Congressman Ethridge (NC) seems to be confused regarding his rights – and his authority. This is what happened when a young man approached Ethridge and politely asked if he supported “the Obama agenda”. Citizenship in action.

Ethridge responds with a blatant criminal act, assaulting the young man first by grabbing his arm and refusing to let go, then grabbing his neck.

No Congressman, the public does not work for you, and you are not the boss. Au contraire, you are the employee and you work for your constituents, and you sir, have no right to demand this young man’s identity. Furthermore, he has every right to approach you and ask you questions.

What this country needs is a constitution or something, a Bill of Rights that lays out and defines clearly the…oh never mind.

If there’s justice, Ethridge will be arrested for assault and battery.(Joel Taylor source)

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