Join Rev. Matt Ford, Dave Vaughan (Big Brother UK 2010) for three nights of Holy Ghost Intoxication as they minister the grace of the Gospel under the revelatory unction of Almighty Holy Ghost. Register online at (source)

If you visit his page you will see the typical generic junk designed to lure you in…

And be sure to visit Fire it Up Minsitries but be ready to “WOOOOOOOAHHHHH!”  pull out that bank card! This mooching mystic needs a donation!

Copyright (C) Fire It Up International Ministries Inc. 1999-2011. I’m using this information as defined under the Fair Use Law.

  1. Matt Ford says:

    Actually dude, I don’t need any donations at all.

  2. Matt,

    Well then if that is the case then why don’t you stop selling merchandise, etc… and stop begging for money? Why not live like the NT saints and share your wealth with the poor? You know..lets say…like the saints in Acts did when they sold all that they had and gave it to those according to their needs? I’m sure your profits and sales could feed a lot of people.

    By the way nice of you to make you video private. You mooching mystics make me sick how you beg for money and make merchandise out of the Lord.

  3. I find it interesting how these so-called faith healers, prophets, etc… always try to censor people like me. If they are doing God’s work, then why worry about a little blog in the corner of cyberspace? The bottom line is people like me who expose their lies and circus acts, are a threat to the $income$. This is why I always include the copyright information and a link to the Fair Use Law because these snake oil salesmen are quick to try to get articles like this pulled by the ISP, etc…

  4. Matt Ford says:

    Hey Dude, Let me answer a few of your q’s and clarify all your misconceptions.

    1. I have nevr begged for money, in fact when I visit a church to minister, even in other nations, I pay my own way, and they are not required to take up an offering for me.

    2. Our merchandise is either for fun or teaching. The mark up is maybe 5% and considering that during the last financial year we have away FREE over 80% of all product, we made no money from our store.

    3. 13 Years ago I sold everything. Gave all my money away, as did the apostles. Do you expect me to live with nothing? Is that considered Holy?

    4. At Christmas I personally sent every partner $100, as my Christmas blessing to them. Many had only sowed a one time gift of $20.

    5. The video was disabled not because of your powerful influence, but because the event has been and gone.

    6. Neither my self nor eny staff member receives a wage or finacial compensation. All staff have other, secular full time employment.

    7. Your little bit of cyberspace is no threat at all, let alone to any income, God supplies everything we need. Our few products that we have, won’t make me rich.

    8. I drive a car that was made in 1998, and I’m happy with an older car, it works fine.

    9. 80% of all money given to the ministry is sent out again and used for missions, we tithe 15% to other ministries and the rest covers admin, such as power and essentials.

    10. You havent “exposed” anything, but you have jumped to a whole pile of conclusions, all of which are wrong.

    11. On a local church level, my church, I can not even remember the last time we did an offering LOL

    12. Don’t think so highly of your self dude, you’re not that big of a fish.

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