was with Rev Jenkins since I was 16 yeas old. I was introduced to him by my Cousins, Cousin Richard Harriston; who played the Organ for Pastor Jenkins. I began working for The Church soon after going to Hollywood California with Leroy Jenkins for the Unveiling of “Mae West’s” wax Figure in La”Brea California, being honored as being a Legion in Her own time in1973. Recently in 1996, Rev. Jenkins needed help with money for his legal troubles stemming from a problem that his son David Jenkins Caused Him. I was told that his legal fees were in excess of $100,000. I went to see Eloise Thomas, The 20million Dollar Lottery Winner and was able to acquire $50,000 from her and from Mr. Thomas. I came up with $10,000 Cash which I borrowed from the Central Point Pawn Shop here in Columbus, OH. My loan was converted into a gift to the church without my approval.

  13. Michael Pancho Bowers says:

    In 1996 I borrowed $10,000 From the Central Point Pawn shop here in Columbus Ohio. I had given Rev. Leroy Jenkins my mothers Jewery to use in his Defense against is son David. Rev. Jenkins and Bill Byrd and I went to Marion Ohio and Got the Jewelry Appraised. The Apprasial was for $150,000. which Bill Byrd validated in the Crusade at the Veterans Memorial Here in Columbus Ohio. Rev. Jenkins stated at the Crusade that he returned the Jewelry to me; which was true, however when I took it back to Central Point Pawn Shop, the Owner Jeff Dobkins said that the stones had bee switched. I notified Rev. Jenkins about what Jeff Dobkins had said and so Rev Jenkins and I went into the Pawn shop because He was going to get the rings out. Jeff Dobkins assured me that my mothers rings would be safe until I could get them out since Rev. Jenkins had helped me to get a Loan through Associates on my house for $21,000, and the funds would be available in a few weeks. Rev. Jenkins had the original pawn slip, because I had signed it over to him. Before we left the Pawn Shop Rev. Jenkins told Jeff Dobkins that he wanted to purchase all of the VCR’s he had so that he could duplicate tapes for the ministry. When I returned to get my diamonds, Jeff Dobkins stated that he had to sell my mothers rings. Later, he told a very close friend of mine that he did not like Rev. Jenkins because he Rev. Jenkins had stolen from me. That Rev Jenkins had ripped me off. When I confronted Jeff Dobkins he stated that i should ask Rev Jenkins what happened to my Jewelry. I did ask him and he said that Jeff Dobkins was Crazy! Jeff Dobkins told me to bring him the receipt or the receipt numbe and he would track the transaction. I would hope that Rev. Jenkins would at least call Jeff Dobkins at 614-272-1143 and ask him what he means by “Ask Rev. Jenkins What Happened To Your Jewelry!

  14. kim rich says:

    My moms had cancer when she was pregnant with me and pastor jenkins put his hands on her and prayed for her and her next dr appt the cancer was gone…I guarantee she was not paid..I have followed him since I was a little one ( guess you can say before I was born)..dont understand why ppl want to call them fake prophets..god dont like ugly in any wsy..u have a blessed day

  15. Gayle says:

    I was forced as a child to attend his tent revivals. Mom had leukemia. She followed him like he was Christ himself. He prayed his dramatic prayer and claimed she was healed. She was only in remission. She died anyway in 1963.He officiated at her funeral. Told me “it’s Gods will sugar” .Didn’t come cheap either. He destroyed our family in ways that cannot be explained in this forum. Even at the ripe old age of eight, I felt something was not correct. Trotting out his then wife and children at summer meetings was a ruse. Children often see what adults are unwilling or unable to see. Vulnerability and desperation leaves many people open to grasping at any straw available. That is the hook that this creature exploits. I still like the message…Just NOT the messenger. A true crapbag if ever there was one. And for heavens sake will someone tell him to using shoe polish on his hair replacement. We know how old the miserable greedy bastard is! The only one who thinks he looks good is him.

