Katie Souza shares how the Glory Light of Jesus can bring total healing to your mind, soul and body (source)

If you want to see confusion and why so many people are deceived then please visit The Glory Light of Jesus and you will be taken deep into the “Signs and Wonders” theology. Katie Souza discusses how she was taught by God the divine order for healing.

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  1. Dennis Botz says:

    Dear David,

    I don’t know how or where to begin to say what I feel is necessary to say. And, I don’t know how much space you allow for blog comments. So I guess I’ll write until I run out of space, or the Lord tells me that’s enough…whichever comes first.

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for something else online and was somewhat curious so I checked it out.

    The reason I’m even taking the time to comment on your posts is because I came out of the background that you’re currently in and have a rather unique perspective from which to view comments such as the ones you’re making against Sid Roth, Katie Souza, Pat King, Benny Hinn, and several others as well.

    When I first saw your blog, I thought, “Oh no, not another one!” David, I completely understand the mentality which makes you feel that it’s your job to “expose” the sin and error of all those spiritual leaders who you “think” are doing things wrong.

    I’ll admit, there are things happening in the leadership of the body of Christ, as well as the regular attenders that are clearly not scriptural.

    But whatever happen to “love covers a “multitude of sins (1 Pet. 4:8)?” Or, (Gal. 6:1)…”you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourself lest you also be tempted.” Or, (Rom. 2:4) God’s “goodness” leads men to repentence”…not His harsh uncaring, unloving, unfeeling, representatives who have forgotten how much they also “still” need His grace and mercy.

    You see David, I grew up in an environment where love, grace, and the whole speal was espoused regularly from the pulpit, but I never witnessed much of it in practical everyday living. In reality, it was harsh, hard, cold, brittle, lifeless, and unyielding to ANY ideas or experiences that did not happen in their denomination or their services.

    I’m sure you’re completely convinced that you’re doing the Lord’s work. But do you not realize that the same spirit that Jesus came against in his day (in the Pharisees and Saducees) is the same attitude you’re using against all of the leaders that you’re so adamantly opposing?

    I’m not saying they’re all right. However, I’ve personally viewed all of them from a different perspective than you probably have because of where I’m priviledged to work. And, I can say this one thing for ALL them. They love God radically, and they people unconditionally, any people, regardless of their position, the income level, or how they look or smell. And most of them have gone into places to minister to people that would probably make most of us “so-called Christians” PUKE!

    What I’m saying is this. Paul himself said in 1 Corinthians 13:9-10, and I paraphrase,…”we know in part, and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect has come, that which is in part will be done away with.”

    In other words, neither you, nor I, nor the most religiously educated and intelligent seminary schooled professor knows a thimble-full of God’s wisdom. However, I have found this wonderful truth to be evident. Some of the most simple, plain, ordinary, uneducated Christians that are radical lovers of God have some of the most profound insight and understanding of God’s word that it is nothing short of mind-boggling. And, to top that off, there is a very obvious presence and glow about them that is also nothing short of God Himself resting upon their lives, their words and their actions.

    I guess the bottom line is this. Do you remember the scriptures in Mark 16? He said those who believe will do signs and wonders and miracles, and those who don’t are condemned…or judged for it. Interestingly enough in the beginning of this passage of Mk. 16 in vs. 14 Jesus himself rebuked some of the other disciples because they did not believe the ones who made it to the empty tomb first and reported the news. We are so much like them today, and we really think we some big self-righteous faith people.

    Jesus rebuked his own for their hard-hearted unbelief. And he closed out that passage in vs. 20 by saying the Lord worked “with them” confirming the word with “signs”.

    I was in a Baptist church for almost 4 decades and never saw “one” tangible move of God in someone’s life. I saw a whole lot of coercion from the pulpit which was called “the Holy Spirit” drawing people to the altar. But now that I’ve seen the genuine, it’s so easy to spot the “counterfeit”.

    The Holy Spirt ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, draws with love, never fleshly man-made zeal. Once again, when you’ve experienced and examined the authentic, it’s almost effortless to recognize the counterfeit.

    And make no mistake sir, much of what is being taught in our “so-called” evangelical, soul-saving churches today is nothing short of error and sometime borders on doctrines of demons. Reaon being, it’s so full of religious, legalistic, rule-oriented, tradition that offers no life, and no authentic Holy Spirit power to deliver from sickness, disease, oppression, depression and the list goes on.

