I’m sure Jesus and the Apostles would have used this back in the day!

It’s sickening how these mooching mystics will spend $$$$$ on a “tithing kiosk” instead of using that money to help those in need. This is yet another example of what is wrong with Christianity today.

Why can’t these people teach what the NT said about giving? Did they forget the story Jesus told about the woman who gave from the heart? Did they forget about the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector? No, the ones who teach the 10%  tithe are corrupt and their “god” is broke. The “god” of the tithe teachers is one that NEEDS man’s creation:money, in order to do His will. Every time the subject of tithing is blown out of the water by the NT, these people always run back to Malachi to twist and distort this beautiful OT book.

Here is a classic example coming from New$pring Church CEO Perry Noble:


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