By day this Purpose Driven/Seeker Driven Pope of the Carolinas, now also an author, Steven Furtick—disciple of Carolina Pope Perry Noble—is now a more mild mannered (kinda sorta) pastor; but by night he becomes a rompin’ stompin’ Old Testment-type prophet of audacious behavior faith as he recently tweeted:

(Online source)

So this begs the following question concerning prophet pastor Steven Furtick, who’s discernment is so far off that he’s even called Word Faith heretic Joel Osteen ”a great man of God.”

I wonder, have the people at his Elevation self-help center really thought this through? If God gave Furtick “an awesome revelation” for this past Sunday’s sermon, then we must now have some new Scripture.

Or does God now somehow “speak” in an unauthoritive manner? Well, having kicked out sola Scriptura for contemplative mysticism, such is the future of fickle evangelicalism: Dueling revelations.

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  1. At Elevation church everything has always been afloat. Starting with the worship sessions, preaching and the theology itself has always been deeply questionable and distressing.

  2. You are correct.

    Furtick masks his false teaching and making a market out of the gospel (2 Peter 2:3, 2 Corinthians 2:17) with outer good works (2 Timothy 3:5) by giving a fraction on the church’s income back to the community.

    The poison being taught by Furtick is sweet as honey and a deadly as a cobra’s venom.

  3. You will realise most false teachers are after introducung a system of legalism or works righteousness that replaces the grace of the gospel. They introduce therapeutic moralistic deism which leaves the congregation in a never ending moral threadmill of good works and deeds. But more so they will milk every ounce of money in the process.

  4. Grateful4GRACE says:

    Sir, I am truly saddened by your posts. You have definitely not experienced the scandalous love of Jesus in your life. My Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible is perfect love. He is the personification of grace. He would NOT approve of your message. I pray that He would open the eyes of your heart and let His love overwhelm you and flow out of you.

    • Terry says:

      Good retort Steve! I am kidding, I think you should re-evaluate what you are preaching and I pray for you so that you would not be one of the false prophets our good book speaks of

  5. Newspring Attender says:

    Why are you judging the people that God has given amazing spiritual gifts to. I thought that judgment was God’s job for, ya know, when we die.

  6. Chris Cooke says:

    Wow! you guys must be really busy! To read all of the tweets, blogs and listen to all the sermons that you have in order to find something worthy of judgement, you must be quite worn out.

    Firstly, this article. The dictionary definition of revelation: “an enlightening or astonishing disclosure, or, a communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency”. I hope that you and I are able to find divine revelation when we read the scriptures. I have occasions when I read a verse that I have read many times before, but God reveals something new to me, perhaps in relation to that particular season of my life, or a circumstance that I am facing at that time. I do not claim at that point to have perceived or created new scriptures. To claim that Steven Furtick has abandoned Sola Scriptura because of this tweet is bizarre, disingenuous and very lazy analysis.

    Having stumbled onto your site whilst searching for something else on Google, I have looked at a couple of other articles, and note that you have blogged about “heretics” ranging from Perry Noble and John Piper to Mark Driscoll and Billy Graham. I am sorry to say, sir, that the primary feature that shows through all of these is your pride. Please, as I write this, do not retreat into, “they abused Jesus, and they will abuse true believers today”. We are told in scripture of the offense of the gospel, but that does not mean that our gospel should be presented in an offensive manner. Much of this site is written in offensive terms, (calling people you disagree with “Pope”, for example), leaves no room for restoration, (Todd Bentley for example: Good job Barnabas didn’t read this blog or we wouldn’t have had the gospel of Mark), but above all, is never in any danger of telling anyone of the love that Jesus Christ has for them. Please, please find a way of taking a message out of what you are for, not just what you are against.

  7. Jessica says:

    I am amazed right now that you have nothing better to do then to sit here and critisize other people. You are obviously jealous that Pastor Steven has accomplished the things he has in Elevation Church and you are too unsatisfied with your own life that you feel the need to go and put other people down and flat out make stuff up. I bet you have never been to Elevation Church or listened to Pastor Steven. And if you want to do things on your own then go right ahead. but it is WORTHLESS without God. All Pastor Steven does is try to better the Kingdom of God. So, you sir are OBVIOUSLY not a christian because if you were you would not feel the need to judge everybody else except yourself. In the Bible it says judgement is God’s job and so I would think twice before I went and started making up rumors about THE GREATEST MAN OF GOD I have ever had the privilege of seeing/listening to. You are obviously a self-centered, hateful loser who has absolutely nothing better to do. And in case I haven’t made myself perfectly clear: Pastor Steven is MY PASTOR and you have GREATLY offended me by this post. And just because he says in that tweet that God gave him a revelation for that weekend’s sermon doesn’t mean it had to be a new scripture. That just means he found a scripture that really spoke to him in a way that he thought the people of Elevation and people all around the world could relate to. You think Pastor Steven’s job is easy? You think he doesn’t have fears and doubts? I’d like to see you do it then. Think you could do it better? Because judging by this post i would say you CAN’T and that you’re just a hater. And just for your information Joel Osteen is a great man of God too. The fact that you are too blind to see that proves that you’re some loser who IS NOT a christian. Because it’s not about the person it’s about the message from God and what God wants to speak to you. And all of you Pastor Steven/ Elevation Church haters who wants to say he twists the Bible and is a false prophet, etc, etc, etc can just keep your mouth closed. Because quite frankly nobody cares what you think. I love Pastor Steven and he is my role model. I hope I can gain the kind of faith he has. Oh, and Elevation Church now has 6 locations and is global. That’s supposed to be done through who? Satan? NOO!! God is the only way that could have happened. Thousands are getting saved and baptized. So, I think I speak for everybody at Elevation Church when I say don’t hate on OUR Pastor.

  8. Jessica,

    Nice rant…. do you feel better now?

    Your rant sums up exactly what is wrong with these Seeker-Sensitive Purpose Driven Church for the Carnal Nature of Mankind.

  9. David Strickland says:

    I know it’s just my sinful flesh, but I really enjoy reading rants from NewSpringers and Elevators. Don’t bother debunking the message using scripture. Just call names. And dont forget to yell. It really helps to get your point across. I’m totally convinced now. Yawn.

  10. David,

    One thing for sure is when dealing with these people it requires thick skin and great patience.

    Here is a classic from a seeker:


    has made a comment on Perry Noble’s bad advice, twisting of scripture, and the world

    I will take Perry Noble and Andy Stanley and Beth Moore and tons of others before I ever entertain your hatred. You probably picket at soldiers funerals.

  11. yoel says:

    hi, all in my small group and now the leader is gonna start “sun stand still” study 😦 …. didnt knew anything about this guy “steve” then I listen to some of his sermons and got a sour taste… [The spirit is to lead us in all truth]…. as a confirmation from God my good brother in the Lord got burdens about this study and we were just talking about it …. IDK … in Prayers because I’m usually speaking against any teaching that wants to take away glory from God

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