    Paul, the greatest of the apostles said in Rom. 15:18-19 that he would dare to speak of anything that Christ had not accomplished through him in performing “mighty” signs and wonders. He went on to say that had not “fully” preached the gospel unless these things had happened. In 1 Cor. 2:4-5 he also said that he didn’t want people to be impressed with men’s wisdom, but the demonstration of the Spirit (Holy) and power.

    I could go on for awhile, but I feel that I’ve made my point.

    Thank God we’ve got some people out there taking risks and experiencing new levels of the power of God that the less-timid and hyper-religious are not willing to risk.

    In the coming days, you may just need someone like these to pray and believe for you and your family when your faith hits a brick wall.

    Thank you for allowing me to express my views (which I have based on personal experience) not opinions.

    Thank you,

    • Daniel says:

      wonderfully said :’ ) . {God i love my fam, your body and bride! thank you for making us heirs with you Jesus.}

    • Marci says:

      Katie is the real deal. God is using her in a mighty way. I was at a service where she came, and i had the most amazing thing happen to me–even before she shared any teachings at all. During worship, I felt spirit come down over me from exactly over the top of my head, and slowly enveloped me all the way to the floor, like a slowly draping scarf. No one ever told me something like that could happen–it just happened. She is annointed! There were healings and Word of Knowledge for people as she laid hands on them. After I experienced that I had holy spirit overflow or something because i was saying the name of Jesus for days after, and I was so full of joy. I hope someday I can see her again. She is serving the Lord, and He has unique ministry for us all, we are all parts of the body and need to work for God’s Glory, not the opinion of this world/men.

    • W.G. says:

      Jesus called the pharisees vipers . Paul said test the spirits .
      If you don´t expose them then are you part of the problem ?
      Was´nt it written in James 4:17 If anyone knows knows the good
      they ought to do and does´nt do it , it is sin for them . I Totally
      believe we should expose wolves because of the false teaching
      they expose people too .

    • Rebecca Ford says:

      Dennis, I also grew up in the (Southern) Baptist Church. What was all the VICTORY talk I kept hearing from the Baptist teachings? I never experienced VICTORY until I started seeking God on my own and was baptized in the Holy Spirit (my Baptist Church never spoke or taught about the baptism in the Holy Spirit). After receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism, I became VICTORIOUS and that was thirty plus years ago. Your comments are right on and I appreciate you sharing in a SPIRIT OF LOVE.

  2. Chad says:

    Dennis, that was well said. I, too, grew up in an evangelical heritage that espoused much if the same. Didnt even know that the Holy Spirit wasn’t called “it”.
    I used to condemn and criticize people I didn’t know personally. However, having witnessed pastors and leaders first hand who were sinning privately while we commended their theology, I would hesitate to judge people who quite possibly are doing the work of GOD in a different way.
    Thanks for akin the time to write ur response…I couldn’t agree more.

  3. vmwooten says:

    Anybody who REALLLLLY knows God, Jesus, Holy Spirit the Word will know without a shadow of a doubt that Katie Souza is the REAL DEAL. When it comes to God’s Spirit, you either have it or you don’t and I guess there is not convincing someone who doesn’t have it so I usually don’t try to waste my time because Spirit transcends man’s limited “intellect.”

    • W.G. says:

      Katie recently said on sid roth that she audibly heard a demon speak to her
      and she saw his tentacles release her arm . I believe that a lot of the comments
      in favor of her here are fake . If you realllly know God then you better watch
      out if your protecting these Wolves .

  4. Then why waste the internet’s space and post here?

    I pity those who willingly enslave themselves to $$$$$mystics$$$$$ like Katie Souza.

    • Frank E says:

      WOW…I hope you have good blood pressure running this site. God bless you brother for telling the truth. You’re not alone here. It’s amazing how people are so willingly to be deceived. Those who posted against you are in for one RUDE awakening!

  5. niki says:

    How sad dear friend… you`ve have missed the point… The Way the Truth and the Light… That is the big picture, and you`re wasting your time shooting at the messanger….God uses his amazing handy work, like Katie Souza, to teach at a higher, more agressive level of spiritual awareness, the ones who get it… know she`s the real deal… but really the only one who`s opinion of her does matter…. EVERY DAY HE CALLS KATIE SOUZA…. His good and faithfull servant!!!!!!!! A wise woman once spoke of when radical words of faith are spoken and fall on ignorant ears; that word just becomes contaminated…
    and look, she was right

    • W.G. says:

      I feel sorry for you Nikki . She ´s teaching at a higher , more agressive
      level of spiritual awareness?? You mean like todd bently and his
      being able to appear at will in the “third heaven ” ?? A scam
      is a scam is a scam…..

