From a Hedge reader:

I unfortunately spent $60 for my wife and I to attend Katie Souza’s Denver show and production.  What an awakening!  We have never before witnessed such a sham, scam and travesty.  It was BLATANTLY and shamelessly ALL about the money.  She and the sponsoring pastor did nothing to conceal the fact.
The saddest part was the people that were hurting the most gave the most money in desperation, as I said, a travesty.
My first inclination was with all the hypnotic music, dancing, jumping around and “praising” going on for hours is there was no sign of the Spirit being present at all.
Second, was the rapid fire mention of certain scripture verses such as “John 5” and “Luke 6″ and her ” interpretations” spoken too quickly for anyone to write them down.  When we returned and looked up what we could, we found the verses were twisted to achieve her agenda- raising money.  One example was Luke 19:8.  She compared  Zaccheus and his extra extortion of tax payments to our lack of tithing that has been cheating God.  That is why our finances are cursed- because we “ate our seed”.  We were therefore to “repent and pray asking  the Holy Spirit if we should bring forth an atoning tithe.”  Immediately, staff appeared everywhere with offering envelopes and the people who gave money got to parade around the room and meet Katie and receive her blessing.
She also singled out all the people who were her monthly partners in sending money and how they currently received the most special blessings.  And that is not all.  She is starting a monthly  program where they can travel to Arizona and have a free lunch with her and her staff.  That will be one of the more expensive ” free lunches” available.
I will watch the shearing of my alpacas in a few months, but last night I got to witness a big fleecing of the flock.
I urge everyone to avoid this two bit, bush league charlatan.

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  1. stan says:

    Shame on them for using Zacchaeus to weasel money from the crowd!

    When Zacchaeus repented from his covetousness, he stood and told the Lord that he would give half of his goods to the poor and restore fourfold to anyone whom he defrauded by bearing false witness. I am sure it would come as a shock to these wolves to realize that he neither made any pledge to “plant a seed” in the Lord’s ministry, nor did Jesus or the apostles exploit his new-found generosity by asking a “tithe or offering” from him. Nonetheless, “salvation came to his house that day.” These modern-day hucksters are exploiting the tenderheartedness and generosity of believers, who sadly, are unsuspecting of the trap they’re often led into.

    I believe pastors are going to be held responsible for every dollar that left their people to feed slick-talking wolves who come in Jesus’ name.

    • Velma Miller says:

      I have always failed to understand why so-called Christians shoot other Christians. Money seems to be the basis he uses to define Katie Souza a “scam”. I feel it is so sad that one sick person’s judgment is published as a fair, rational fact. “Christians” need to remember when a “Curse” is not deserved it returns back onto the curser.
      My experience of 75 years has been those who harp on others being in it for the money usually are lovers of money themselves, hence the idiom, “We judge others by what is in our own heart.”

      • Bento says:

        I agree with you. I have listened to her teachings and the Holy Spirit has invaded my life and also the people I have shared with. She is a blessing and a blast.

      • Verna Padgett says:

        I find it very hypocritical to see a best buy commercial on someone who is critical of Katie Souza. Perhaps that person should think about the true meaning of Christ our Savior. I have seem Katie Souza many times and she is hope for the most injured of the human race. She tells us that Jesus loves even the lowest of sinners. In Christ name

      • Gail says:

        Is so agree! You have 75 years of wisdom and I hope people who come to this page will heed your wisdom. Katie is not a scam. I work for her, I’m 58 and see a lot of these name calling websites as so full of hate and ignorance. The above post by Brian is so full of so many lies and misquotes. I will go to John 20:23 and I forgive your sin of misrepresenting Katie and her ministry. Let’s speak truth and do what the Lord says “love one another” as fully stated in I Corinthians 13. G

      • Marcilia Dias says:

        “We judge others by what is in our own heart.” …Not necessarily! But of course we have to be careful! Even Paul tested some of called ‘Christians”!

      • Jami Smith says:

        I agree! Katie Souza has blessed my life and as a result, has blessed my children’s lives. I am proof, among many others, that her teachings are truth. About the money, she needs money to survive, as we all do. I bieve the money she receives supports her and her staff, as well as thousands of people she is helping.

