When I first heard Perry Noble’s preaching, I loved it. I’ll even go so far as to say that I still enjoy his sermons. I was a big fan of NewSpring in the beginning. My family was against them. Fortunately for me though, there was never any bad blood about it. It was just something I liked and they didn’t.

I could never understand why everyone hated them so much. Sure, the music is different. He has a tendency to say things that you might not have heard your traditional preacher say when you were growing up. But he preached a good sermon.

But then I started hearing stories about things that supposedly had happened to people going there. As far as I was concerned, it was just hearsay, so I didn’t consider it a big deal. Then one night I was on google, looking around for stuff about NewSpring trying to find out if there was any truth to what I had been hearing. I didn’t specifically find what I was looking for at that time but I did find something else that made me change my mind. After all the horror stories I’ve read since then, I can’t remember the one that turned me against them. But still, it didn’t involve me personally so I didn’t really care. It was just something I was against.

Late last year into early this year, the James Duncan harassment thing happened. That really upset me. How could a church do this? And how could this church’s senior pastor not issue a public apology on behalf of the church, whether he had knowledge of it or not? It was just wrong. But still, it wasn’t personal for me. It pissed me off, I ranted about it a little and I forgot about it.

A bone marrow drive was held today in honor of Alex Carver, a 15 year old who has been battling leukemia. She went into remission previously but her condition came back and got worse and now she’s going to need a bone marrow transplant. 920 people showed up for the drive, not including those that already had their paperwork filled out when they came. It was a great turnout and I thank God for every single person who took time out of their lives to help a child who has barely had a chance to begin her life.

Every single newspaper, tv station, radio station and church that was contacted to help spread the word about Alex’s bone marrow drive was happy to help. With the exception of one. You can imagine our disbelief when NewSpring refused to announce a bone marrow drive for a teenager who went to NewSpring for years. Especially when their refusal was on the grounds that “it would interfere with worshiping Jesus.” They also would not allow a flier to be placed on their building because “if they did it for one person, they’d have to do it for everyone”.

I can’t help but wonder how many more people would have been there for Alex today had NewSpring told them about it. It’s finally personal for me.

So here we are now. It may just be a matter of time before it becomes personal to you. Unfortunately for NewSpring’s members, as was the case with me, they won’t care until it becomes personal to them.

This section of The Pit is dedicated to all the people who have been hurt by NewSpring. It’s a place where they can share their personal stories about this place to warn others. And hopefully in the process, we will show NewSpring that you cannot claim to be a positive influence in this community until you start acting like a positive influence in this community.

This isn’t about whether or not Perry Noble preaches from the bible. It’s not really about religion at all (although I can’t help but wonder how someone who claims to be a Christian can sit back and go about his business pretending like things like this aren’t going on). It’s not about their poor choice of worship music. It’s not about their pretty lights and the fact that they don’t have a steeple.

It’s about accountability. It’s about being decent human beings. It’s about not claiming Christianity, but being Christianity.

Anderson is ashamed of you, NewSpring. It’s time you started paying attention.(Source)

Perry Noble 2011 Sheep Beating Incident

Volunteers at NewSpring Church love Jesus more…

Calling on the people of NewSpring to demand Perry Noble to repent and meet with James Duncan

“So when did you stop worshiping Jesus and start attacking God’s work at NewSpring?”

  1. Liles says:

    *Who are you to judge? F**k you. You call yourself a Christian but then you take time out of your day to judge Perry in a whole blog post? No wonder you don’t have nearly as many followers as Perry.

    * The F-word was edited by D.J. Horn because I do not allow such filth on this site.

    • k norris says:

      I most certainly hope a fellow owner at NewSpring wouldn’t really say f*** you to another fellow christian. Everyone has their opinions and are allowed to express them. Though it’s not my place, I apologize that someone would even say that. I understand being passionate but that is just a bit much.

    • Denise says:

      wow..it is people such as you that shows the fruits of Newspring!!! False teaching does nothing to get you into the Kingdom of God

    • doesnt matter says:

      I don’t have a personal problem with Newspring, except exactly what you just said… It’s not about being a follower of Perry Noble, it should be about being a follower of Christ. Which in my opinion, isn’t the case necessarily.

    • Bill says:

      I attend New Spring and have some concerns as well but I promise you every church has issues and makes mistakes.
      As for dropping the f-bomb in defense of a church shows immaturity as a believer or is a being used to troll a response against NS. One God, one church….we are in this together people. Time to love and forgive not tear down. Peace, joy and love in Christ!

  2. Hi, Liles. I am the admin of The Pit and the author of this particular “blog” post. I appreciate that Mr. Horn has shared my story here (my cousin’s story, technically). You’re welcome at The Pit (which is a forum, not a blog) any time you want, as long as you watch your mouth. I no longer allow profanity there. Aside from that, you are welcome to say anything you want to say without restraint.

  3. farkus says:

    newspring got personal for me when i invited my aunt and uncle to the 2009 christmas service. they were hesitant to go, but went anyways. they had my cousin with them who was about 7 at the time. i didn’t realize it was such a strict rule that children weren’t allowed in the service under any circumstance and maybe that’s a little bit my fault for not telling them; (though i NEVER assumed it would become a big deal) but when my aunt and uncle were told they had to take my cousin to childcare or else leave, they had no choice but to leave as my cousin burst into tears for not wanting to be left alone in a strange place with strange people he had never seen before. i emailed them about this and got a copy+paste answer over ‘we have to do this for everybody or not at all’ and that the messages were not meant for children (which, i’m pretty sure jesus never told kids his parables and sermons were going to be a little out of their league).

    regardless, newspring gave christianity a black eye for my aunt and uncle whom have yet to give church another go and i blame newspring. i went for a few more months after that event, but after a few more sort of ‘instances’ of things that were said in the pulpit and essentially the same circle of sermons being preached each year that really don’t get very deep and focus on salvations (which i’m not opposed to salvations at all, but i feel the discipling is lacking) i have decided to look elsewhere. preferably a church closer to clemson where i attend.

    all in all, i respect newspring for sticking to their guns on policy, but i think they seriously need to reconsider some of their policies. it’s my opinion that they have so many people they really don’t care if they push away a few. i don’t sense true love for others coming from the pulpit or the staff. i sense an elitism of ‘my church is better than yours’ to an extend that haunts the snot out of me. and like you said, the sermons are biblical and newspring does a lot of good things and has been responsible for leading people i know to christ. so it makes it really hard to warn people. i’m learning more and more however that we’re not alone in our thinking.

    • James says:

      Know this. Churches are not compelled by law to even report what they make..it can go anywhere for anything and you have to just trust the words of the very very rich preacher and his staff when you ask for an account of his expenditures for charity vs. trips to europe and luxuries.. this church stinks to high heaven with its online warriors and flooders…Its a money machine and uses the paltry little things it does do as proof that its existence is justified. Sickening.

    • annomyus says:

      Of course children aren’t allowed…they can’t tithe. You know he has to save as many seats as possible for adults who can give him all of their money.

  4. blaine says:

    I do get very tired of people bashing Churches in general..wake up people we are on the same team..As for your cousin who is sick, you can’t say that Newspring would not do anything..Yeah maybe they would not let you put up a flyer, but I bet if you would have asked someone HOW you could spead the word about the drive they would have pointed you in the right direction. Newspring allows us to be the ministry outside the Church. I know personally that a lot of Newspring poeple have big hearts and serve int he community on a regular basis. I also know that a lot of things get done through word of mouth especially through home groups. I have no hard feelings towards anyone but we are here to serve Jesus and His Bride the Church….not get upset when we arent served by the Church.

    • Denise says:

      that is only if the church is the bride!!! Newsping is not what I would call a church…liberalism has no place in a church that follows Christ!!!!!!!!!

    • James says:

      you are going to sit there and tell him that its their fault for not asking the right questions? a loving church would let itself be covered in flyers for the needy..where are their priorities? is it a church ..a holy place..or a business with a product to sell? your attitude is terrible.

  5. Blaine,

    And I get tired of nameless cowards who hide behind the net. You New$pringers really get on my nerves at times. No compassion, no direction, just that New$pring is right no matter what! It’s really sad that you would waste the time to post this garbage. It’s always person X’s fault for not seeking help the right way;but low and behold Perry Noble and New$pring’s leadership can never do any wrong!

    New$pring’s leadership are a bunch of con-artist who have successfully created a legion of Scripture illiterate followers who bash the Bereans while following the Judas goat:Noble.

    Usually, I’m nicer with my replies, but sometimes being blunt and direct is warranted.

  6. blaine says:

    Well I do know that Newspring is helping another Church in the community remodel the building they worship in that is practically falling down. I also so know that we help keep local food pantries full of food. As for no direction….That one confuses me a bit. Jesus is what Newspring preaches..Oh and as for the comment about Newspring always being right….that is far from true. EVERYONE there will admit thay we are far from perfect. Yes sometimes things get lost in communication. Sometimes things are overlooked and poor choices ARE made..That is what makes us human. As I am sure you have made mistakes as we all have. Everyone has different spiritual gifts…some are great speakers….some are better in the prayer department. Would you expect the President of the United States to call or come see you if you had a problem with the government? I am sure you wouldnt..I am not comparing Perry to the president either. I am jusst making a statement that serving the Church might mean that you are on a prayer team, a group leader, or scrubbing toilets. Jesus washed his followers feet as an example to us.. We are ALL called to be Christ like…I am also not a coward I am not hiding under a false name.. I am sorry that you have a bad taste about Newspring. I am wondering if you have even been there? Like I said in my last post….we are on the same team…

    • bugs says:

      we are not on the same team, I don’t serve a church, I serve Christ, under the calling and unction of the Holy Spirit, I don’t take a position, God calls you to a position.
      I don’t defend a church, I defend and preach the Gospel.
      Newspring is spending millions to grow newspring while financially needy members are turned away, doesn’t sound like it is patterned after the early church to me.

