Randy DeMain shares about how the wicked giants of Noah’s day, the Nephilim, are once again walking the earth.

This video: Nephilim Agenda Part 1 is a classic example of Scripture twisting and weird teachings coming from the modern day “signs and wonders” movement.

*Video is copyrighted by © 2011 XPmedia.com. All rights reserved. I am using this video as defined under the Fair Use Law.

  1. Cameron says:

    I don’t know about wicked giants, but many people are making the connection between UFO’s and demonic entities. The demonic entities of course are believed to be the Sons of God mentioned in Genesis 6:4 which bred with humans to produce the nephilim. It’s I published an article in the Murfreesboro Pulse establishing the connection. I am certainly not in the “signs and wonders” crowd or even a charismatic by my standards. Here is the link. The story is Called in Search of Leprechauns which is misleading. It;s in Spanish. Scroll down for the English


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