  16. Gayle says:

    Evangelist Leroy Jenkins Gets 1 2-year Prison Term . – Google News…‎

    Evangelist Leroy Jenkins Gets 1 2-year Prison Term . GREENWOOD – Faith healer Leroy Jenkins was found guilty Tuesday of conspiring to burn two homes and … Gotta love this rat bastard!

    • Shane says:

      First of all he got 5 years dumbass. there is a lot bitches like you online and you should get his book and know what he has been through. everything he has been accused of have been false accusations and have been proven on his behalf. He is the only person in this world that has beat the IRS so check that out bitch.

      love Leroy Jenkins

  17. michael bowers says:

    Well I wrote to “My Friend”, Rev. Leroy Jenkins, and honestly I expect to hear from him when he gets my letter, and has time to respond. Many of us have been in his ministry for at least “FOURTY YEARS”. And Heaven knows that Everyone on. earth has some ups and downs. It would seem that someone would take the time to look into my dilema, by God. Yes, believe me I have been into situations where IS believe that if it was not for Rev. Jenkins intervention, my entire past would have had a very bleek future. Everyone who knows me, knows that Rev. Jenkins has been there for me. And there are some people who have told me of situations where they have told me that Rev. Jenkins has disrespected me by saying horrible things about me. They wonder why I do not hate him. He has always been just a man to me, First and Foremost; this means that I realize that even he sins and falls short of the Glory of GOD. But, I would enjoy having just one pecent of the measure of Love and the Obedience, and respect thst he has forGOD. Yes my entire family has always taught me to have Love for one, an other., that is why I continue to admire and respect and Love such a person as this. I know he can read, and that someone will tell him gain of my concerns. and when he does take up me part, and he confronts this siitution, by way of the Holy Spirit os GOD, a miracle will occur in my Life. Yes JESUS LOVES ME FOR THE BIBLE TRLLS ME SO. How many of you, reading this explaination has lost “TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS”, most people will never experience this. Rev Jenkins Has. Maybe that is why he is reacting in such an unconcerned manner. Perhaps he feels that if IT had that type of money , that some of the people I know would do me some harm. He once told me “Pancho, we have been in this house for two weeks, and when we read the newspaper ther were lies about his activities. He said If they will lie on me just think what they will do to you!

  18. Shane says:

    The Bible says ” judge not lest you be judged for with the same judgment you shall be measured back the same” I dont know who you are and im glad you know who i am. kiss my ass.

    Leroy jenkins

  19. Shane says:

    If you think he is false please show up in Florida for his next crusade. Times and dates will be posted on his website soon at

  20. Ella C. says:

    Gosh! I’m just hearing anything about the Rev., saw his telecast, early this morning, and wanted to look further in to his background, before contacting or partnering with his ministry. I’m appalled by the spirit that is displayed on this site! ” cussing!” And name calling! Are any of you people ” real Christians” yourselves?! Most of you are writing about how awful he is! What about yourselves??
    You need to watch how you conduct yourselves. Peace.

  21. michael bowers says:

    I certainly find it hard for anyone no to recognize that Rev. Jenkins is a Saint of Gods. We are told to judge “righteous judgement”. Not the judgements that change in this wo rld after every election or vote. Rev. Leroy Jenkins is grounded in the Word of God and, At Least On Sunday, he operated by way of the will of God. About my jewelry, Tht $150,000. , in Diamonds, well I’ just remembered that I never pressed formal charges against any of the People who I; have said has some involvement in its disappearnce. I thought that if I said it enough times that they would return my property to me. However, this is the world, and the first step that. I overlooked and never been taken, is to make a police report of my loss, and have had the matter researched. Then I can discover exactly what happened to My Mothers Jewelry. I thought that since I knew how the disappearance occured, that the parties involved would just “give up the ghost, and show me some respect. This has never happened. The leson in this is that we must deal with thw world on the worlds terms. Call The Police, Tell Them What You Know, then proceed to file with the states attorney general, and get an attorney. Also, there is a special Police Division which specifically are assigned to each Pawn Shop. So If someone has stolen things from you or someone you know, PLEASE MAKE A POLICE REPORT FIRST; THEN THERE IS A PERMANENT RECORD OF THE COMPLANT! Also, you are then giving GOD the go-ahead to investigate the actions. charged, by Law. Call on God, but in this world, first call the police. Then make sure that you get a copy of the report filed, by which Officer, and the report number…. NOW YOU HAVE THE POWER OF GOD, TO PROCEED!