  7. Wretchedtofu says:

    Wow, this is great… an entire page devoted to ripping apart and tearing down the “Church;” The same Church that Jesus started, Jesus died for, Jesus’ Bride, and the only thing that will remain after His judgment. Very mature of you!!! This makes all of us “Christians” look fantastic to an unbelieving world. If you disagree with New Spring… pray for them. You don’t have to attend but, don’t go around spreading gossip and slander. That makes you no better. This whole page is a waste of time.

    • Brent says:

      Whoa wait a minute here. If we are talking about NewSpring, I’m not sure we can say its the church that jesus built. I go to a church that subscribes to Jesus, it sounds like this church believes in some other Jesus that I dont know about!

    • bugs says:

      couple of things I noticed in your post wretched, 1-you say that people are tearing down the church, who is tearing down the body of Christ? people are speaking of issues that are present in a fellowship.
      I also noticed that you called newspring THE church, speaks volumes.
      What gossip and slander, please elaborate on that. Is there someone here gossiping and slandering?
      Seems you are defending your church instead of defending and standing for the Truth.
      I don’t care how pretty a church is, what matters is souls saved and taught properly.

    • cbcrp says:

      gossip and slander? maybe when there’s no basis. but read this: http://www.pajamapages.com/holy-rage-at-the-spring-2/

    • sam hill says:

      It’s important that we do not let the Church become indistinguishable from the secular culture it exists in. Jesus told his decouples that they would be hated by the world, that the world would reject and despise his teaching. What does it say about a church when it is more interested in imitating the world than ministering to it. When it sacrifices its reverence and awe of God in order to accommodate the culture of the world.
      The word of Jesus is offensive to the world because it requires humility, and repentance. Half of the New Testament is dedicated to the reprimand and edification of the early Church. This idea that the church is beyond reproach is false teaching. You should not Judge a man who is unrepentant and does not know Christ. It is not our place to punish those do not believe. As followers of Jesus we are commanded to hold one another accountable (with love and kindness for each other). Only those that claim the name of Jesus can misrepresent his word, because we are the vessel through which God spreads his message to the world.

  8. Well then nice drive by rant/spam backed with zero support.

    What’s truly tearing down the church that Jesus died for are hirelings like Perry Noble who have reformed the bride of Christ into a marketing scheme. The ripping apart of the church is done every time Noble distorts and disrespects the honored office of pastor.

    Like I said to the previous New$pringer, New$pring’s leadership are a bunch of con-artist who have successfully created a legion of Scripture illiterate followers who bash the Bereans while following the Judas goat:Noble. If you understood the holy Scriptures, then you would understand discernment and marking those who teach error is a commandment from God.

    It’s amazing how New$pring supports are quick to attack/judge, but are very slow to produce any Scripture(in context) to support their statements. When you are getting your ears tickled by religion, that last thing you want is a pesky Berean searching the Scriptures to see if what is being taught is actually in the Word.

    • 2Pc. says:

      I am new here. And though I’m from another state, I came here because of a Christian Post article I read. But must say that from what I read above, and from some of the other entries I read while browsing this site, it does sound like, as Wretchedtofu says, that the above entry is more based on slander and gossip than anything else. They did not seem to show any true evidence for why they no longer like this church, just a lot of innuendo and hearsay.

      Now why would an out-of-the-looper like me say something he doesn’t really know a lot about? Because the Christian blogosphere is getting cluttered more and more with sites based on mean-spirited, catty, harshness which just isn’t serving our Lord or his kingdom. I know you, sir, feel you are doing a necessary thing, And I suppose you are. I don’t know much about Noble or his church. But it seems like there is less intelligent dialogue here and more mud-slinging I’m sad to say. And its time for those who, under the guise of ‘discernment’ take a look in the mirror and see whats really there.

      Not trying to tell ya how to blog, but just saying something to think about. God bless! (I don’t think I made a new friend here, but I am not trying to be critical but constructive)

      • 2Pc,

        By your own admission and by your own standards, you should not even comment on anything New$pring because you are an “out-of-the-looper” therefore you can not present anything but speculation concerning this issue.

        Now, as a former New$pring member who did intermingle with the leadership minus Noble of course, I can personally testify to the darker things within New$pring Church from 2008-2009.

        The next time you want to rant 2Pc, do it in a direct manner rather than this slimy method you chose this time around. Be direct and say what you mean without the weasel name calling and accusations. The people who have been hurt by New$pring Church will respect you more as a mad drive by spammer than one who posts the garbage that you posted on my blog.

      • Y’all have really worn out the “slander” argument. Perry himself has been using that word a lot lately. I think it’s just an attempt to use a shocking legal word to scare us into silence, kinda like the way y’all scared James Duncan into silence. Sorry to disappoint you, but it ain’t gonna happen with me. You should look up the word if you’re going to use it to accuse someone of a crime. This would be closer to defamation, not slander. Of course, it would have to be a lie for it to be defamation. All you have to do to find out whether or not I’m lying is call NewSpring and ask them if you can put up a flier. Alex’s story isn’t one of a kind. They won’t do it for anyone. It may seem like a moot point to some people but I still believe that your church should be the number one place to go to if you need help. She only asked for an announcement that would have taken no more than a few seconds of his time, but that would cut into his social commentary time that he needs to talk about food and football. Not even a flier could be stuck on a bulletin board. If they even have bulletin boards. I’ve never stepped foot in the place because I don’t want my God to see me in their god’s church. Everything else in this post is just my opinion. And unfortunately for NewSpring, I didn’t give up my first amendment rights when they opened up shop. If they don’t want critics, they shouldn’t go fishing for them. When you have a preacher that tends to do things that are deliberately shocking and controversial, as James Duncan said, you shouldn’t be surprised when people criticize it.

        Having said all that, I’ve put this issue behind me. NewSpring has much bigger problems than its refusal to help sick members. I encourage you, as an “out-of-the-looper”(which I don’t believe for a second that you truly are), to look into it and find the truth. I’m not asking anyone to take my word for anything. If anything I have ever said about NewSpring can be refuted, please refute it. Prove me wrong so that I can repent and be forgiven and offer a public apology to NewSpring. Simply offering the same ol’ “can’t we all just get along” garbage isn’t good enough and it never will be. It’s time that we as Christians stopped being a bunch of pansies and get wolves like Perry Noble and his crew to get back to their biblical roots or get them kicked out of Christ’s church.

      • 2Pc. says:

        David Strickland,
        I am from the state of Illinois, never even smelled your hometown, so you can relieve yourself of your suspicion that I an under-cover fan of this guy Noble’s church.

        David J,
        As for you, you proved my thesis right. Like so many other Christian bloggers you came at me with vitriol and meanness. I was just trying to get you to look at this constructively from a third-party lens. This kind of stuff is making the Body look bad, dude. I don’t care what you say; it looks foul. You can do better.

        I see you have Michael Horton’s site on your blogroll. He recently critiqued M. Driscoll WITHOUT getting nasty or funky attitudes. So, try studying his method; you might learn something. It ain’t the message, its the messenger.

        You are just as much a sinner in need of grace as anyone else and you’re not above correction and that’s what other folks like you in the Christian blogosphere needs to learn. Anyone can write a blog and “talk tough” but how many can do it with grace and subtlety? I don’t care if you call out this Noble guy, if he’s wrong. But what about his doctrine? Is he sound in his theology? Does he preach Christ alone, by faith alone? That’s the real rub.

        Do what you want to do, but do it better than this.

        Is that direct enough for ya? (And I BET you won’t post this…)

        Just do better, bro.

      • I retract my previous statement. You are, quite clearly, out of the loop.

        It’s really difficult for me to have a discussion with someone who is against “vitriol and meanness”, yet defends Perry Noble at the same time. It just doesn’t make sense. You also say that we’re not above correction, yet you’ve made no attempt to correct us. Sure, you’ve made it clear hat you don’t agree with Mr. Horn’s methods but you haven’t given any biblical correction. If you would take the time to look around this blog you will have answers to the following questions:

        “But what about his doctrine? Is he sound in his theology? Does he preach Christ alone, by faith alone?”

        This is obviously the only post at Mr. Horn’s blog you have read. I really don’t know what else to say. I’d love to continue the conversation but I’m not sure how to have a respectful conversation with someone who appears to want to discus things but admittedly has no idea what he’s talking about and no apparent intention of finding out. I mean, it’s just more of the “can’t we all just get along?” argument. Frankly, I’m bored with that one. Ah well. God bless.

      • 2Pc. says:

        Mr. Strickland,
        First of all, thank you for your willingness to have dialogue with me. I have no problem engaging in a respectful conversation. Perhaps I do need to apologize. I didn’t intend to come across negatively or dismiss the issue you have with that particular church. I want clear up something, though.

        Now, when I asked, “But what about his doctrine? Is he sound in his theology? Does he preach Christ alone, by faith alone?”, I was referring to Perry Noble as it relates to all of the grievances you guys have against him, not you guys. As I said at the beginning, I do not know a lot about him. A close buddy of mine told me that Noble is “kinda kookie”, but my thing is, where is he in terms of his soteriology and such.

