Rick Joyner “Releases” Todd Bentley Back Into Ministry (source)

Posted on August 18, 2010 by Chrystal Whitt

Well, I guess the “restoration” of Todd Bentley is complete, because Rick Joyner is “releasing” him back into ministry.

Here are a couple of observations:

  1. Rick Joyner restored Bentley, not God.
  2. Rick Joyner didn’t truly “restore” Bentley…only God can do that.
  3. Rick Joyner ignored God’s Word and convinced his followers that Bentley is fit and qualified to lead in a ministerial capacity.  The Scriptures disqualify him, therefore, Joyner did this in open rebellion and defiance of God’s Word.
  4. Just because Rick Joyner declares Bentley to be restored, doesn’t mean he is.  The holy Scriptures stands against him.
  5. I know Joyner was deeply hoping that Bentley would be restored and the public would accept him, because if he wasn’t, that would prove him (Joyner) to be a false prophet.  After all, he did prophesy longevity over Bentley at Lakeland, shortly before he fled in disgrace.  He had a strong vested interest in getting Bentley up and running again…. self preservation.

So… Joyner has turned Bentley loose, huh?

This might just get interesting.

To view a video of Rick Joyner explaining how Bentley is now restored, click here.

  1. John Sharpe says:

    Thank you Chrystal for focusing the main issues here sharply. Having left a ‘new church’ which was descending into doctrinal error I have been watching the ’emergent’ church like a hawk and have to say that what is occurring there is alarming! Are you aware of the ‘ministry’of a man called Gerald Coates in the UK? He preached against ‘such unscriptural concepts as having a daily quiet time’, and undid the work of true moves of God such as the Bretheren, who lauded the idea of every believer having a personal walk with God, and learning to hear God’s voice for themselves. Now, there is so much biblical ignorance amongst the charismatic rank and file, that they wouldn’t recognise a heresy if they had a one to one with a Jehova’s Witness! Keep your bible open, the worst is yet to come!!!

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