      • lyricolaurie says:

        I have received healing from God as a result of her teaching. Love her! I also respect the fact that she chooses to go in the prisons and minister. In most churches that have a prison ministry those ministries are usually a rather small group of people who honestly love people and desire to see people spiritually set free. But it is not usually a more popular ministry. And this is a major thrust of her ministry.

  2. gary price…omega ministry…seems to confirm what you are saying…3/27 …

  3. SoM says:

    I made a video to respond to her actions when I posted Acts 8:17-23 on her youtube channel. She unsubscribed me, deleted my comment and blocked me. She also disabled comments on all her videos. She has brained washed many followers of Christ because they have little faith.

  4. curt smith says:

    I feel sorry for those of you that have no faith. My Aunt helped Katie get her prison ministry started and has nothing but good things to say. I hear people who have such unbelief that Satan just laughs at how easy they are to side track. Maybe it is that the money is so much to you that you think everyone is crooked.. shame on you. try walking a mile in her shoes and pull your heads out of the sand. Curt

  5. Bento says:

    I find that hard to believe. I have listened to her teachings and they are the most helpful teachings on the soul I have ever heard and the revelation is amazing. But then in the book of John when God spoke some thought it was thunder and others head his voice, some didn’t hear anything at all. The fact one didn’t ‘feel the presence’ can be to do with our views on the Holy Spirit (and sometimes money).

  6. Tori says:

    Absolutely!! My thoughts exactly! I prayed for wisdom and discernment on my drive to a conference held at Calvary Tabernacle in Cranford, New Jersey. This woman used hypnosis techniques! She was like a magician using verbal slights of hand to distract from the vulgar conning of money under the guise of scipture. She used vague bible references and while she held the loooooongest offering she began to “prophesy” Now, was she giving people words of knowledge? Absolutely. Were they of The Holy Spirit? Absolutely not.
    When I was driving over, before even getting out of my car, I went to set apart a few dollars for the collection. And guess what? The LORD told me NOT TO GIVE tonight.
    As I stood there watching this, I understood why.
    Most people would have discerned the falseness of her offering. As if God should do something just because we have her money. But you know what? People stayed because they wanted to receive a word. Hungry of their own ego. They wanted a magic show. They wanted to see a spectacle. But I didn’t. I opened my bible and read through some scripture. Then I walked out. God have mercy on her soul. And God have mercy on is to not cling to the WORD.

  7. Gail says:

    I work for Katie Souza and every time I see a “Christian” calling her a false prophet or worse, it makes me sad. There is so much judgment coming from Christians how can a lost world want to be a part of the body of Christ? Katie is for real, not into money, is only interested in seeing people come to Jesus and get set free. Anyone can twist what someone says into their own interpretation. There are thousands of testimonies of healing and more through this ministry for as Katie will always say “it’s not about me, it’s about Jesus.” I wonder if people know what real love is, to be able to disagree and still be agreeable. How are we going to be a bride without spot or blemish if we keep posting ugliness on the Internet to spew one person’s version of not understanding what is being taught at a conference? I wonder if the same people who wrongfully criticize the money spent on a CD set, use the same energy to expose the sin themselves? Wouldn’t it be a better witness for Jesus if we truly walked and “talked” the love walk? G in Arizona.

  8. blessedfe says:

    I haven’t seen this woman, I always research before listening but I am concerned. Not by what I read in the post but the comments. This woman is NOT the hope for broken people. She is NOT any hope! The hope is in Jesus Christ alone! One person even lashed out at the author of this post by doing the very thing said of the author… Can we all remember our purpose here? We are to bring people to CHRIST! Not a person! Do we see what’s going on?! Christ taught for FREE! Never a offering, never a need to bring baskets around. Everything He needed was supplied! Do we not think He would do the same for our ministries?!! Do we only look for the healing of someone in a wheel chair or broke instead of His?! What the heck are we doing?! The enemy is not busy because WE ARE!! We are silent! We are battling each other! We are greedy and riddled with unbelief!! But we are NOT…. including this woman, is GOD!!! Wake up children of GOD! We are distracted!

    • says:

      AMEN!!! I completely agree with you. It sounds to me like there is a bit of idolatry building here. The birth, death, and resurrection of Christ and the Holy Bible is where our focus needs to be. You want peace, hope, contentment, and life coaching….read the Word! We are so busy looking for answers in the world and looking for a man (or woman in this case) to guide and direct us, or give us all the solutions to our “problems” when we don’t have to. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light.