        To me, that’s one, but a crucial litmus test for any pastor/teacher. Because, let’s face it: not all church members will be totally happy with their pastor. But, I personally have more beef against a Jakes or an Osteen because they’re so much more dangerous…and they appear so nice! So if Noble really is this mean, nasty charlatan, if he preaches good, sound doctrine at least, then I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. However if he is a charlatan, then he can’t preach good doctrine for long and I get that. Again, you’d know better than me.

        Mr. Strickland, I am all for Mr. Horn or anyone else critiquing, exposing the “unfruitful works of darkness”, but in this age of the Internet, far too many Christian bloggers are communicating needed info but with a lack of love or grace. I’m not talking about ‘sloppy agape’, but consider if an unbeliever or new believer sees folks arguing like this, then it can be a stumbling block. I’m not into the ‘Rodney King theology’ of “can we all just get along”, but I just have a concern over how so many Christian blogs are getting meaner, nastier than ever. And they defend themselves saying, “we are using discernment” as an excuse to act like jerks! Some of these blogs really do border on rumors, slanderous and gossipy material, with an air of self-righteousness. And to me, that’s not Christ-like.

        So, you guys are obviously passionate about this. That’s cool. I just hope that as you continue in your zeal, I was concerned that we do it with decency and order. Don’t stop what you’re doing.

        I will continue to delve more into this site to see where Mr. Horn is coming from. From the looks of it, he seems Reformed, which is pretty much my theological leanings as well. You can have the last word on this if you like. God’s grace to you and Mr. Horn.

      • David Strickland says:

        I know you were referring to Perry when you asked those questions. You can learn a lot about his doctrine here. No apology necessary.

      • 2Pc,

        Thank you for being civil. Please feel free to browse my blog concerning Perry Noble and New$pring Church. May I suggest first looking into the James Duncan fiasco. Perry Noble could have easily stopped this harassment by issuing a statement from the stage.

        I have not experienced the harassment like Mr. Duncan, but I do agree with Mr. Strickland in that I refuse to be harassed into silence by New$pring members/staff/supporters. You have no idea how many times I get angry hateful e-mails from Noble defenders using all sorts of colorful attacks. So forgive me if my patience grows thin at times over this issue. New$pring has caused, and is still causing, issues with my family and loved ones.I have a close loved one who refuses to step foot into another church because of our ordeal with New$pring’s leadership. I admit this battle is personal to me and in the past I have publicly repented for my words.

        So when did you stop worshiping Jesus and start attacking God’s work at NewSpring?”

        The dangers of false teaching and twisting the Scriptures

        As for Perry Noble twisting and distorting the Scriptures, you will read and hear that in his own words. All I have done is document it, link to it, and post my rebukes of his theology on this blog. If you take the time to read my personal testimony about Noble, then you will see that I went out of my way to meet him in private.

        Also read: The Seeker-Sensitive Purpose Driven Church for the Carnal Nature of Mankind

  9. Rocky Rushing says:

    This is why lost people are turned off from God and Church today simply because of Christians seem to be against one another. When it all comes down to all this it’s a pride issue. I pray that the universal church as a whole will pull together in unity and love each other just as Christ has called us to do. (My church is better than your church) mindset is killing the way for God to bring revival back to this lost world. It’s not about us it’s all about God.

  10. My cousin isn’t sick, Blaine. She’s dead. They couldn’t find a match.

    As for Jesus starting New$pring Church…


    • Frank E says:

      My wife and I supported the drive for Alex. My wife still has the T-Shirt. We are very sorry for your loss and I do hope that Alex is with The Lord.

      I am 59 years old and have been through the mill as far as “churches” go. The Lord Jesus told us that false teachers/prophets/wolves in sheep’s clothing would be able to fool the very elect if it were possible. Now ask yourself, how would they be able to fool the very elect? By preaching and teaching sound doctrine! Not all, but most do. BUT…The Lord also said we shall know them by their FRUITS.

      Back in the early 90s, my family and I became attracted to the Fundamental Baptists. We heard many, many, truths there. BUT…no compassion. No mercy. No gentleness, no kindness. Out of one side of their mouth they would preach grace, but out of the other was total control & legalistic rules and regulations. Heaven forbid if you did not wear a tie! (As an aside, I asked the pastor why it’s so important to wear a suit and tie, and he replied, “To show the world on the outside what God has done to you on the inside.” to which I replied, “So everyone on Wall Street is saved?” He didn’t like that.) What I see going on at NewSpring is the same thing minus the rock-n-roll. No CHARITY as the King James has it and is correct. Charity includes a lot more than just emotional showing of love. It has caring, compassion, forgiveness, kindness etc, etc because of the love that The Lord gives us. It’s not of us, it’s from The Lord. People need to study more.

      We suffered in that “church”. My wife did not tell me that the assistant ‘pastor’ knocked my middle son’s tooth out during a fit of rage. This so called ‘pastor’ held a 10 year old boy up against the wall, off the ground by his neck! When I complained to the ‘pastor’ about this he shouted, “Touch not The Lord’s anointed!” THAT is the call of a cult! We are all anointed with The Holy Spirit…ALL. We are ALL priests of God…all of us! There are so many, many things I could tell you. I will end with this.

      Ask The Lord in prayer, for wisdom and truth. Ask Him to show you the right way and to keep you on the narrow road and off the broadway that leads to destruction and not to go to the left or the right. Ask The Lord for these things. And when you receive them, you will no longer be fooled by these charlatans. I say this to the rest of the posters here as well…Pray for wisdom to know the truth and the right way that leads to everlasting life.

      “And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”
      Acts 16:30-31

      Please note: They did not say, “Well first you must admit you’re a sinner, you must get baptized, pay tithes, obey the ten commandments etc, etc. No, they said believe on The Lord Jesus Christ. You see, the sin penalty was paid for 2000 years ago on the cross. All that is left for us to do is…BELIEVE on Jesus Christ, amen 🙂

    • Frank E says:

      Sorry, I don’t mean to look like spamming, but this verse was in my head concerning Perry Noble…

      But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?
      1 John 3:17

    • I am so sorry to hear about your losing your precious cousin Blaine. May the Lord comfort you all and heal your wounds. Know our prayers have been with you and your family my friend.

      • David Strickland says:

        I’m assuming this was addressed to me, not Blaine. Thanks. It’s all good though. Alex was saved and since her death, her parents have been too. I also owe NewSpring a big thanks, kind of, anyway. After I shared Alex’s story at my forum, someone else came to me with their story. We became good friends through our bad NewSpring experiences and I found out last week that she knows my brother, who I’ve been trying to get a hold of my whole life. I spoke with him for the first time last Friday. None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for what NewSpring didn’t do for us.

  11. Frank E says:

    ” Now to him that worketh is the reward not reckoned of grace, but of debt. But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works,” Romans 4:4-6

    I can hear the cries now, “Faith without works is dead!” or my favorite, “So you’re saying we have a license to sin?” Genuine faith in Jesus Christ produces good works, FRUITS. The lack of those fruits is a telling sign. Genuine faith in Christ produces in the believer a desire to live holy and not of the world or in the flesh. This does not mean you will not sin anymore, oh yes we will. But we should be sinning less, not more as some ‘Christians’ do.

    “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” Romans 5:19

    Do any here see it? The obedience of ONE, not many. Jesus Christ is that One who paid it all for us. amen 🙂 Walk in faith not doubt.

    “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18

    Are saved, not “being saved” as some translations have it.

    • bugs says:

      amen frank, I preach this all the time. Grace through faith.
      Saving faith produces good works and a holy life, but we aren’t saved by the works or the holy life, we are saved by the faith that produces these things.
      It is by GRACE through FAITH, NOT of yourselves, it is a GIFT of God.

  12. Frank E says:

    Thank You David and may God bless the good work you are doing here 🙂

  13. Caleb says:

    ~ I’ve grown up in a few different churches my whole life. For a decade, I went to a big (now mega) church that was very…..hard for a teenager like me to make friends in. It seemed faceless to me. The pastor only knew a few families, and the rest were just cattle herded in week after week. people came and went and no one noticed. They got a new music minister who insisted on putting in strobe lights and all sorts of theatrics that forced most of the elderly out of the church. The church then began to focus on the youth. If the elderly wanted to stay, they had to accept that they had to act young in Christ and to bridge the generation gap (by forcing pop culture and movie themed sermons with rock shows and actual dancing/stepping in the services.

    Well, during the whole time, at least once or twice a month, the senior pastor (seven full time paid pastors were on salary at this church……SEVEN) would preach a sermon on tithing. I give the man credit for he did seem to be compassionate, however it never rang true with me. But this Noble guy….this guy is a hate filled, miserable little man.

    I don’t go to a church anymore. Most of the smaller, loving churches around me have closed up because there are so m any megachurches around here that pretty much consume them. I’m nowhere close to where I need to be in my walk with the Lord, however in continously researching these fleecing churches, word of faithers and emeregent types, I see where it’s all heading…… a One World Church, blind of the true Scriptures, selfish and nothing but carnal.

    • bugs says:

      Caleb, I am a preacher/minister, I also minister in a room called stony ground on paltalk. There are many that come in that don’t have a local fellowship to hear the word and to fellowship.
      I am not saying that this should replace a local fellowship but it is available to those do or don’t have one for fellowship, the word, and worship.
      We have some great anointed teachers, preachers, and anointed worship.
      However, to warn you, there are a great deal of other rooms that are full of debate, hate, division and strife, so I would not encourage you to fellowship in any room that you would find there that lifts up Christ.
      you are welcome to come anytime, my nic is gladiator8324.
      God bless you.

