To my precious partner,

As you may be aware, the National Enquirer recently released a dishonest and misleading article which falsely characterized my friendship with Paula White. The publication, which is known for its bias against religious figures, misleads readers regarding the ministerial friendship I have had with Paula White for over 20 years.

As you know, my wife, Suzanne, filed for divorce at the beginning of this year. If it were not for the comfort of the precious Holy Spirit and the Word of God to give me encouragement throughout this process, I cannot imagine how I could have survived the past five months. Throughout this season, your love and prayers have helped strengthen me to continue ministering around the world. Were it not for your faithfulness and the presence of my wonderful Lord Jesus, the loneliness of carrying this burden by myself would have been unbearable.

In late May of this year, Paula White came to tape a This Is Your Day broadcast with me. Although I had not seen her for years, she was an encouragement to me and shared helpful advice out of her own painful experience. As a result, I will not deny that the friendship has strengthened, and, while it has remained morally pure at all times, I have enjoyed the company of someone who has also gone through the trauma of a painful and public divorce.

But most of you know me personally and know that I have faithfully preached the Gospel for over 35 years. I have never failed my marriage vows and would never dishonor the precious name of Jesus, whom I adore with all my being…and I never will! As I have often said, I would rather die than bring dishonor to His name.

And so I am writing to tell you today that I forcefully, categorically, and absolutely renounce the lies that have been spread about me and want to set the record straight with you. There is nothing inappropriate or morally improper about my friendship with Paula White.

There has been no immorality whatsoever!

The article also indicated that on a recent trip to Italy we met secretly and stayed together. This could not be further from the truth and is absolutely false! The truth is that we traveled independently to the region for respective ministry duties. I was invited by Vatican officials to visit the Vatican to discuss future ministry opportunities there. Paula was likewise invited to have meetings in the region, and, although we spent time together, we were never alone and were in the constant company of staff and family members.

That notwithstanding, I have become increasingly aware that the optics of this friendship have caused others to draw conclusions that are incomplete and unfounded. And because of my preeminent priority to my ministry and calling, Paula and I have concluded that we should avoid the appearance that our friendship is biblically impure or violates Scripture in any way. Paula and I also recognize that being seen in such settings is unwise, and we have independently determined that we will have no further social relationship until such time as my divorce has concluded and only if we feel direction from the Lord to do so.

I am using this season to seek the Lord and His Word as my Counselor and Guide as my family and I recover from the pain and disappointment of the loss of my marriage of over 30 years. My commitment to preaching the Gospel, as I have done for over 35 years, has only intensified through this experience; and the precious Lord Jesus I adore is the true love of my life and my unfailing companion for all eternity.

Thank you for your prayers, your love, and all your support for me and my family. You are precious to me and I will not fail you; but most of all I will never fail the wonderful Lord Jesus who is life and breath to me.

Benny Hinn (source)

Update 07/26/2010: For some reason Benny Hinn removed this from his page.

  1. Stan says:

    If they were never alone and their relationship was morally pure, why does he not explain the photo of them walking hand in hand?

  2. truth says:

    he said he knew her for over 20 years, then he said he did’nt talk to her for years?????? hummmm that would make her around 18-20 year old???? wasnt she mess up then??? then he said they were close, now he saying they have “ended” their friendship??? C’MONNNNNN…. sound like fornication to me….. a stick and move… besides paula other X-lover in texas was a big money guy anyway. not to mention if you look at the photo as they are going back into the hotel room, paula hand is on top…SHE IS IN CONTROL OF BENNY CAUSE HE MAY HAD SOME GOOD SEX AND HE WAS ACTING LIKE A PUPPET IN HER HANDS…. her X-husband is bi-sexual and cheated on her for years before she got in the sex game for money. According to many x-employess of benny h. he curses out his staff if the sits are not filled at meetings 10 seconds before he preaches, then when he is done and the curtins are closed he starts the cusing up again… wow!!! One X-employee.. (VP) stated he left becuase he was in fear of going to hell…,this is no secret to the staff..AND OF course, all of them close to Benny are heathens anyway…non of them go to church faifhully and tithe or worship or have a “clean pastor” :,…. i mean NONE!!!! the guy David Solomon is one his body guards… as far a suzanne, his X– he hates her, his kids are all on drugs (METH) and his wife is bi-polar… she wacked according to aaaaalaaaalllll his staff, thats why her and benny have not been together for over 10 years…YOU WILL HEAR ALL THIS COME OUT AND MORE IN THE DIVORCE… why you think benny aint did nothing to this day!!!!…

    my opinion is simple….honor God first, expose the truth, don’t fear man and events like these wont shock your spirit!!!!!!! PS) wait till AUG 1…read the newstands then! Benny and Paula should kept quite, NOW THEY GOT HIM RIGHT WERE THEY WANT. SAD!!!!!!

    Yea the church body hurt because of this and many are anger and Satan is laughing even though HE HAS LOST IN THE END, but now hopefully people will “hunger” more for the truth and get a spiritual foundation. today division is running wild…many mockers….many false believers…. too much church hopping everywhere because of things like this….JESUS IS COMING VERY VERY SOON,,,,,,,,SELAH

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