    • Shane says:

      Michael Bowers (poncho) you just sent him another ring so quit making up the whole jewelry being stolen. he sent your jewelry back. so what if he wears expensive jewelry look at king solomon im sure he wore expensive jewelry. also he didnt buy any of the jewelry it was all given to him. We know who you are poncho quit with the crap.

      • michael bowers says:

        I am delighted that at lease someone is listening to, and reading my blogs. First of all I am talking to Rev. Jenkins, who I have known all of my young adult and adult life. He has always been my hero, as well as that He is the only “Called and Anointed and Appointed Person, that is in this time Truly a Man of God. Whenever I see STEVEN SEGAL, he reminds me of the Reverend Jenkins I know! I just wanted Rev. to call and ask Jeff, the Pawn Shop Owner, “Why”, did he plant that seed into peoples minds. Say things to people like, he did not trust Rev. Jenkins, and that he didn’t like that Guy. And, also that Reverend Jenkins should be asked what happened to my jewelry. As far as me sending Rev. the ring back, that he sent to my mother, I had no longer any use for it. I was told both, longago, and recently that it has no mineral or jewel value. So I thought that perhaps it has some sentimental value to Rev. As for myself, I have already spoken to Rev. and I satisfied with his response to me. Yes, I know that I am equipped by God to Overcome. I informed Rev., what was being said out of respect for him. Shane, I have been blessed beyond measure, and still am. All I would say to you, “which is none of my business”, is that you show a little more dignity and maturity by refraining from using profain words when you make statements. There are people who expect to see Christ through you too. I respect your position, and your concern. I have been with this man for (43 YEARS). What kind of a fool do you think I am. The Word Of God says “LET HE WHO HATH AN EAR, HEAR_,WHAT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD SAYETH TO THE CHURCHES. Basically, I was speaking Man-to-Man to Rev. I am telling you, that I never meant any disrespect! I hope that I have made myself clear.

  22. michael bowers says:

    For as long as I have known Rev. Jenkins, God opened my mind, and my eyes, and what I know is that God is. Only because of Rev. Leroy Jenkins. I can only image how he feels sometimes. To have to stand in the presence of God, and people and then without Fail, tell them the truth about themselves, their conditions, and their hope. He only says what he hears God Say. Some of the people don’t want to acknowledge The Lord, beause “They don’t want to behave correctly. They don’t want to support Gods Plan, maybe they are just plan jealous! Just to imagine that the reason that Jesus Bled and Died, then ressurected, is for the edification of the Church. He left us something to feed on, and then one day he “Floated Rev. Jenkins down the street as a young boy. How could Rev. Jenkins not pay attention to this! Easter, is near, Good Friday is approaching, the Passover is about to take Place. Try to thank God for the example we have by having a man such as Rev. Jenkins is,…In our Lifetime, unfortuately he at times, most of the time, he is “Churning the Wine Press Alone. Many are decieved, but from my experience (43 Years), Not by Reverend Jenkins. He is Love, He is A Burden Bearer, For many, A Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Heavy Load Bearer, and a Prayer Sharer. Some people cannot see the Forest, for the trees. How unfortunate a condition like this must be, I certainly Pray that God will Heal the people He is Calling on Today, so that they can learn to respect what God has already done, and is really trying to do. First, He may need to break the Yokes that are Binding His Called on People. How can you continue to allow Satan, the Devil from Hell to Rule Your Mind. You Do Not Have To. Rev. Jenkins is only Human, Maybe God Is AskingYou To Renew Your Mind And To Take One Day At A Time. I hope that someone can relate yo my blog, snd that it helps you. I don’t have anything to Forgive Rev. LeRoy Jenkins for, because he has done nothing which requires it! PANCHO, MICHAEL D. BOWERS