  14. Attila says:

    Try going to your local school and asking them…you will get the exact same reply ” what we do for one, we must do for all”…What if it was a ttenager seeking abortion? would you be as supportive, understanding and doogedly determined to help them?..N o, you just got YOUR FEEL GOOD hurt, and cant see the whole picture anymore.
    I am truly sorry for the girl , and am positive, had you approached it in a different manner, you would have gotten an outpour you couldnt stand!
    As for the children not being allowed in the adult service…Well for years it was me that sat there, and wondered why cant these parents control their kids…why do I have to be subjected to this constant “shhh”!, and stop it!…and fidgetting…not to say ALL are like that…but newSpring has a policy that lets adults hear the word, and children be taught in a manner that is age appropriatte
    ( you dont send a high schooler to sit in kindergarten do you?)
    In the end…why cant we just bash on the evil one who does all he can to set us off the path of worshipping Jesus ( not Perry Noble by the way)..And for those who didnt know, Perry has done more for the Anderson Community than most people will ever know, but will not hear..Why? because he doesnt go around beating his drum about it!
    Thanks all!

    • david strickland says:

      That’s interesting. Alex was an eighth grader at Lakeside Middle School and they were very supportive. The sign out front even read “we love you Alex!” While she was in and out of the hospital because she was too sick to attend. She would have gone to Westside if she had made it. They were also supportive. In fact, principal Henry Adair came to her funeral to offer his condolences.

      I’m not sure what manner would have been more appropriate to ask for help. First, we asked for an announcement. When that was too much trouble, we asked to place a flier. That was also out of the question and no suggestions were offered.

      As far as what Perry does to help the community, whoop de do. That’s all good and everything but it doesn’t cancel the harm he has done and continues to do. But if it helps you sleep at night…

  15. And for those who didnt know, Perry has done more for the Anderson Community than most people will ever know, but will not hear..Why? because he doesnt go around beating his drum about it!-Attila

    Really? That’s why the camera crew is always present during these “good” works.

    If I had a nickle for every time Noble talked about himself during his sermons, I could retire from working.

  16. Randy says:

    I am not a follower of Jesus and nor do I want to be after reading this. If this is the way christians act towards each other, I don’t want to be one. This confirms any doubts I had about why I don’t believe in God. Whats the point?You Christians are so rude to each other. You all are a joke. Sure read your Bible and say you love God but talk bad, warranted or unwarranted about one another and then create a blog that anyone can see about how angry you are and how you want everyone to know about it. Whoever claims to accept the forgiveness of God but then cannot forgive someone else is just a hypocrite. Continue to study your Bibles and do what you do. I am sure tons of people are going to come to God that way. pathetic.

    • Lb says:

      Randy I’m sorry that you have to see christ followers act this way unfortunately we are all still sinners it’s just really sad and embarassing that we can’t see that it’s not all about us. I’m a Christian and while I’m not perfect nor will I ever be I hope that I don’t turn people like you away from the love of Jesus by holding hate in my heart and standing up against my own beliefs.

    • bugs says:

      whatever makes you feel justified in your rebellion randy.

      • RG says:

        Rebellion from what? Something that doesn’t exist? I’m with Randy all the way. I love people as a whole whether they are a part of religion or not. The rebellion comment just rubs me the wrong way because you think you’re right on a matter that is obviously fictional.

  17. HD says:

    Newspring has anywhere from 10,000-20,000 attending services every week. Every single one in that number knows someone that is in need, many times desperate, of something. If Newspring were to “advertise” about the plight of one individual they would be required to help officially spread the word for every person that asked. It makes sense when you aren’t looking at it with tunnel vision.

    It’s a very poor representation of the facts when you don’t mention that many of those people that showed up were Newspring members and heard about her story through other Newspring members. Also, wasn’t it a Newspring member who donated bone marrow for her?

    Instead of bashing Newspring, which has unarguably brought thousands of people to Christ and helped thousands more in their walk with Christ, why don’t you focus your time and energy on reaching people for Christ? Or are you just going to sit on the sidelines and scream about the things you don’t like?

    What church do you attend now?

    • David Strickland says:

      When 80% of all church people in Anderson attend newspring, it goes without saying that some of them most likely showed up for the drive. An even poorer representation of facts would be to claim that a NewSpringer donated bone marrow for her. She died before they could even find a match. I’d like to know who gave you that info. They’re lying to you.

      • Matthew Bell says:

        And the fact that she died before they could find a match is Newspring’s fault? Where can I find your blog on how awful her doctors were for not being able to save her life? I assume you have a lengthy post explaining the audacity of those doctors actually seeing other patients during her time of need? Can you not see how misguided your venom is?

  18. arm5 says:

    Well I always have had my supicions about Perry Noble and Newspring church. I remember a comment that he made a few years back when he did a interview with wyff where he was striaghtforward in saying that Jesus had the the very first megachurches.


    • Matthew Bell says:

      Maybe he did. In the scheme of things, when he took the boat out and spoke to those on shore (Simon Peter’s boat I think) was that not a much larger group of people than normally would congregate for a sermon? Maybe it is all hype on Perry’s part. Maybe it’s just his interpretation. I can’t give you much solid viewpoint beyond what I see myself and even when I am directly in the presence of an event I can still misinterpret it. That is how a police officer sometimes arrests the wrong person or someone decides a church is evil because of a 90 second tv blurb.

  19. Ash says:

    You can find anything on the web to bash religion and obviously the person who started this was looking for something to prove what they had in there minds. If you are looking for something you will find it. Instead of looking for reasons to distance yourself from a church you dont want to attend anymore or you have problems with, find a new church, look into the words being spoken as most read from the scripture. Its really easy to do,bring your Bible to church with you and read along with what they are saying. If you have the talent and gift from God to explain the word better then you should look at creating your own Church or find a means to spread the word of Jesus Christ. I wasnt going to post on here because I am not good with words and debating but maybe a few points got made. From the few weeks I have been attending NS perry has shown and spoken that he is still a sinner and until just recently suffered through a lot of things. I look not at the man speaking so much but the way in which God speaks through him. I am sure bad things have happened at that church and i bet if you looked up every church in existence today you will find a recurring theme of bad things. But you know what I dont want to go to a “perfect church”. I only know of one person that was ever perfect and void of sin so I think everyone should rethink and ponder what they say about those who arent that perfect person. I mean look at what you get… people who use this as fodder to help them stray farther from God’s Word. What good is any of this bringing about? Ask yourselves that and if you can come with an answer that doesnt mean bringing down his Church or having people removed from the church or defaming someone i would love to hear it. I was in a bad place and am still going through very tough times and this church has helped me a lot. There is a lot of bitterness and hostility in a lot of these posts and it saddens me. I have seen what that does, it doesnt bring anything good from it.

    • David Strickland says:

      Of course I’m looking for something to prove, and several of your points are in fact my own points. There are some problems though. Since when should we look into the words being spoken as most read from the scripture? As you have said, it’s really easy. God has used nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc to reveal himself. The fact that it’s not difficult to understand also means that it’s just as easy to see when someone is lying to you about it. I haven’t been called to start a church and if you’ve been attending NewSpring for any amount of time, you’d know that mr. Noble wasnt either. He was forced into it after he was “barely saved” (his words). But I do have a ministry, like every true Christian does. Look in your bible to see what it says about those who are new to the faith. The issue is not whether your church is perfect, as you have already rightly pointed out that no church is. You should instead look at the leader of your church and see whether or not he is purposefully deceiving you. You have only been attending for a few weeks. I encourage you to look at some of Perry’s older sermons with an open bible, as you have suggested I do. I’m not asking anyone to take my word for it. I cant convince anyone. Just ask yourself, is it possible that you are being deceived? I pray for you and everyone at NewSpring that Isaiah’s prophecy not be true about you. That you have eyes but do not see. That you have ears but do not hear. Let that not be true about you. I’m glad that NewSpring is helping you out of your “bad place”. But that isnt the way to judge whether or not your preacher rightly handles the word of God. Wicca helped me out of my bad places when I was a teenager. Islam helps 2 billion people out of theirs. Your life change does not equal a good standing with God.

      • anonymous says:

        I am saddened to read so many tales of former members of Newspring church and even more saddened to see the anger and hurt. I attened Newspring for almost a year and had a faith altering experience bc of it. Simply not in the fashion Newspring aims for. My faith was altered when I realized this church does not truly preach the teachings of Jesus, masterful at manipulating the word, brainwashing christians, and instilling arrogance in it’s members. The issue goes beyond Perry Noble although he is the leader and encourages it. The pastors at all campuses and even the “support” ministries assigned to help it’s members. As a life long christian I wrestled internally for years at Newsprings hypcoricacy and twisting of Gods word. My expereince with Newspring created confusion, frustration, and even anger toward God. Leaving this church became the best thing that ever happened to my relationship with the Lord. I westled with the specifics of my painful experience and approach by Newspring. The Lord remained by my side and brought me closer to him than I could have thought.

        As Christians it is our duty to be mindful of the wolf in sheeps clothing. Newspring is just that. We are also called to know the word of the Lord and stand firm in it. My relationship with the Lord became stronger bc I endured the darkness that Newspring wedges in the faith of many of it’s followers. Our bible promises these churches will emerge, exsist and challeneg our faith.

        There are many good christians that continue to attend Newspring. I encourage them all to truly look and listen with thier eyes, hearts and through prayer. Find another church home. There are far too many former members with tales of deciept, violence, hypicracy, and biblical manipulation for this to be an isolated thing.

