From “Spread the Challenge” You have been Challenged.

I am challenging the accusers of the King James Bible (that it contains errors) to once and for all prove their accusations. These are the people that coined the phrase, “King James Only” or “King James Only-ism”. The same crowd says “no translation is inspired”. If you are one of this crowd, then this challenge is being aimed straight at you. Time for you to put up or shut up!

I am formally challenging you to a public debate to be recorded/video, and/or posted on YouTube (and other places) for all to see.

If an error(s) can be proven in the King James Bible, then I will pay all your travel(your choice) expenses to and from the debate, meals & lodging (of your choice), plus pay for any and all time lost financially to be sure that it will not cost you a dime. All you have to do is debate the subject publicly before cameras and prove at least one error in the King James Bible.

Now there it is—-I have issued the challenge, so put up or shut up. If you are any kind of man(or woman) at all, and really do know your stuff, then I would expect you to take this opportunity to enlighten the World on this subject.

Speak up and show your proof, or shut-up and get off line!

You have been challenged. The ball is in your court. What say ye?

Bob Berney

Generally I do not post e-mails like this to my blog, but this is a classic example of the confusion found within the King James only camp.

Mr. Berney, instead of taking your money and wasting many hours doing useless debates, I will present you with four post to read and ask you to research the facts.

Please read:

AV1611 only? Do King James Onlyists use a 1611 KJV?

Perversion coming from the pulpit is far more deadly than poor Bible translations

Questions for King James only people…

The King James Bible is an excellent translation

If you will take the time to truly study the facts outside the poison that is being feed to you by $$$main-stream$$$ King James Onlyist, then you will see how the doctrine of KJV only is a lie. Unless you agree with prima scriptura, then you cannot justify this doctrine. My challenge to you is very simple: Read a 1611 KJV starting with “To the Reader“.

  1. stan says:

    KJVO is cultic.

  2. I agree. The way they twist the Scriptures to support their false beliefs would make Joseph Smith smile. All cults rebel against solo scriptura because it is the safe guard against bad teaching, false doctrines, and errors taught from the pulpit(or stage as in the case of the ever emerging Seeker-Sensitive Purpose Driven Church for the Carnal Nature of Mankind).

    The bottom line is the belief in ANY version onlyism is false. If God had wanted for us the have the exact words found in the originals then we would have them. The God of the KJV only cult is one that let His people go without His pure word for over 1600 years! What happened to Psalm 12:6-7 KJVOist? Why were the saints before 1611 excluded from this preservation promise?

  3. stan says:

    I wonder if they realize the significance of the regular use in the New Testament of the Septuagint? Many NT quotations are lifted out of the Greek translation, which are very often not exactly word-for-word equivalents of the Masoretic text we use for our Old Testament translations. I believe the Lord and the Apostles used it to show that the Bible was now going out of Israel into the world that had their own unique languages. So, the Septuagint’s use served to pave the way for variant translations to be acceptable for the simple reason of saving non-Hebrew speaking peoples, like, for example, us English speakers.

  4. Cranston P. Roby says:

    Prove goofs in the KJV? EASY! First, there’s “Easter” in Acts 12:4. EASTER DID NOT EXIST when Luke wrote the letter that would become the Book of Acts. Second, there’s “the love of meney is THE root of ALL evil” in 1 Tim. 6:10. There are MANY evils, such as the Columbine HS shootings not done for lova $$. The Greek, PROPERLY translated reads, “the love of money is A root of ALL SORTS of evil”.

    Now, lemme ask YOU one-Where is the SCRIPTURAL SUPPORT for the KJVO myth?

    In CHRIST,


  5. stan says:

    I wonder if any of the KJVO crowd will comment here.

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