  23. Calvin says:

    I to have went to Leroy Jenkins tent revival in Orlando Florida and on the way I was telling another brother of mine in the ministry we have to get there i was looking for God to do something in my life. Me already being filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking with the gift of tongues made it there and he was exactly who I expected him to be . The way God had already told me not perfect but a true man of God . Sometimes expect to much from men and women of God and forget they are human and going to make mistakes but we also have an advocate we can go to his name is Jesus Christ and he forgives his people or their sins . People may not and continue to remember it and bring it up but God the only true God does not. I’ve seen more than one miracle in my life occur through the Man of God. He even told us the conversation we had before we got there I also have the same gift to discern the thoughts of men . Even if he was in sin or sinned against God . God said he is married to the back slider .He also said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm . I don’t know what he done in the 60s you probably don’t either and going off of something you heard .God said a man walking forward and looking backwards is not fit for the kingdom of heaven if he done something in the past then that’s the past as well as with anyone . Not saying this man wronged you or your family that’s over 40 yrs ago and you bearing false witness against this man and wasn’t living around that time to know what or if anything happened and if It did the person who it happen to need to forgive you need to repent calling this Man of God fake you and your family but you don’t have to but in the end you will but it may be to late

  24. SuskyThe Lord is good and his mercy is forever lasting. I certainly want Rev. to acknowledge my longsuffering too! My ministry was incorporated and chartered in 1974. I wrote many song under the inspiration of God, but I am somewhat of a shy person. I was obliviously lost a couple of years before that. My family consist of Many established ministeries and great and notiable gospel singers. The Brown Singers from Columbus Ohio, three(3} time national winners on the Ted Mack Amatuer Hour, in Los Angeles California. Henrietta Hairston, who took me under her wing, and I’m sure came to ,my rescue more than once. R.F. Hairstion of the Refuge Baptist Church, Rev. Landis C. Brown of the Ebenezer Baptist Church here in Cols., and the list goes on and on; Rev. Landareece Brown (Cookie). Even though Iwas no stranger to the rain, I had no Idea where the Rsin came from until I met Rev. Jenkin, through My cousin Richard Hairston who played piano and Organ for Holy Hill Cathedral, The Church of What’s Happening Now, Living Waters Cathedral, and so on. I helped move bricks and boulders from behind the Church on S. Sandusky. So, on and so on. My life has been spent there. Now I wish to build my Corporations Structure, and many of my Friends know the sacrifices I have Made, and they wonder why I have not received any help or response from Rev. These are my constituents, who know I loaned LeRoy Jenkins $10,000, for his legal defense, because he said his problem was personal and that he could not use the Churches money for personal reasons. He told me to take it to the Office and to give it to June Buckingham, which I did. I have never received that money back! My bank account is practically emptied, and my roof leaks! Now, I need “MY FRIEND” Rev. LeRoy Jenkins, to return my money and my Favor.


    448 S. YALE AVE.
    COLS., OHIO.

    PHONE: 1-614-469-4740

  25. Shane, I have never spoken to you or shaken your hand. So for you to say that you know me, you do not. I wrote him a letter with the ring. Maybe he’ll let you read it. You don’t know any more than what I tell you. Ask him to tell you. And show you since you seem to be interested. You call Central Point. This is not about the Lord, I won’t allow it to be. The Lord says that we are not to tske one another to court. This is just a moe-hill. I will not betray the trust of my friend, nor lose Faith in God. My request are valid, and my concerns natural. That is what other complainer are also saying. I don’t need an intercessor. However, I know he is busy, but that is no excue for not responding to me or calling me back and telling me something. I have extended hm courtesy, but he is not returning common courtesy to me or my friends. You may be a
    Part of the family so, pass my statements on to him. I don’t really understand why my notifications are considered “CRAP”, except that you don’t have enough information to come up with an appropriate response, so I guess that you are being kept out of his private, and personal life. As it should be!