  9. Marq Walker says:

    I have listened to many of Katie Souza’s tapes. I found them to be a mixture of sincere desire to help others, mixed with lifting verses out of context in order to make her points — and she does make a lot of good points. However, when I started to really study a lot of what Katie said that caused my spirit to recoil, and filtered what Katie was saying through scripture, I found that much of what she was saying was unscriptural. Furthermore, by the time I got to her series on “Soul Food”, when she leads the audience down the path of laying on guilt for all the times they’ve “eaten the fat that belonged to God,” and that they needed to pay God back by writing a check to her ministry, I was done with her. Katie does use and quote scripture — but her message, boiled down, is: get healed by Christ’s blood so you can prosper. She wants for all to obtain the glory light and anointing so they can prosper. She makes decrees — lifting a verse out of context from the book of Job about decreeing something and establishing it — when this verse was about one of Job’s “friends” telling him to repent from his sin, then once he’s cleansed he can go on to make a good life for himself. It was not God declaring that Job could decree his destiny. Anyways, we christians are called to filter all that we hear through the holy scriptures, so that we will not be deceived. So my bottom line is that although Katie is probably sincere, she has been deceived and is not leading others to SALVATION and a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. It’s all about this lust for power, acquiring glory light, getting healed, and making decrees and declarations so you can prosper HERE ON EARTH.

  10. Jeff Davis says:

    I am saddened very deeply when I see all the praise on you tube for Katie Souza. Katies biggest issue is her ministry is based on her claim of receiving the Matt. 10 anointing.
    When & where has Katy done any of the miracles that the 12 did when Christ called them to Him & sent them out in Matt. 10 ?

    When & where has Katy healed those lame since birth ?
    When did God heal blind eyes through by Katie’s touch ?
    When was flesh eaten away by disease restored by Katie ?
    When & where were these things done by Katie immediately with out delay ? As done by Christ & His Apostles.

    Where in all the Bible do we see one person who’s ministry was completely based on healing & they had to pay for it to learn how?

    Where are we told any where in Scripture that we are to batlle with demonic Kings ?

    Where are we told in Scripture that our soul needs to be healed ?

    None of these things have been done by God through Katy.

    The Bible no where speaks of our soul needing to be healed but states clearly our need for salvation through Jesus Christ. That comes by hearing God’s word & believing in a manner that causes one to turn from their sin.

    His faithful & loving servant, standing in His truth, only by His grace….Jeff

    • Freedom says:

      Read the bible most definitely speaks of wounds in our soul that need healing.. regardless of who is who or teaching what.. clearly the Lord reveals to us to READ the bible.. his word does not lie .. and our spirits will know the truth when we read it. if Our hearts are open to know the word.. I have listened to many of Katies teachings and in NO way does she put herself on a pedestal and in many ways she is like a small child just in love with Jesus.. she tells everyone to NOT take her word for it and to research on their own. Bottom line is we are all human we make mistakes and we are imperfect and have sinful natures. Yet anyone who knows scripture knows it clearly states not to use our tongue to cause harm or say harmful words about others .. as it is not for us to judge… as we do not and cannot know the hear of another. Katie has tools like other ministers to help many to learn or understand in a easier way.. we should not idolize anyone no matter who they are.. remember the Bible is your Book your word and your truth.. Yet God also uses all of us in some manner or another to get the truth out there and deliver discernment. I have had “drug dealers”, “murders”, “prostitutes” etc give me revelation from God.. its really profound.. especially when I know I never told anyone but God what I was needing to know.. God is not a respecter of persons.. He can and will use anyone.. after all he used a donkey!

      be kind be respectful and its better to leave something left unsaid if it cannot be done with LOVE as LOVE is the key.. and it is the only way!

