By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Sep 3, 2010 in AM Missives, Current Issues, Features, Word Faith

But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

Stranger And Stranger Spiritual Bedfellows Are Joining Forces And Becoming Mainstream

Among the issues Apprising Ministries covers is the heretical Word Faith movement as it continues heading toward acceptance within the mainstream of evangelicalism; and as I mentioned previously, people Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen with man-centered self-esteem messages ala Robert Schueller are actually tip-of-the-spear for deeper WF heresies.

Take for example the tweet below from Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven evangelical pastor Steven Furtick, a disciple of Perry Noble and one of the Popes of the Carolinas, showing how Osteen has won him over as Furtick gushed about his meeting Osteen. Notice that this PD/SS mainstream evangelical pastor calls this heretical Word Faith pastor Joel Osteen “a great man of God”:

(Online source)

Further, Furtick’s latest project is working the Word Faith-like shtick of his forthcoming book Sun Stand Still, where in a style quite reminicent of well known Word Faith preacher Jentezen Franklin, Furtick dares us to “ask God for the impossible”; I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised when we consider Steven Furtick was one of the speakers at Franklin’s recently concluded Forward 2010 Conference. As I’ve been showing you, doctrinal lines continue to be erased with great rapidity in The Ecumenical Church Of Deceit (ECoD).

Sadly, today there are so many in the apostatizing evangelical community who are burying their heads within the spiritual sand of whatever offshoot—rooted in the semi-pelagian Church Growth Movement—it is that highjacked their particular brand of Christian sandbox. All part and parcel in what G. Richard Fisher of the fine discernment ministry Personal Freedom Outreach has called The Superstitious Church of the 21st Century; and because of the evil influence of postmodernity people now follow feelings instead of Scripture, so pastor Fisher correctly points out that:

We have been fighting and will continue to fight battles which we thought were won or put to rest in the first three centuries of the Church’s history. What used to be commonplace in the world of the occult and in the world of hyper-liberalism is now common in the world of both Charismatic and Evangelical Christianity.

There has been an incredible paradigm shift in the world of Christianity. This shift has been so radical that the Church of Jesus Christ is beginning to resemble the culture of Athens found in Acts 17. Luke speaks out in verse 21 and describes the confusion in this way: “For all the Athenians and foreigners who were there spent their time in nothing else but either to tell or hear some new thing.” Luke then concludes in verse 22 by quoting the Apostle Paul as saying, “in all things you are very religious.” Indeed, the god of novelty was reigning in Athens…

The parallels to our own age are stark and frightening. Just pick up a copy of Charisma magazine and glance at its advertisements and its promotional items. It is Athens all over again — with a vengeance… (Online source)

Following is a case in point, which you’ll quite likely find in Charisma magazine. Pastrix Paula White’s latest fantasy-filled heresy-fest:

Sound the Alarm…Your Divine Date with Destiny! Join Senior Pastor Paula White as she welcomes Bishop David Evans, Prophet Manasseh Jordan, and Kirk Franklin to Without Walls International Church for three nights, September 7 – 9, 2010 at 7:00 pm.
(Online source)

Considering so-called “Bishop” David Evans will be there,  ”Divine Date with Destiny” is an interesting choice of words. You might remember my post Rick Warren Teaching The Law Of Attraction where I told you about America’s MegaPastor has written the foreword to a new book by “Life Coach” and pastrix Dr. LaVerne Adams, who also is known as the *cough* “Divine Destiny Doctor.” More evidence of this growing ECoD as it is rather curious in the first place that Southern Baptist—pretending to be Protestant—Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren would help promote the work of a woman pastrix who’s in violation of God’s Word.