  26. JPeople of the World, send for your water, as your faith be, so it be, unto you. This is the “Promise” of God. However, in reply to Shanes statement that Rev. Jenkins has bet every case that he has been tried in, “Well How About The One With The Little Old Black Woman, Mrs. Eloise Thomas, and Her Attorney, Ben Espy. The whole World knows the outcome of that Case. Where is his Wife Now! Both she, and I came forth to help Your Dad! And you have the nerve to slander my words and call them Crap. Take a picture of the room you will be sleeping in tonight. Then take a look at the squallar that I describe as my residence. Yes I sent the ring back to your Dad “Reverend Jenkins, because it was “JUNK”! I and my mother never presented him with “JUNK. Many people in the congregation have known me for years, and are aware of my Character. My Millionaire Friend who gave my mother the JEWELRY, his family and I are now communicating and are going to help me to research the matter. The diamonds were Certified, and can be tracted, the descriptions are registered and on file. Keep in mind, that if it wasn’t for Me and The Thomases, you may not have Rev. Jenkins as “Your Father” today. Also if Rev. Never lost a case that was against him then what happened with his ex-wife MRS. ELOISE THOMAS JENKINS. ASK THE WORLD, OR MAYBE BEN ESPY. OR JUST BLOG IT ON GOOGLE. He may have conquered many mountains but could not move that MOEHILL. I still hope that he will send me the gold and diamond bracelet that I requested and my $10,000 Dollars that I’m also certain that there is a record of, I believe it was loaned in 1996! I am sure that the IRS , according to you, has already seen it!

  27. In 1996, if it were not for the Financial Support of Mr., and Mrs Eloise Thomas, and me, Michael (Pancho) Bowers, Rev. LeRoy Jenkins would possibly have gone to jail as a result of son?? Davids actions. He needed impartial friends, and we came through for him the. If we had not, you probably would not have a Daddy today. Where is Rev. Leroy Allen. Why did he leave. I believe that he can be found on Facebook!

  28. Many people who Love God have done contrite things.

  29. Shane, in response to your question about why would he do that when people give him things all the time. And then referenced him as to King Solomon. Well, my answer is “_BECAUSE HE CAN”! Ask Scott Freeman what has happened to him. Ask the Police Officer, (Sheriff) in So. Carolina how he was Slandered, and how that has effected his life. As who Michael Holden is And why he and his wife were taken to Belize. May thst is why he did what he did, because God was Blessing Me! And, he was not having it! Me, with the wealth of the Land in the West-Side-Bottoms, of Cols., Oh. The Lord was Estsblishing My Goings!- Oh yes, Michael Holden is a Model, start there…..He worked at the greek restaurant off of 71-N, on Morse Rd, just East of the Freeway on Morse Rd. Ask Frankie who worked for Rev., the real reason he was dismissed, or better yet, ask Jeffrey, he is at every Crusade. Jeffrey gave me a house. Ask Ray a few Choice questions. Ask Charley Moore, Ask Rusty Oliver, ask Joey greathouse, ask Thomas Jefferson Greathouse, they are all from columbus. Ask Rays Ex-Wife. Rev. Jenkins is only human. By his example alone.