  11. Makarizo says:

    Her teaching seemed good to me but one part of her teaching really concerned me. She talked about how you are under a curse if you have not tithed or stopped tithing. She said that they could make it up to God with one offering though. One offering would pay restitution from when you didn’t tithe and this offering would go back and also remove the curse and pay restitution for your family line all the way back to Adam and Eve. She said to ask God about this and he will give you the amount to give. I thought people would go home and pray about this but no need. The ushers had pens and envelopes ready and her ministry was willing to take up the checks for you right then, God was suppose to give you the number at that moment. She said forget about your fear of writing the check, just write it. No need to make it up to the church you’ve been going to or give the money to the poor, her ministry was willing to collect the check. Shouldn’t the church that you’ve gone to for years get the money or doesn’t God consider those less fortunate a payment to him? I am not a bible scholar and I could be wrong but that didn’t seem right in my opinion.

  12. When a Christian talks about the tithe and giving a tithe, it assures me that I am talking to an illiterate Christian because if they actually studied the OT tithe and the NT concept of giving, then they would understand the church teaching about 10% and tithing in general are wrong. But then again almost every Christian I talk to do not read their Bibles outside of devotionals and hearing someone tell them what is says…

    • Jan says:

      I agree with your comments on tithing. I have read every scripture on tithing in the OT and giving in the NT. The tithe was always a crop, etc. and it was for the priest because they had no inheritance as the other tribes did. The jews had money in the OT, but I have never read where the tithe was money, it was always crops, etc. I never hear any church or pastor speak about the verse in the OT in Deut 14:22-29 where God tells the jews to sell their tithes (crops, etc.) and take the money to the city he tells them to go to if it is too far away. Then, buy what they need in the city and eat it with their families. Also, the verse that is cramed down our throats in church is Malachi 3:8-10. I am so sick of the church using this to manipulate the body into giving. If people would read the entire book of Malachi 1:6 on, they would see that it starts out with God talking to the priests for sacrificing unholy or defiled animals, etc. I do believe the OT teaches giving what your heart tells you to give and be a cheerful giver, not tither. I think the tithe is used today to support a lot of churches that do not deserve to be supported. The pastors just need to make a living, but they do not preach or teach the word and the churches a failing. Just my opinion.

      • stannj51 says:

        “I think the tithe is used today to support a lot of churches that do not deserve to be supported.”

        True words, Jan!!

  13. Karen katysailboat says:

    Woe to this poor person owner of this page…for great repentance is needed of you. You have done a great wrong within Gods people when you went against Katie Souza– All of the comments on here is in favor of her ministry. You will not defeat her. She’s very strong. Woe to you, poor lost soul…

    • blessedfe says:

      Two very quick things… IF you are not in her employ to combat this man, 1. who made her in place of Jehovah??? “You will not defeat HER”?? “SHE is very strong”??? Do you hear yourself?? NOTHING is compatible to the works of our TRUE LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS, NOT Katie Souza!! How dare you implement a curse upon a person because you don’t agree! “Poor pitiful soul”??? That sounds like Christian witchcraft and I would warn you to be very careful of your words. GOD cannot be mocked!

      • Sh says:

        That sounds like a threat when people say we to you…When you question this one or that one……Christ threatens no one He draws them near to Himself….
        Last I heard He is the Savior the only one worthy of praise…

  14. Donnie Davis says:

    TBN is a scam in itself, and that is who got her started. People need to wake up, time is short. Stop rolling those eggs of fertility and take and break the bread and drink the cup as Jesus said. There will be many false prophets in the last days and folks we are living in them. In the book of Acts Easter is mentioned one time, and is not a miss-translation because the pagan worship was going on at the same time of Passover. Been studying the Hebrew and Greek for over 25 years now and I am here to tell you most “Churches of today are false teachers. Jesus said the famine of the end would not be for bread but for hearing the Word of God. If money is all that is spoken of then that is what is in their hearts period. People are so lost today it is really sad that they fall for anything. These will be praying for the mountains to fall on them and will not die. For in the twinkling of the eye ALL will be changed. No one is going to fly away, Ezekiel 13:20 says God is against those that teach his children to fly to save their souls. If God is against something you had better heed the warning. The word “Rapture is not even in the bible. I have seen big name “Preachers hold up an apple and state “It took just one bite from this apple to cause the sin of the world. It had nothing to do with an apple at all. The tree of life was Jesus and the tree of Knowledge of good and evil was Satan. Where do you think the giants of the King James came from? If you do not know how it began then you could very well be deceived in the end. But do not be afraid for judgment starts at the pulpit. Those teaching falsely will be judged. They have been blinded by the money. No I am not a preacher, just have studied on my own and I am sure glad I did. Lucifer shows at the 6th trump, 6th seal and 6th vile. The true Christ returns at the 7th, the furthest out. God Speed