Leaving this aside, we note that at her Divine Destiny Doctor website “Dr. V,” as Adams is also known, she’s currently advertising the opportunity for:

with Dr. V! and Tasha Smith
of Tyler Perry’s”Why Did I Get Married, Too?”
on 10-10-10
at 5:00 pm
at The Mansion
Voorhees, New Jersey (Online source)

For Profit They Make Up Superstitious Stories Through Which They Deceive You

Apparently meeting our “destiny” has something to do with the ol’ “Bishop” because pastrix Dr. Divine Destiny, “dynamic preacher, teacher, and transformational speaker” who specializes in “coaching celebrites and high-powered professionals in need of affirmation, spiritual guidance and support,” also happens to be “a member of the Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches under the direction of Bishop David Evans.”[1] Evans himself is pastor of Bethany Baptist Church as well as Prelate—Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, though oddly enough his personal ministry is based in Voorhees,[2] and his motto to follow shows you that he’s a purveyor of the usual Word faith heresies: “Faith Acts Like a thing is so, even when it’s not so, that it might be so!”

That a couple of years ago Evans would have Word Faith mogul and Oneness Pentecostal heretic T.D. Jakes in to help celebrate his 18th year as pastor tells us much about Evans’ methods, and stature, within the Word faith movement:

Bishop David G. Evans, one of today’s most prophetic and provocative pastors, is preparing to celebrate his 18th year as pastor. Evans, pastor of the 27,000-member Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey, is setting the standard in ministry. With a weekly broadcast, The Power of Revelation, airing on BET, TBN and Streaming Faith, he’s one of the best-selling authors in Christendom… Bishop T.D. Jakes, pastor of Dallas’ , will be joining as the preacher for the 7PM service.
(Online source)

We’re told rather superstitiously that our “Divine Date with Destiny” at the entertainment center Without Walls International Church run by “Senior Pastor” Paula White features “dynamic, anointed and prophetic speakers” who’ll magically “propel you into your Destiny!” We’re informed that, in addition to Evans, among these false prophets—profit would be a more accurate word—will be:

The “Young Prophet,” Manasseh Jordan [who] has been ministering since the age of 8 and carries with him the perfect example of hope, healing and restoration. Prophet Manasseh appears weekly on BET’s Morning Inspiration.  (Online source)

Perfection?! Zowie! And here I thought only the God-Man Christ Jesus carried with Him “the perfect example of hope, healing and restoration”; but O no says pastrix White, Jesus needs to move over because “Young Profit” Manasseh’s really got it going on alright. However, we really shouldn’t be surprised; no siree, not when you consider that YP Manasseh’s dad, the Master Profit E. Bernard Jordan considers himself…um-well, god. Bud Press of the respected online apologetics and discernment ministry Christian Research Service tells us in The Prophet, the ’God’ and the Heretic that:

Benny Hinn’s friendship with E. Bernard Jordan dates back prior to Manasseh Jordan’s birth in 1990… E. Bernard Jordan, who answers to “His Grace” and “Master Prophet,” claims that ”He is not one just to give information, but he is also known to create miracles and circumvent events merely by the power of his speech!” (Ibid., ).

But what E. Bernard Jordan truly believes about himself can be summed up in one sentence and one paragraph from his 2006 book, The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity:


I learned much about my faith and the words of the Lord at the feet of the great Reverend Ike, who was and is as charismatic a man as ever stepped to the front of a church. Rev. Ike understood the paradox of man being god. Once, a parishioner, taken aback by what he saw as Rev. Ike’s ego, said, “Reverend Ike thinks he’s God!” And Rev. Ike turned and shouted, “No! God thinks He is me!” That’s a perfect comeback, but also a perfect message. The idea that there is any separation between you and God is patently false. You are God’s expression. He cannot exist on this plane without you. That is why you were created. As the son is the expression of the father, you are the expression of God. You are the same. [Hay House Publishers, Inc., p. 30, emp. added, book on file]  (Online source)

Concerning Manasseh Jordan, Press informs us that his father E. Bernard Jordan was mentored by Rev. Ike and now Manasseh himself has been trained by his father. In Rising Word Faith Star Manasseh Jordan Imitating Benny Hinn I told you that  AM correspondent Chystal Whitt, over at the online apologetics and discernment blog Slaughter of the Sheep, does a fine job keeping up with this WF movement day by day. In her post Manasseh Jordan: Self-Promotion is the Key to Success she points out:

The video [contained in her post] ends with a sober warning – “Coming to a city near you.” He’s not kidding.  His star is on the rise, and the church is ready for such a false prophet as him. I wondered what Benny Hinn would come up with when his star started to fade around the time of the Lakeland un-Revival.  Now I know. I’m just wondering how long it will take the monster he’s creating to eclipse him.