        Before you have a painful experience with this church or it’s members ask youself simple questions. Did Jesus use fancy light shows and music to draw people toward him or was he simple and plain? Did he ever ask anyone to do something inheritantly against the Lord justifying the ends with the means? Did he accept the devils challenge or walk away with the truth? Did he employ body guards at his services and ban children? The examples are endless.

        Please run away from this church. You do not have to stand before Perry Noble and proudly tell him your name or why you disagree. He encourages this sort of behavior. We answer to Jesus by name. Allow him to shed light on this church in his own time. He will turn over tables in the temple of a place that claims to be Gods’ house but is not acting accordingly.

  20. n/a says:

    This is a sad place to visit….I too have had my “feelings” hurt years back in a church…God has not called us to waste our lives trying to figure it all out or keep blowing a whistle hoping someone will hear…God hears and sees your pain….He will lift you up…shake the dust off your feet and move on…your life in Christ is not in “what has happened to you” but in His love, mercy and redeeming grace…He no longer wants you to stay in “victim” mode. He never needs our help to “fix” things. Forget it and Drive on!

  21. n/a

    Faceless nameless coward… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Matthew Bell says:

      Matthew 7:1-5

      7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

      3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  22. Michael says:

    What I would like to see fully exposed are the connections of these seeker so-called churches. Rick Warren, Willow Creek, Noble, Furtick, Andy Stanley, and every other person starting their own church in the name of rethinking and redefining church. They all go to the same conferences, they all write the same books of 7 different ways to do this or that, they all dress the same, they talk the same using the same buzz words, and they all try to merge a deviant culture into their entertainment driven church. It is no secret the church in America could use an awakening but what these folks have done is steer people even farther from the truth. We need to go to the Gospel but these people don’t want to ‘offend’ seekers with the Gospel out of fear they won’t join their church. What they want is for people to come in, have a seat, enjoy the music, laugh at the speech, believe everything said to them and feel comfortable enough to invest in their ‘vision’. Their vision is simply building their own empires and buying out buildings and installing movie screens so even more folks farther away can invest in their franchise. I have been to and seen up close a church fully immersed in the Willow Creek Association, and yes, they do take down their cross as to not offend. They do buy their ‘sermons’, music, and programs from willow. They discourage anyone from bringing Bibles to the auditorium. My wife was scolded for asking about Bible study because they prefer you use ‘life group’ instead. I heard several accounts of this church sending a ‘missionary’ group to South America and when their plane landed the missionaries proceeded to down shots of Tequila to celebrate. Did they spread the Gospel? No. Their missionary trip was a paid vacation and when they got back they were praised as wonderful christians and the pastor bragged about their wonderful missions program to bring in more money for more vacations. I am sure Newspring is not much different because I have listened to several Perry Noble so-called sermons and compared every Biblical reference used to the Bible and almost 100% of the time it is out of context or nowhere close to being Biblical. That is simply false teaching. Then why do they grow? Because in man’s natural state he restains the truth and does not want to hear it but simply wants his ears tickled. And that is what you have with this seeker-friendly church-lite version of church. It is lukewarm at best and they gladly prostitute the Gospel for their own gain. God help them.

    • Matthew Bell says:

      The bible is open to interpretation. As some one who has been to many different churches over the years I have heard the same passages interpreted differently by different pastors. Such is the problem with a book that was written in a different language than we use and at a time where many words had a much different meaning than they do now. You remind me of a man who came up to me at one of my laundries one day and asked if I was a Christian and was I saved. He wanted to know if I thought I would go to heaven if and when the rapture happened. When I replied in the affirmative he informed me that I was wrong and that very few of “them” (including himself in this group) would be going as we were not hardcore enough since we did not go home after each service and interpret the passages from the service on our own. Then we were supposed to go back and confront the pastor in front of the congregation if we found any discrepancies or things we disagreed with. He basically said I was going to he’ll and I basically said he was a nutjob and could handle snakes while he spoke in tongues since that was the impression I got. Just as I should not judge you (as nearly impossible as that is for me to avoid) you should not judge a church you obviously know nothing about.

  23. Michael,

    The reason these seeker sensitive businesses keep their salary and expenses away from those who give weekly is because they do not want them to see how their funds are being wasted on huge salaries and benefits. Those who give have a moral right to see how their donations are being spent because these non-profit churches live by donations. Any church that refuses to disclose it’s finances(all of them..and yes the pastor is a public servant living by public donations so privacy does not cover his/her church salary&benefits. This excludes the pastors second jobs and book deals etc because that is private) is up to no good.

    The really damning thing is those in the community who are homeless, jobless, etc… and these seeker sensitive dung holes waste millions per year.

    • bugs says:

      can you believe they had the audacity to give me information on government agencies to help me in my time of need instead of helping a member themselves?

  24. David Strickland says:

    That is an excellent point, Mr. Horn. Someone comments to me just the other day that I should look at all the positive things NewSpring has done for Anderson. I simply informed them that I don’t often travel that far down highway 81. You can definitely see its impact in the immediate vicinity. A nice new YMCA building (perry’s favorite workout spot), a chick-fil-a (a guaranteed Perry Noble sighting opportunity on the weekends) packed with vehicles covered in NewSprint stickers at all times, and countless other areas that seem to be booming as a direct result of NewSpring’s presence. Drive to the other side of Anderson, however, and you’ll see The Salvation Army, The Haven of Rest and The Lot Project, three other Christian organizations, operating out of run down buildings and not having nearly enough funds to accommodate the needs they are trying to meet. The connection among the wolves is simple. They run in packs. Celebrities don’t roll with normal people. They just hang out with other celebrities. Anderson is star-struck over Noble,

    • Matthew Bell says:

      You should come to Newspring and see what the church does before you ASSume too much. If you have attended you must have been asleep or maybe you are writing your blogs during the service? (If so, thats certainly your right, but you might want to get your facts straight since you frankly sound like an idiot with an agenda to me.) They recently gave out 6500 bookbags with school supplies to children in need. Last year, they gave tons of new shoes to kids. They have helped Hurricane sandy victims, the Oklahoma Tornado victims, and many others. Just because you don’t personally see what the church does not mean its not happening. I see a ton of bias in you. Perry would say he will pray for you. As a far less Godly man myself, I say get over yourself and your attempts to bad mouth an institution that brings not only real help to many in need by offering financial support, but also real help to people who need spiritual help. If Newspring helps 25000 people be better human beings to their friends, family and neighbors, why can’t you see that it’s not just about YOU and YOUR needs?

  25. George says:

    You know, God tells us not to be stumbling blocks for others coming to know Christ. From reading through all of these posts and comments, that is exactly what is happening. This is creating stumbling blocks for people. In fact, one guy said specifically said that this make him not want to believe. Sorry about the wrongs that have happened. If we were perfect then we wouldn’t be suffering from anger, hate, and other negative feeling towards each other. And put down a fellow christian, or brother as the bible says i do believe, is also against God’s word. This is not defending perry noble as much as the people that i have seen being attack here. Being called cowards and such. The little things that you say and do are always being watched by others around you. I always think of the song “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns which also leads to listening to “What This World Needs” by them also. Slow Fade talks about being careful what you say and do because you may affect the perspectives around you because of what that is you are doing. And in What This World Needs it has a section where they talk about us getting in the way. That we slow down the gospel. Maybe we need to let Jesus do his work and stop getting in the way of that. Reading this all made me sad because it shows just how broken we are as people. we didn’t get this or that, and we were not catered to our needs. I feel that we should not look to our needs, but to the needs of God and how we can further his Kingdom. The post from the person saying they do not want to believe because of this should be a perfect example of why this whole thing should not be posted. It is hindering God’s Kingdom from progressing. I understand the anger and hurt, but watch out because Satan can pervert that and use it to alter the perspectives of those who are on the fence. Also, I am someone who has never attended Newspring, heard Perry Noble only a couple times via internet, and has been verbally abused on occasions at different churches. Did I talk bad about that church or tell people not to go there? Never, because I recognize that people came to know God there and began their journey living with Jesus through that church. So yeah, maybe Perry Noble has areas in need of discernment. But don’t let your ill feeling towards a man justify hindering progression for God’s Kingdom.

  26. Tim says:

    David Horn, you are an angry man, somewhat like Perry himself.
    My honest opinion, get healing, Jesus still does that.
    I say this with deep concern. You really will reach more people with your sometimes accurate insights if you will just calm down, get healed and remain truthful.
    Don’t say you are being candid.
    Name calling and your other tirades both in the comments above and others I have read are not called for.
    Christ will heal your soul and it will show in the spirit of your speech whilst remain strong and candid. Amen

    Alright, I suspect some bashing coming my way from you David Horn…
    You do it so well.

    PS David Strickland, I like your approach often enough.
    You sound mature. The Lord comfort you and your family on your loss.