  15. blessedfe says:

    How funny that the first set of comments are in agreement with the writer. How interesting that the second set are all in succession to agree with Katie Souza who is a woman, flesh like the rest yet are trying to make her sound “God like”… I see defense for her and her ministey, not God, not His Word, not the miracles HE is doing through her but what SHE is doing. She can do NO good thing outside of God yet the latter are listing her “accomplishments”. Be careful and test EVERY spirit people. I don’t agree with her teaching but that doesn’t make a “”Christian”” as people are accusing here as if I don’t believe in her then I’m not one, it makes me and others people who hear and test every spirit. God still loves EACH of us so stop trying on His Judge robe!

  16. Ian Myrtle says:

    On 9/10/2014 I went to Life Changers Church in Hoffman Estates, IL. Reinhardt Bunke made a speech there. He refused to heal anyone that day. There was a velvet roped line where he had his staff guarding him and I saw an older woman in a wheelchair and her daughter was a caregiver to her and her non-verbal autistic child. The woman bought his books and when it was her turn for an autographed, she simply asked Bunke to pray for her grandchild. She didn’t even ask for prayer for herself. Well Bunke had such an attitude, he slapped his hand so rudely upon he child with no regard for her mother and said a cold prayer and waved her off. Oh and no photographs allowed, he is making a movie in Florida about raising a mam from the dead so please no pictures. Bullcocky! I was so angry when I saw that, I left the line. You see Bunke in Africa and people passing wheelchair s through crowds and tell me he has no time to pray for that sweet woman and her family. That, my dear people is a fraud. When you are a lady who served her time in jail, and you get out, and you want to go back to pray for people and lead them to Jesus? Who wants to go back to jail? I don’t know who sell of you uppity Christians are in here. Of you can discern signs and wonders, maybe you should start your in church and go into prisons and help people. Maybe you should also travel to all the churches Souza has been to and set them straight. Better yet, maybe you should get Souza on speaker phone and let’s hear the conversation between you on YouTube. If Souza is harmful in her preaching, don’t you think God is big enough to deal with her? Or, which one of you desires to cast the stone?

  17. Jeff Davis says:

    We are as Christians to hold those who teach & hold positions of authority accountable. It does not matter how genuine or loving some one appears or may be. Churches checked Paul’s teaching & he applauded & encouraged it. We are warned of those who will pervert the Gospel. Christ Himself along with John, Peter, & Jude spend a great deal of effort warning the Christian of heretical teaching that would come.
    In the NT the miracles done were in most cases were performed on those whom their physical ailment was well known among the immediate community with which they live. Sometimes the condition they were in was from birth. So proof of whether or not some miracle had taken place was never in question.

    Katie has made several claims of miracles that have been done based on her teachings. Just recently she claims to have witnessed the regrowth of a new lung.

    Outside of Katie’s & the persons claim “WHERE IS THE MEDICAL PROOF” of this miracle lung or that any physical healing miracle has taken place by her or her teachings ?

    Other issues with Katie are. Katie does not believe Jesus was God. However she believes Hewas a man that left an example showing man can live a sinless life.

    Yet John 8:24 states…

    “…..for unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

    If you continue reading chapter 8 you see the Jews picking up stones to stone Jesus…WHY?Evidently they were very clear regarding what & who Christ was claiming to be. For Christ to allow the Jews to believe this if not true would have made Him a liar. Perpetuating & allowing heresy.
    No longer a sinless man !

    So many of you who support Katie come forth with your feelings & thoughts to back her up. Niether of which are the basis for establishing Biblical truth. Few of you have brought forth scripture that shows her to be a teacher of sound Biblical truth beyond reproach.

    Until Katie can establish medical proof of this newly regrown lung or proof for the many other claimed miracles, she remains nothing more than a liar & a charlatan.