I see two possible scenarios if this kid continues his public rise: 1.) Jordan will outgrow him and have a booming ministry of his own, leaving Hinn behind, or 2.) Hinn will hold onto Jordan’s coat tails and ride the train for all it’s worth.  He already supposedly prophesied Jordan’s birth, by the way.  He’s not going to let go too easily.  This gravy train could be very lucrative… (Online source)

Whitt’s right; what we’re witnessing is a very lucrative gravy train of spiritual snake oil salesmen, who as our opening text tells us, in their greed attempt to exploit you with false words if you listen to them. I strongly suggest that you make it your own destiny to stay far away from the Without Walls International heresy house of horrors run by pastrix Paula White. Better you take the salient advice of pastor Fisher who tells us how we can ”successfully keep our balance and confront Athens” as he reminds us:

The early Church is shown to have been committed to doctrine. In Acts 2:42 Luke reports that “they continued in the Apostles’ doctrine and fellowship and in the breaking of bread and prayers.”

William Evans saw the need to know doctrine as one of the greatest needs of the Church, writing that, “There is probably no greater need in the Christian Church today than that its membership should be made acquainted with the fundamental facts and doctrines of the Christian faith.”

John Calvin, long ago, addressed the dangers of denigrating doctrine:

“It is an illusory belief of the enthusiasts that those who keep reading Scripture or hearing the Word are children, as if no one were spiritual unless he scorned doctrine. In their pride, therefore, they despise the ministry of men and even Scripture itself, in order to attain the Spirit. They then proudly try to peddle all the delusions that Satan suggests to them as secret revelations of the Spirit.”

What we need is a revival of study and memorization of Scripture. That, followed by practical obedience to its commands, would eliminate the need to fabricate revival with ear-splitting music, bizarre manifestations, altered states of consciousness, and emotional frenzies. (Online source)


End notes:

[1], accessed 9/3/10.

[2], accessed 9/3/10.

See also:








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  1. lordsapostolicmovementpress says:

    Actuallly I want all the people who were effected by the offences of the whte witches and wizards to confece in and recive prayers and true baptism and it will live them. For a person hiding it and following the bron again Christians, such is wrong, and foolishness, because you know what they do which is that the have maimed your souls. Amputate you which is removing tow of the arms of your souls and one of your eyes. So what kind of shit is that? You are hiding something like that and following born again prophet of God and Jesus is in those bodies, what kind of a thing is that.
    Now paul which you are effeted by the shit, you are a witch, yes! and your soul is removed and destroyed in the hell Now the beast Barack obama in iside your body which is the antichrist, or you have also joined the black witch too and Nosakhare Isekhure the Serpent which who calls himself the african lion isn insede you. The only thing you have to do there is you have to confess and recive baptism so that God will renew your soul and make an angel, or is it better that your soul is so messed up and you are in the hell even so dirty, then you are claming a pastor. Joel Osten, is also effected, he is a witch, Oprah winfry is effected, she is a witch, Barack obama is also effected he is a witch which is a demon even the beast with the mark 666, the white eagel. I was also effected because they removed my souls and and planted the Soul of a German woman inside my body, I ran to the house of God which is a pentecostal church and a pastor lay hand on my head and God even Yawe the true Jesus came and casted out the demon and planted inside my heart the holy spirit. I saw God even in the father as Yawe and the son and Jesus, for I was up lifted to heavens. On the kinglily robe of God is drawn the heads of lions, therefore he is the lord of lions which we call the mighy lion of Judan and his sons are the young lions. on his right side was the second king Jesus and this body was but a simble and not true existence, When ever he is coming to the earth, he comes as Jesus. on his lips are pented red which is called the Blood circle. He came as Jesus and freed my soul which was held in the hell by Satan, the eyes of this mighty King Jesus was red like furnace when is was made completely red. Satan the dirdy man with dirdy garment saw him and fell ow his stomach even like a dead. Jesus freed my soul and went to heavens, the voice of Michel the prince of heavens told me ”that was Jesus” I said, I new that but he was agry today. I turned he laughed at me and his teeth was pure gold, this meant that the teeth of the angels of heavens are Gold, and this means that he is inviting me to heavens. When I received baptism that my soul which was a baby Jesus took from Satan in the hell was now changed to become a mighty angel of God. I seak in heavely language and understand even when another perso speaks. So It is better to be angel which is to be born again , than to pretend to be a pastor when you are a beast. If I told you that I myself was effect by this and I went to God and receive my salvation, if you are effected, why not you run to God for salvation. Why must you keep on pretending a pastor when you are dead and the beast is inside your body. Your body is accepting the Beast too much, and that is not good, after all it is only but demonism and it cannot dominate your human flesh, so you have to go and receive baptism from a child of God and you are free. They have to lay hand on your head and cast the demon out of your body and baptise you. Now you are a free persn.If you want to make it secret that you have such sickness, that you are maimed and and your two hands are cut off and your eyes is remove. But do not forget that that particular body is the body you have to live after with. This is your soul and this is the life. On the side of Barack Obama beast, and Nosakhare Isekhure the serpent, even Nicholathan from Benin mid western Nigeria in Edo state this is the lord Balck witches who burries the souls of men. The two beast are human being. As for me, every human being, is very important beause we suffered here and born all of them and we are in the same government and we also take care of them in the hospitals and every other place. Jesus himself said that no one comes to him that he rejects. So all I am advicing every body is to go and receive baptism and become new so that we have fullfilled the will of God, and I belive this the reason he Jesus come which is to revive all. There stop the pretence, this type of a thing is not a thing to be quiet of, it is a thing to shoute very loud until you will be free. You must be very primitive to do such pretence, in a very simple thing. This is just like these people that have AIDS and you ask the people and they will tell you, ” No we do not have it”‘ They go around comiting furnication with people. A civilised man goes to a doctor and tell the Doctor his sickness. The doctor tells you to pull your clothe and get necked so that he can examin now you do so and he examins you and treat you and you will be alright and go your way. How can you keep on hiding these things when they are there. Paula white, Oprah winfry, Barack obama , want to tell us that they are pastors and presidents and does not have problem of witch craft when they do, God and receive baptism of Jesus and the holy spirit will be given to you and you are sound. If you do not have the holy spirit, you are not qualified to be a pastor, Paula white, Joel Ostine, Queen elizabeth, Oprah winfry, Barack obama etc. On my own side I have said it, if there is a way for a man to receive the glory of God and become born again even a holy and clean angel of God, WHy not you go and receive it that to allow your self to become filled up of wonds like thir even so dirty. If God has ever done something good for you or if you were ever a witch and God asted the demons out for you, how he did for me, you just have to tell people and then tell it in the church and now you are for Jesus and God is proud of you and Satan goes is way. That you will hide it, it is not good. Even if you are a Beast like Barack obama, you are a human being who eats and breaths like us here just go and receive your baptism and you sound. When I was chatting Nosakhare Isehkure, the serpent who calls himself the lion of Africa, in was through chat. He did not come through his real name and his intention was different and this was why he still remain the serpent otherwise the effort was something because he said Amain and such bears wittiness of a man who needs life from God. We have passed the stage of being treathened weath death because we are before God, every offence of Sattan is a play of a llittle child and that is what the are even the Elearns.
    God bless you.

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