  27. michael says:

    I may be wrong but from what I’ve seen new springs is a way for college students to experiance Christ for the first time or to keep faith and avoid falling into the temptations college offers it is not ment as a traditional church which is why no kids are allowed it is specifcally geared to one audiance and even though it is not perfect it keeps hundreds of students in church rather than sleeping off hangovers every sunday

  28. Lee says:

    Here’s my take ( an objective one I think..as I am not a member there but do think Perry is quite an entertaining speaker ).
    The Columbia branch is the only one I’ve visited. 5-6x,usually Sunday evenings.
    Church is full of youthful energy!! Seems to attract teenagers and young adults like no other church I’ve ever seen. Went there on a Wends. evening once, hoping to hear Perry.My old self was turned away ( which was funny..no big deal) as they set aside that evening for youth only. Thought that was pretty cool that they go the extra mile to make young people feel important / special.
    Went this past Sunday to the 11:15 service. Got there way early..as the 1st service was letting out.
    Let’s just say if I wasn’t at church, I’d have never guessed I was at a church. It’s one thing to dress relaxed or casual ( which is what I prefer..heck, I was wearing Vans) but one could make a sound argument that in the case of this church body ( as a whole) there is a much larger issue than attire ( after all the church should accept everyone as they are and God sees what is on the inside. However that doesn’t erase or discount the obvious). There is a pervasive spirit of irreverence, of much pridefulness ( never seen so many men in leadership roles wearing t shirts 2-3 sizes too small..that’s even before the dryer shrunk them, trying to walk around like super cool / tough guys)..I could go on and on about what the young girls and women wear but for a church..hypersexualized comes to mind. In general it’s somewhere between sad and comical ( if one didn’t
    understand how Christ loves the Church) .
    Ed Hardy, cheesy, flip flops, short shorts, 60 year old men wearing designer jeans with holes in them, and welll just a bunch of wanna be , look at me , I’m God’s gift to the world types..suffice to say there is an arrogance and cheese factor that can’t be put into words…but there is also a draw for youth that is quite impressive.
    In closing, if you think you’re too cool for school, this is your church!

  29. Hunter says:

    I don’t like new spring for 2 reasons
    1) They sell clothing and other odds and ends at this church, and you know Jesus himself over turned the tables because they were doing this in his church everyday.

    2) Mr. Noble is not a pastor Billy Gram would be ashamed to even think of him as a true man of God. He wouldn’t even come see my wife’s great aunt who was a dedicated new spring member and donated money to this church that she loved and Mr. Nobel wouldn’t even come to see her. People this is not a pastor in any way at all.
    I’m not saying he is not a man of God, he just needs to get his priorities straight and find out that its not all about himself.

  30. Christian World says:

    I went to a different church during the time when Alex Carver was ill. Not a Newspring one. This small church in my option used this poor girls condition to hold rallies for her. They were overly involved for the fame and money, I now know. I helped at many of their “rallies”. We all thought we were working hard for a wonderful cause. It struck me odd that the money we raised couldn’t be handed straight over to Alex’s family who was present at these events. I later learned that this church helped their selves first to some of the money. This was straight donations not entry fees or other income that was needed to house these events. The preacher and his son and his sons friend ( all adults ) used these events for their own personal benefits. Also their intentions were “for fame” using her name. The preachers son is currently even in a relationship with a close family member of Alex’s. My point being I would rather belong to a church that upfront denied helping her than a church that stole, lied and had their own agenda’s against a child that needed the help. I no longer attend this church or Newspring church. Just like their are good and bad christians their are also good and bad churches and good and bad Americans. Don’t judge a book by its cover- read it then u will know.

  31. Matthew Bell says:

    My $.02 (not that it matters since those of you who are against Newspring or religion in general won’t read or consider an opinion that does not align with your own, at least not most of you):
    I have been to many churches over my 42 years. I am probably more in need of church than many because I am so flawed even though I have been so blessed. That being said, I have found a home at a traditional church on 2 occasions, only to see the pastor retire and the replacement basically run off the congregation by being totally out of alignment with the message the outgoing pastor was preaching. Us “sheeple” resist change….
    I was invited to Newspring a few years ago, and while I am sure there are things the church does that may not be what I would personally be I favor of, I find the fact that Perry is honest about his humanity (and therefore flawed nature) refreshing and I find that unlike some of those traditional churches, Newspring invites anyone in any state of dress or appearance without judging them. I do not attend in cut off jeans and a wife beater, but I applaud the fact that I could if that were the way I felt “comfortable” attending church. I suspect the reason for not promoting the needs of Alex Carver are likely the same reason I likely could not walk up to perry and invite him to lunch after the service: The church is simply huge and there are tens of thousands of people attending. I can recall when I used to attend small churches we would bring up every members illness or upcoming surgery (or their elderly father, cousin, etc.) At Newspring, this would take hours every week! If the church was the single out the needs of Alex, they would them be obliged to honor all requests of a similar need and this is simply impractical. Certainly it’s a tragedy as a result, but,it’s not as if Newspring or Perry is responsible for that tragedy. I pray I am never in a similar situation with my loved ones, but if I am, I hope I can find the logic to understand how misguided it would be for me to assume that MY case is somehow worthy and that the hundreds of other people with needs are irrelevant.

  32. Tracie says:

    Awesome and So True! With the cult that calls it self a church for almighty $! John 2 16 but yally’all wowouldn’t know about that cause perry wouldn’t dare preach that to y’all. It would cut into his profits. And God forbid ya’ll actually read a Bible. Allow y’all to do outside ministry hey stupid pick up a Bible and read it Jesus said to do that if the first place and why would you need your preacher’s approval to do God’s work any ways. That’s why ppl laugh at y’all at new$pring cause y’all are biggest dumbass and biggest sheep out there. Stupid plain stupid. Sell your church but can’t give freely of time or do what Christ would expect of Christians. And why doesn’t your shirt say I love MY LORD OR I LOVE CHRIST. NOT I LOVE MY CHURCH! CHURCH IS A BUILDING! IDIOTS

  33. Kimberly walker says:

    NewSpring Church is a cult ,sorry.I went for 3 days and cried for 4.Sorry just call it like I see it.

  34. jason says:

    My name is Jason. I will identify myself off the bat as a NewSpring owner. My heart aches for the people who’s stories I have read on this post. I will not defend the staff of NewSpring or detract from the pain that anyone here has experienced. I will however say my experience differs from yours. And that in no way shape or form makes me stupid or inferior or unenlightened. I have found acceptance, tolerance and love at NS and my life is better because of what Jesus Christ has done for me through my church.

    • bugs says:

      I was out of work and desperately needed some help and was turned down by newspring although I fellowshipped there.
      Here’s the deal, the people come first, BEFORE anything else. Before building new buildings before any other need, the people’s needs come first, it is in the bible.
      I have given a great deal to the body of Christ throughout my journey and have never asked for anything and when my time of need came I was discarded.
      Some reprioritization needs to take place.
      I would never invite someone to a church that doesn’t have the members as the first priority.

    • What is a NewSpring’s “owner”?

  35. A Victim says:

    I’m sorry, but I hate Newspring. I’m Jewish, and prefer my faith over theirs, but I go because my parents want me to and I have a few friends there. I’m extremely frightened by it. First of all, I’m not allowed to join the church because I’m gay. Also, when I tried to be in a small group with my friends (who are all girls), they forced me to he with a group of guys who I did not feel comfortable around. They were very homophobic and racist towards any African-American. They also had pasts of abusing women. “But now that they accepted god, they can continue to do it.” No. They are extremely rude and the service to me does not look that different from World-War II era Germany. They made my friend wear long sleeves because she had self-harmed in the past and they found it “disgusting”. Many of these kids go to my school and cause a great amount of disturbance. They bully kids and protest every single thing in class and limit the classrooms to “Christianity or die.” I just want it to stop.

  36. past Newspring Member says:

    I have had over 10 years experience with NewSpring Church, both good and bad. I first started attending after Perry personally invited my daughter to the Church to give her testimony. It was still a small group of people meeting at Anderson College. At first I loved the church and invited many people. We all got involved and volunteered every week. The church grew and had to move into bigger buildings on the AC campus. Our kids woke up early and loved to go to church. Then one of our friends family had a genuine need. After 2 years of volunteering and tithing, the church would not help them. This is a church that had spent quite a bit of money giving away a room makeover to a teenager and big screen tvs.
    They often give away expensive items in a raffle to attenders just to attract new comers. Father’s Day 2013 They gave away a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle to a random father who attended the service. Following this extravagant giveaway, another member who had attended the church for several years had a genuine need. A single mother with a disabled daughter had recently had major surgery and then her car broke down. After 10 plus years of attending and tithing, they couldn’t help her with a $600 car repair. I guess the Harley broke their bank.
    Another family who had attended for years became homeless and came to the church for help. NewSpring referred them to a local homeless shelter. Upon arriving and being asked who referred the family, they responded “NewSpring”, to which the reply was “That’s strange because they don’t support us financially”
    The same cycle of sermons are preached week after week and I heard in one of them that God means for his people to have the best of everything. Really? Why was Jesus born into poverty and lived his whole life poor? This church may have started off well, but they have strayed from the truth and have developed some bad practices. The staff and leaders need to repent and seek God’s guidance and return to being a community that cares about one another. Perry says he wants to have 3000 salvations in one service just like in Acts. Can he follow that up by encouraging every member to sell and share their possessions with one another just like in Acts so that there will be no one in need in the congregation? Just sign me ~ Losing my religion.

  37. Rev. Fr. Phillip Edge says:

    The American church has lost her way. The church exists to be a place to worship God. Members seen to have come to the conclusion that ‘worship’ is about themselves…whether they can be entertained, etc. Worship is for “GOD”. It was never supposed to be about what we like or want. One of our church’s Bishops said it best, when talking about worship : “It’s about HIM…and what’s not about Him is about THEM…but one thing is for sure…it’s NOT about YOU “. Let’s pray that the church in America gets away from all the selfishness that is running rampant and get back to true worship…worshiping the Living God, the Risen Christ.

  38. Steve Angel says:

    No one is perfect! Someone can always find fault with the decisions of others but I believe you should focus on all the good that Perry and New Spring does and get off your high horse. Steve Angel

  39. Julia says:

    It feels like the Pharisees (religious people)hating on Jesus in his time! Because you don’t understand the why and how’s of what is happening in a church does not give anyone the right to judge. I love NewSpring Church. So many lives have found Jesus and have moved from death the life. That’s the great commission and that’s what church is for. As we judge, let’s remember the same measure we use, will be used on us.

