I found this over at Defending. Contending(source)

  1. Rick Shuffler says:

    So how is it that slope of the floor, light dimmers, and raising hands have anything to do with genuine or false conversion? I really am trying to understand these things. Do you think that all conversions done this way are not genuine. I have seen many people change their lives by being saved. I just don’t like the church fighting against the church. If we could unite, and do away with baptist, methodist, and the like and turn it into Jesus lovers, think what we could do. I am not perfect, but a sinner who loves Jesus. I am trying desperately to get to a point where I completely sell out to Him, and my church makes me think in ways about the Bible if have never been able to. Things in there are making more sense to me now. I have seen Perry read straight from the Bible, and preach his whole sermon around that. How can you fault that? Again, thank you for your website and I say these things respectfully and out of the love of Christ.

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