You can’t help but read these articles and feel the irony that this problem is being reported by the non-believing secular world. Sadly that’s because those from within Christianity who point this stuff out are summarily dismissed as “legalists” and “Pharisees.”

It’s time for fathers to take charge of your families once again and stop abdicating the responsibility of your children and their spiritual upbringing to strangers.(source)

One of my main concerns with today’s church is easily seen in the youth groups. In many churches today, the youth programs are poor attempts to be a relevant “hip and cool” soap opera. I’m a firm believer that we can measure the heart of the church by observing the church’s youth.  A biblically sound church will have youth that act like Christians vs. being a worldly alternative with the name of “Jesus” applied to everything under the sun.

The one thing that irks me the most about youth groups is the beach trips. These summer time vacations are all done in the name of “youth” camp meetings promoted by the church as a way to help build Christian character. The rest of the year the church promotes “no sex” before marriage, but this abstinence stance is complicated by tempting their youth with the lure of almost naked people at the beach.

That’s enough of my soap box preaching for now LOL! Please visit to read another great post called The state of the youth of the church from Defending Contending.


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