  6. Poindexter says:

    Be careful mister self-appointed judge of the church, your words may some day come back to haunt you. No one who know Katie Souzas story can doubt that God is real in her life. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy – not restore, heal and bless. I’d take her fruit over yours any day.

  7. Her fruit comes at a cost which is $$$$$$.

    My fruit cost those who listen/read nothing.

    Ponder that one for a while…

    • Since you’re the one who is consistently talking about $$$$ instead of Jesus…could it be that… Gee, you sound like someone else.
      John 12:5 “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.”
      How ridiculous. I feel so sorry for you because you’re in a trap and you don’t even know it.

  8. Christine says:

    While i agree that love covers a multitude of sins, those who are prophets TRULY called by God have a duty to speak againt the evil work of the decievers. Judgment begins in the house of God and yes, this means exposing hersey for what it is. i am vaguely familiar with this ministry you all speak of and have heard a CD of hers and my spirit-man felt extremely uneasy AND i will say, i am fully endowed with the Spirit of God with evidence thereof… so i am not some pharisee who endorses disspensationalism. ANYONE who is affiliated with the roundtable of false apostles and prophets of Elijah List are false – birds of a feather flock together. Remember, these are the same people who spoke glories of Todd Bently and Paul Cain and Ted Haggard and Paula White and Kim Clement (a known false prophet) and Chuck Peirce (who teaches hebraic numerology and astrology so as to prophesy according to the Jewish new year) and all the others- meanwhile back at the camp they were engaging in unspeakable violations of scripture profiting off the vulnerability of misguided and undiscerning people. True prophets call for repentance and DO NOT sell the prophetic profit, that is equivalent to Judas selling the Word of God (JESUS) for 30 sheckles of silver.

    These people preach glory and power for the sake of the person and spend more time focusing on one’s destiny than evangelism which we are all called to do. The conferences they have are centered around experiences, visions, dreams, miracles, signs and wonders etc. …. and if you read Jude, you will know that people like that should be exposed because they are introducing doctrinal error. IF these people are TRULY apostles and prophets there is NO WAY they would align themselves with the exposed individuals (Numbers 32:23 “the sin exposes the sinner”)..by the way, don’t forget hat Judas performed miracles just like the other disciples and yet he was an agent of satan used by God to accomplish His good will. To those who have responded to this post with discertations on grace and love – i commend you for your compassion and earnest desire to think positively however, you truly underestimate the power of the human will and all that it can accomplish when conjoined to the power of the air which is ruled by the enemy. Human beings have electrical energy -hence the effectiveness of the MRI and CATSCAN diagnostics – so when you have emotionalism plus sensationalism plus human energy that is often times jacked up through highly rythmic repeatitive music (at times called prophetic worship), mixed in with a people who crave to see and feel – who lust after supernatural experiences – it is a recipe for deception. i have spent a lot of time with Holy Spirit ministering through me to people who have been defiled by these false/counterfient spirits and have witnessed the power of God casting out these demonic forces that were imparted to people by the laying on of hands from the “notable Elijah List” entourage.
    i want to draw your attention to a youtube link which will clearly show you how one can invoke the power of the air and be claryvoiant (calling it “being a seer”) and perform miracles. Watch all three parts (3 videos in all)

    So in sum: YES there is a time and place where like Noah’s two sons, we are to walk into the tent of one erring backward. And YES we are to cover the brethren with love as love covers a multitude of sins. BUT NOT, we are not to cover what is false and we are not to endorse what is error and we are not to encourage the proliferation of heretical teaching. A true prophetic person called by the Most High God can discern these wolves and have been granted authority by GOD to renounce them…. if you differ then i would like for you to condemn people like Elijah, Zechariah, Jeremiah and others who flat out spoke to the abominations of God’s own people. True, they were in the old covenant but just because we are in the apostolic age, does it mean the old testament principles are made obsolete.

    David – nice work, do not question the call God has called you to. Continue to be the clarion, the horn that sounds the alarm. You are called to a stiffnecked people who have yielded their spirits to who and what is false; God has therefore allowed them to be decieved and has sent a lying spirit into the mouths of these false teachers who prophesy to the idols on the heart – this because they sought for the arm of flesh and seek counsel from man rather than spending time in the presence of God learning how to hear Him for themselves. You cannot reprove a fool and so we pray that those who have accepted what is polluted will ask for what is pure and pursue it without the agency of man rather with the help of Holy Spirit…. to God be the glory and honor is due His Son, our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

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