  40. andersonian says:

    I have never been a member and have visited NS a few times. One thing folks should know about NS music: the reverberations are a real drag for those in nearby neighborhoods. Sadly, I thought last night (Monday): “putting on the garment of praise to give everyone else the spirit of heaviness”. The least the church staff could do is canvass the neighborhoods when bands are revving up early mornings, during youth nights, even during services. In fact, I challenge laity to do the same. An objective thinker would be dismayed at the vibrations, thudding and decibels. Compassion would at least drive the music folks to lower the bass, tone down the drums–and yes, even stop the early morning stuff. Taking away someone else’s chance to rest is the same as defrauding . . . is the same as stealing. Surely a sin of omission. It’s just that . . . church leadership should think better, ask themselves hard questions, and act reponsibly. Sorry to have to say this . . . we are one body, after all.

  41. Brad West says:

    Why doesn’t the pastor go to his church members who are sick and who hopital. That’s is what it’s about? My wwjd?

  42. pfordmedia says:

    I’m not a huge fan of NewSpring either. But… “Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels.” 2 Tim. 2:23. Do they preach Christ and the Word of God accurately and in context? Do people come to know Jesus as Lord at NewSpring? If yes, let them be, regardless of policies. Everything else is just opinion. If they catered to every single person, you lose your purpose and target audience. Ever seen a homeless person on the street and walked past them without helping them? We all have. James 4:17 tells us that “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” NewSpring is not perfect (although at times they probably think they are). To levy a “problem” with no scriptural basis on a church is pushing opinions. How seldom it is that we examine ourselves prior to coming to the keyboard. I am guilty beyond words.

  43. Be says:

    I just got out of the army, I was stationed at Fort Bragg in NC. I’ve never lived in the state of South Carolina. I just moved to SC. So I’m truly as unbiased as your going to get.

    I started out in SC about a year ago going to your “stereotypical” baptist church. The type of church I had been going to my entire life. So needless to say, I liked it. Then I heard about as NewSpring campus in my town…. There was a lot of buzz about the place. I’d heard some good, I’d heard some bad, but I wanted to check it out for myself.

    So I went, and man this place blew me away. I’d never been to a church ANYTHING like this. I’m 23 years old, and let me tell you, I HATED NewSpring at first. The music was too loud, there were so many people, you didn’t get that personal relationship with the pastor or any of the other members, and truly it seemed to me that it was more about the flashy new toys than it was about God.

    As time has gone on, this church has grown on me. I’ve only been attending now for about 6 months, but I have to say, I’m truly impressed. Sure they have flashy new toys, but if that attracts people to at least GO to church, well isn’t that a good thing. You can’t spread GOD’s word if people don’t want to hear it. They’ve used the money they have to buy things that cause people to say, “seriously, did you hear about NewSpring? I heard they have a rock concert before the sermon every week!” So what if that helps people gain initiative to want to go, well then we’ve got someone’s foot in the door, seeking God. Unless you’re God, how do you know God isn’t using those earthly items as tools to draw them to Him. And yes, with the exception of my family, I don’t know a single person by name there, and I’m still not a fan of that part…. But you know what? Church is supposed to be about your relationship with other people, it’s supposed to be about God, and your walk with Him.

    Lastly, I’ll say this. I’m living proof that NewSpring is doing something positive. NewSprings main objective is to reach people far from God. They took that right out of Jesus’ handbook. Isn’t that what we are called to do? Strive to be like God, and bring others to Him? I was far, and now I’m closer than I have been since I was 10 years old. And I think that’s a good thing.

    NewSpring is full of people just like me. People who don’t put on a mask just to go to church. They don’t pretend they’re perfect, they don’t pretend they’ve never made bad choices. They say, I have done wrong, I’ve made bad decision after bad decision, so has everybody else. I sinned yesterday, I’ve sinned today, and I’ll sin tomorrow. Because no matter how hard I try, I’m not Jesus, I’m not perfect. But I’m trying.

    I think that’s something special, and something worth being proud about. The difference though, is I love all my other churches just as much. Because just like NewSpring, they too are striving to be closer to God, and bring others to God, and at the end of the day, that’s what should matter.


  44. @shareijuana says:

    I just came here to read the comments while I smoked a blunt this morning. And you guys have kept me thoroughly entertained. Keep spreading the “love” of Christ you sheeple

  45. Johnston says:

    I could easily defend every single one of the actions that NewSpring took that were mentioned in this post. But I don’t think that would do anything but anger people who already like NewSpring, so instead I’ll share my story.

    I grew up in a Christian home with great Christian parents. Always knew the right answers in church but never liked church. We started attending NewSpring, and although it was more interesting I was still going to church because my parents wanted me to and still being a good kid because my parents expected me to. But then in 7th grade I found some popularity and started living for myself. Bullying kids, hanging with the wrong scene, being disrespectful to teachers, etc (you can really only be so bad in 7th grade). But I met Jesus the summer after my 7th grade year at a youth summer camp that NewSpring puts on called the Gauntlet in 2006. I’ve been following Jesus ever since.

    Today I get the great privilege of leading several guys in a small group of my own. I invest my time into the next generation because in my time at NewSpring SO many people invested their time, love, and energy into me and it changed my life. I plan to start a church one day with several of my friends that I went to High School with, several of which also got saved at NewSpring Church. I am who I am today because of the work that Jesus did in my life through NewSpring.

    Why do I share this? Not because I think it will change your minds. Some people here are obviously deeply angry with NewSpring and I probably can’t do anything to change it. However, it is a church that is impacting and changing people’s lives. Thousands of lives have been changed by the gospel of Jesus, mine included and you should be rejoicing in that. There are several churches in Anderson that I deeply disagree with their methodology (which is really what most people seem to be angry about). But I rejoice with those churches if they are seeing people meet Jesus and follow him! We are collectively the Church, the bride of Christ. All of us that follow Jesus. And Jesus wanted (and commanded) us to live in unity, not division. I can’t ask you to love NewSpring, but I would ask you to rejoice with us even if you disagree with us as Paul did in Philippians 1:18. Maybe you won’t but I will still be rejoicing with you from NewSpring for your church, because until we stop being petty and start forgiving and living in love, the Gospel will never be lived out for those outside the Church to see it.

  46. Tom says:

    Come check out High Praises church! We are about 5 minutes down the road from Newspring and after visiting Newspring once in the past, it’s safe to say that High Praises takes me deeper in my walk with Christ. We run around 1,000 consistently but are growing on a weekly basis and would look forward to seeing new faces.

  47. tameka hagood says:

    My friend goes there and I wanted to visit. Now I’m not so sure.
    I would have loved to go to bone marrow drive. I’m o neg so I may have been some help. I give platlets every eight weeks so I’m clean. Contact me if the child is still in need. 864-401-4599

  48. There’s no need to sit here and list all of the things that Newspring does for our community. They know, God knows, and the people that they help know, and that’s really all that matters. However, for all of you who think that they’re a terrible, heartless Church body, I’d like to share my brother’s story with you.

    At the time that my brother was diagnosed with stage four Melanoma, he had his own business installing lights and sound systems, and he was also in the midst of doing a lot of remodeling work on his home. He had just finished an install job for, you guessed it, Newspring. After his diagnosis, he went back to do a few last things on install, and he had a conversation with some of the higher-ups at Newspring. Joel, the head sound guy, and Lee, the worship leader, sat down and talked to my brother about his diagnosis. My brother never asked them for anything, but a few weeks later, truck loads of people and supplies showed up at his doorstep to finish the remodeling that he had started. They worked on his house for weeks. Without being asked. With nothing in return. Even after my brother passed away, there were multiple people from Newspring who made contact with us to express their condolences. What might surprise you, though, is that my brother never attended Newspring. Not once. And, at the time, neither did any of the rest of our family. People at Newspring saw someone in need, and they did what they could to help.

    Your experience with Newspring was one among thousands, and just because your experience wasn’t what you expected doesn’t mean that Newspring doesn’t do any good for the community. That would be like me having a bad cup of coffee at Starbucks and warning everyone that none of their drinks are ever good. It just wouldn’t be true. It’s fine to share your opinion, but what are you really accomplishing? You’re giving non-Christians a reason to hate the Church more than they already do. You’re telling them that our faith is real and worth believing in, and then you’re contradicting that with the hatred you have for other Christians. I know that you’re doing exactly that because that’s how I found this post. A non-Christian friend of mine linked it, so, congratulations.

  49. Brittay says:

    You greedy people. To start off with, how many people attend the church and are members? That’s in the thousands. There’s more people besides Alex that need help financially. No they can’t say yes to one person because they don’t have the time to fulfill other people’s needs as well. ESPECIALLY since fundraisers consist of a variety of things that cost money to run succeedingly. Fundraisers give the donations to the people in need where as people who pay money get something in return. The bible teaches us to give and not expect anything back. If you feel the need to help somebody out, then take it upon yourself to help them. Don’t just say, “Oh, that’s the church’s job. I have my own responsibilities to take care of”. Whether it’s fixing them a meal, helpin em around the house, or giving them some money to help them out financially, it’s basically the same thing as having a small group fundraiser but you don’t get anything in return. Yet greedy individuals don’t look at it that way.

    • Lindsey says:

      I do not know the stories of new spring… I have theories but this is all troubling… I read supporters of the church write more about their faith to the church and the pastor.. Our faith is to the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. He is all. We do not worship a church or a pastor, a lot of what I have read in this forum is that a lot of you place the church and the pastor as your idol..