  30. I was there in Greenwood S. Carolina, when Rev Jenkins was Arrested. I had quit my job here in Columbus to go there to be with him, and to Sing. Denise Bell and I’M were a part of those who sang as the Crusade Singers. Her name is now Denise Battle, I believe. Rev. Bob Frary was also there and so were various other members of the Church. We all stayed on Stockman Street, which is the street that Rev. Jenkins grew up on, and was also lifted up by God off the ground and floated down the street, by the Power of God. I stay in the house that he remodeled and restored for his daughter Candy. I mostly remember the Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase that was installed. Rev. Jenkins is also Blessed with being a Master Contractor and Builder, Really blessed! He purchased the whole Block of Stockman Street whih he was raised on. He was instrumental at that time in supplying jobs to the African-American community. Savingmny of thei homes, as well as giving them income. This is only one of the generous acts that he did there. The Mostly White surrounding community people were very angry about his well-treatment of Black People and they(Even the Lawmen) harrased us all. Rev. Jenkins showed the people (Black People) the real Economic Power They Possesed! After Rev. Bob Frary cut down and landed an enormous tree perfectly on the ground, right beside Revs. Mansion…..the authories scaled the walls, and arrested Rev. Jenkins. He raised the value of the Negro Businesses Propertys which were located at the end of Stockman Street. This reason was one why they Arrested Rev. Jenkins. Honestly this town reminded me of “(Boss Hogs)”, of the Dukes of Hazards! Rev. Jenkins “Proves God”, in so many ways! Thanks Rev!…….NOW RUN AND TELL HIM THAT, _Shane!

  31. DAVID says:

    my name is David. let me you god does use Rev. Leroy Jenkins. On Sept. 18 2006 i was in a bad car wreck. Hit by a drunk driver. My left shoulder was broke, i had 3 left ribs broke, My left hip was broke and my back was broke at the L1. I was to never walk again. The DR’s wanted to cut on me. I told no. I want to REV LEROY JENKINS MEETING and he prayed for me. GOD HEALED ME. I walk and I work all the time. NO MED’S. NEVER CUT ON AND I HAVE PROOF. GOD USE HIM.

  32. John says:

    Such Bunk. There are scriptural qualifications in the Bible and Leroy fails all of them. His is not just an imperfect man. He passes himself off as a minister, but he has been caught in one scandal after another. He was not persecuted for being a Christian, he was prosecuted for being a crook. You hangers on, and deluded people amaze me with your gullibility. I have met him a couple times. He is interesting and can be charming, but his track record speaks for itself. He is a scam artist with great street smarts and a con-artists ability to read suckers. What about the old lady he married for money? A shameless display of greed. The antique rip-offs, the prison term? Get real.
    His lack of morality is legendary. How does that compare to Jesus? Would any of you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

  33. wallace says:

    i am not his follower, but he prayed for my sister and her shortened leg grew to a normal length. He did not know her or us. As a matter of fact she did not believe in him and was healed anyway. That man had a true gift from God.

  34. My friend Reverend Leroy Jenkins has passed away. Pray for his family.

  35. JMaire says:

    I went to a service in Greensboro N.C. several years ago I brought my daughter with me. My little girl had not been able to talk she couldn’t even say mommy. I had taken her to different doctors speech therapist and nothing was working. I was sitting in the congregation of approximately a thousand people. Reverend Jenkins was on the stage and points at me and said your daughter is going to be a great gospel singer I was so excited I had been praying for a miracle. My husband did not believe he whispered in my ear” yeah right ,he’s missed it now he’s never heard her speak”” I told him if she talks will you believe ? At this point she still wasn’t talking. The service ended we got in the car the song was playing I Believe In The Power of The Blood she began to sing and knew ever word my husband was stunned I started crying and praising God .My daughter has been singing ever since that day. She is now 16 and is still singing for Jesus. There is nothing fake about her miracle. Remember the Bible says Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.I am forever grateful for Leroy Jenkins ministry I thank God everyday for this man’s obedience in being led by the spirit. I have documented proof of her miracle. Her voice is amazing. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  36. Michael Deskins says:

    Bob Frary who served under Leroy committed fraud by using my guitar amp as evidence at his church and took the money after the insurance paid out and bought his church a sound board and never replaced my amplifier. When confronted, he made it clear he was not replacing my amp. He lied, committed fraud and NEVER replaced my amp, at this point, I don’t care who reads this. Michael Deskins

    • Michael Deskins says:

      Bob Frary is a con artist thief who uses people for money at his church, I am giving everyone a clear warning that I stay clear of this con artist.

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