I’ve heard anti-Calvinist rants before but this one is the worse to date. Pastor Steven L. Anderson has a great misunderstanding of Calvinism and how Calvinist spread the Gospel.

  1. Except I would label Anderson an Arminian. He is hardly that. He would rage against us both my friend.

  2. I meant to say “I wouldn’t label Anderson an Arminian.” Sorry about that. God bless!

  3. 1cross3nails says:

    Just another doctrinal illiterate!!!! His view of God is very small. It isn’t God who draws one to Christ. He thinks its him!!!!!!

  4. As a Calvinistic Christian, I too am angry about what he’s angry about. Some of my Calvinist brothers do fall into the trap he’s yelling about, and it’s worth getting angry about.

    Unfortunately he must not be familiar my flavor of Calvinism, which is similar to Piper’s. He’s burnt his enemy to the ground (as he should) but we stand scratching our heads wondering what happened.

    He could acquaint himself better with our theology. He may also want to memorize John 13:35 and 2 Tim 2:24-25.

    Seeking Disciple: You are definitely classical Arminian, and this guy definitely is not. I definitely prefer your flavor of Arminianism. Love you bro.

  5. Ali Elghoul says:

    Calvinism is the gospel whether Steven Anderson thinks so or not. This man is a heretic filled with pride, self-righteousness and ignorance.

  6. Ali Elghoul says:

    anyone who claims to believe the gospel but denies any of the five points of Calvinism is an “unsaved Arminian unwilling to call himself one”. Arminianism is a damnable heresy and its christ is the closest counterfeit to the real Christ, unlike other false christs. Beware of the Christ of Arminianism.

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