      • coachrob says:

        My take is very simple. …In my experience New$pring is exactly what is said it is. It is a group that idolizes a pastor and the church itself! I have never felt further away from Christ than when being around the arrogance and lack of true biblical teaching. Guess what tricking people into donating a ton of money by wording it in a way to only deceive.
        I don’t believe in bashing any church for the sake of bashing! I love God, and I love my church, the problem is when you say that to a Newspringer you will immediately be berated and feel much less of a person simply because it isn’t Newspring! That isn’t how church is supposed to be! It’s just sad! I do have many close friends who go to Newspring and love them dearly and because I am not to judge I simply Pray for them that the direction they are following truly is what it is suppose to be.

  50. RFA says:

    I would not say Newspring is a bad church. There are some things I like and dislike about the “church.”

    I watched the “what happens to a dollar at newspring” video. And the biggest portion of the dollar went to pay newspring staff. I think that is ridiculous. They should be giving 35 cents out of every dollar to fuse and kidspring. 20 cents should go to missions. 22 cents go to newspring staff. And 23 cents should go to campus launches.

    I don’t think they should “force” kids to go to kidspring. if they don’t want to go, they shouldn’t be forced to. If they want to stay with their parents, they should be able to. And the staff should not tell them to take their kid to kidspring or leave. Thats just not right.

    I do not like Newspring’s style of worship. It should not in any way be like a rock concert. All the people who come to Newspring besides the Anderson campus come because of the worship. Cause if they did not like the worship, they could just stay home and watch Perry online. But I do like that they write some of there songs, and they are good.

    Other than that Newspring is an OK church. But personally, I prefer smaller churches. Only because you can get more involved in it. I go to a church that has 70-100 atendees every week. I am 15 years old and play electric and acoustic guitar at my church. That is something I could NEVER do at Newspring. And if you need the pastor to come visit you at the hospital, he would be there. But with Newspring, thats not the case.

    I have never been to a service live, but I have watched some online. When Newspring Powdersville launches, I plan to go to the first service. But I do think it is good that they want to reach people far from Jesus and meet their goal of 100,000. There are things I don’t like about the church, but I wouldn’t make a whole blog about it. Don’t you have better things to do.

  51. Steve says:

    Problem stems from people going to these business rock band places thinking it’s true & they get their entertainment from it (this isn’t worship) & emotionally tied to them. Think “where is the true Church?” Christ most certainly established it & gave the keys to Peter (not Perry) & promised the gates of hell would not prevail against it.. now where is that Church? Unless Christ lied that Church is still here. It is. It gave the world the bible & it is universal (hint) for all people of all nations to be 1. What is another name for universal? Catholic. If you church isn’t catholic it’s the wrong one & man made. Please come home. Many former catholics in newspring. Email me & lets chat. scunninghamjr@hotmail.com ask anything. Think about it newspring wasn’t even around before Clinton administration. The Oakland raiders were good before it. Can always have a live public debate with Mr Noble on this. I’ve asked him before but he won’t respond
    Pax Christi

  52. Dalton says:

    I’m an owner at NewSpring and I was also a friend of Alex.
    As much as it sucks that they turned down the opportunity to announce the drive it’s understandable.
    With as many people that go to NewSpring Church the amount of people that ask for things to be announced our posted are absurd.
    To say that my church is just a money machine is also absurd. Every year they go through a grueling audit and post the results publicly.
    Obviously there are places we drop the ball. Unfortunately when a ball is dropped in The Curch (and that being any church) people are effected in a much more personal way than if it were anything els.
    NewSpring Church not only preaches the gospel but shows it outside of its walls as well. Just last week they gave all the students of multiple schools around the state shoes for Christmas. On a more personal note they gave my single mother and I a house for Mother’s Day years ago.
    NewSpring church has given me the opportunity to be around (and now live with) other young men who love Jesus. It has given me consistent preaching of the bible. And it has given me the tools and opportunities to grow in my walk with Christ.
    “No perfect people” is regularly said from the pulpit and after reading all these stories and comments that’s obvious. I just hope no one is turned off from The Church as a whole by a less than incredible experience at NewSpring.
    That’s just my two cents…
    I love my church

  53. James Duke says:

    That’s why their shirts say I LOVE MY CHURCH instead of I LOVE GOD OR JESUS. They are Blinded sheep!!!!

    • sam hill says:

      The shirts are very telling. The administration’s primary concern is growing the Newspring brand. When I talk to Newspring members on matter religion and our shared walk with Christ, it’s often difficult to make any real connection. It often take a lot of effort to discuss anything substantive, their default is to talk about their church rather than our savior. They are a very large congregation and I know there are numerous exceptions, and many wonderful people who are true servants of God. But it is upsetting when when such a large collection of Christians show more passion for their church than our God.

  54. aljanson819 says:

    I love Newspring. I love how The Lord has used this church to reach my heart. Jesus IS the church! When I wear my “I love my church” shirt, with the C underlined, I am saying how much I love Christ.
    I was saved at Newspring church, along side my husband on November 7, 2013. Since then, Newspring has helped us develop meaningful friendships, more obedience on tithing and reading our bibles, and my overall relationship with Jesus grows stronger. The messages I hear aren’t just a few “feel good words” but rather leave such a huge impression on my heart. It has had me get out into the community. To wear the cross of Jesus on my shoulders and try to reach everyone and anyone close to God. God has used this church to bring me from dead to life. I am forever grateful!
    Do we care about the numbers? The thousands of people, each year, that make that same cross over I did? YES! We are bringing others closer to Jesus, as a church! That is something to celebrate!!! Every number matter, every name matters and as large as that church is, I have never felt more at home. I have gone to your average, safe, small and traditional baptist churches only to never return because of god judged and small the members made me feel. I have never once felt that way at Newspring.
    Perry noble has been given a Godly gift to reach people. He is honest, brutal at times, but so sincere. He talks about things that makes other uncomfortable because they would rather ignore the sin that’s taking over our communities that try and do something about it. Not perry. Perry is on a mission; a movement if you will. And I’m on board. Whether there’s 25 people that attend or 25,000.
    We recently had a dedication for our daughter that involved one of the campus pastors and it was the most beautiful day. They took the time to make the time to allow my family to take such a huge step with Jesus.
    Absolutely lets sell shirts! Church shouldn’t be a place we attend on Sunday and then forget the rest of the week. I want to walk around my community and represent the place that God uses to bring me closer to him; to start a conversation so that I’m led to give an invitation that would hopefully be the seed to a beautiful relationship with Jesus.
    If Newspring offends you, fine. Don’t go. Don’t be apart of the beautiful things that God is doing.
    But then leave those that love their church alone. Be the Christian God intended you to be and please stop picking parts of the bible that work for you. We are His church! We are to support one another. We have a God to do before He comes back to finish what He started. Focus on THAT. Focus on YOUR relationship with God and helping others reach that same freedom and stop condemning those that are trying to do just that.
    I hope you all had a happy holiday season. God Bless

  55. Maria says:

    People always wanting to be mad about something.
    Newspring has changed a lot of lives for the better, including mine.
    God Bless you. That’s what Perry would probably say too.

  56. roncross519 says:

    Quick comment: our church home here in south ga has the same policy, it is not a stupid policy. It is in place because a place like my church or newspring, have their services lined up in such a way that they don’t really have a spot for that type of announcements. And it is true if you announce one thing from the pulpit then everyone will start asking and once you say no, ten you have a scandal… If the student went to newspring I could understand but then newspring would have done some sort of social media campaign. Again I think they were completely in the right by not mentioning this situation.

  57. Mike says:

    We are new to the Lexington area and tried out several churches before settling on Newspring. We have always felt welcomed by the congregation and really enjoy Perry’s message.

    I have belonged to several churches throughout my life (both large and small) and have always been amazed by people who possess such hatred for the way a certain church operates or how things are managed. Here is a novel concept, if you don’t like a particular church don’t go. How you can call yourself a Christian and waste so much of your time and resources consumed by hatred and anger. Seems to me God would be better served finding ways to reach others with his message.

    It has been my experience that there are many different ways for people to connect with God and I find it hard to believe that you have the “one” perfect blueprint on how God in all of his wisdom meant for people to find their path in life. I sincerely hope that you can one day move past the hatred you exhibit and find Gods true calling for you. I would love to see the passage where Jesus calls people to harbor discontentment and hold grudges in place of loving each other.

    • David Strickland says:

      I would love to see the passage where Jesus called his critics “A-holes who have no friends and are sexually impotent and live in their mom’s basement. Go find those passages and THEN I might care what a NewSpringer’s opinion is.

  58. David Strickland says:

    You’re all talking in circles, by the way. Scroll up and read the previous comments. All of your lame arguments have already been addressed. I’m just glad that this post is still drawing attention almost six years later. I thought you guys didn’t read this stuff….

  59. #beentheredonethat says:

    I have personally asked Mr. Noble of his view on the “trinity” of God…answer was “There is no such thing!” I knew him BEFORE he became so famous he had to hire others to talk to the common people…he was at Anderson University and my late husband ran sound for him..but when my husband was battling cancer with NO insurance…well you have to be a member to get the benefits! Just my 2cents.

    • Amiller says:

      I attended and became a “owner” at Newspring.
      I found Perry to be rude about other churches and he seemed to preach the same sermons year after year ( about the same time of year also)
      I felt I did not grow as a believer the entire 3 years I was there
      His comments, although often times amusing, we’re very disturbing and he did often push for money
      We have since left there and went back to a “country” church where people Love God and love each other

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