    God’s loving & humble servant, standing in His truth, only by His grace….. Jeff Davis

  18. LORI KRIEGER says:

    WoW Brian!Judge much?my advice to you is not to do this ever again this is not a good idea God says to touch not his anointed did you did it ever cross your mind that you went with no faith and only fear unbelief and doubt in your heart and mind? if you didn’t have an open receiving spirit and heart, God says in HIS WORD let not the man who doubts in his heart think that he’ll receive anything from the Lord I know for a fact that Katie Souza is ANNOINTED, I received several healing through watching her show on my tablet which by the way the Holy Spirit picked the episodes for me to watch I have to see nothing but signs wonders and miracles if you have a criticizing judgmental attitude before you even go to something then you will not received from the Lord he says in the word to judge not you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself I am telling you the truth it has nothing to do with Katie and I have to do with father God you have not please him you need to seek the Holy Spirit before you ever go around slandering anybody that is coming from the accuser of the Brethren Satan does not want you to get free and he does not want you sharing this with anybody else and you’re falling into his hands in his schemes you’re being a spokesperson for the devil basically you need to seriously seriously apologize to God and stop doing this I’m telling you this is a very serious warning!A CURSE can I come without without a CAUSE! May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you make you lift up the light of His countenance upon you and be gracious to you and give you his Shalom peace and clarity!

    • Jerry Snyder says:

      WOW Lori, have you not read in scriptures where we as Christains are suppose to correct and confront false teachings? Katie is a False teacher, no where in scriptures does it says we have to except this LIE! Nor is there teachings on demons always being the cause of sickness and death. What she is saying is the cross of Jesus Christ wasn’t enough and that is

  19. rob says:

    love katies testimony and the preaching is a blessing too.we have all fallen short …she is not perfect …are you … preaching Jesus to the broken hearted and the prisoners … money the only thing she talked about…..when i read psalms it says to shout to the Lord ….lift my hands …. Didnt David dance for God ….criticized too for it….they worshipped for hours ….cool….wish i was there.

  20. Sharon says:

    When its all said and done if the Holy Spirit doesn’t lead you to give then don’t give, God loves a cheerful giver! I don’t believe people have to be crooked or a scam because they ask for money to cover expenses. I can only imagine the cost of renting an arena, the cost of everything associated with what she does. I know for small events that I have host, finances are needed. Pray for discernment and anyone that is doing wrong, God is well a blue to deal with them bottom line.

  21. Grace says:

    Amen Brother in Christ..I attended her conference and she is fleecing the flock.
    I stay clear of her false doctrine. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It lined up with what I experienced too when I attended her event at Life Center in PA.

  22. rx981 says:

    Please beware…Katie had put a comment on Facebook yesterday that said “Do you know you have all the power of the cosmic available to you today?”. She then quoted Deut. 4:19 (saying the cosmic is our inheritance), but twisted the context. Very dangerous stuff. The cosmos has no power except to those in new age. God created the cosmos. In Deut. 4:16-19 (context is everything), the Israelites were being warned not to make idols of any beast on the ground, fowl in the air, nor to worship or serve the heavenly host. According to Wikipedia, theologically the New Age typically adopts a belief in a holistic form of divinity which imbues all of the UNIVERSE, including human beings themselves. Dangerous territory!! Then when I checked her coverpage she was announcing a livestream entitled “Ruling the Cosmos….Soaking in Your Inheritance.” I would stay far away from this ministry as well as most mega church ministries, as the Lord has been revealing hand signals (not the devils horns or 666 sign like those in secular entertainment, politics, etc. give, they are more discreet but I have a chart I found online), logos, album cover art and conference art that are promoting a certain worldwide group of people (don’t want to mention their name, as I don’t want to be tracked for my comments). I believe many if not most have sold out.

  23. Marie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing what I was discerning
    Also I don’t want to say some tower things because I know then It’s easy for ppl to tweak
    their delivery… I pray that ppl will trust they
    can have the Holy Spirit and they can have
    Revelation with a personal intimate relationship
    of their own with the Father and he will
    reveal to our hearts what he wants us to know.
    I can never imagine making money off God.

  24. Terry A. Price says:

    I haven’t watched the religious TV programs/networks for many years. I was born again in 1964 and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1967. It was a great blessing to get under the teaching ministry of Ern Baxter for three years in Chicago. He himself had seen the false prophets and teachers for decades before me. He taught us how discern the true from the false via the Word of God itself.So my faith foundation has lasted all these years. Amen I would remind all of us about what Jesus said about the wheat and the tares ie not to try and pull out the tares lest you also pull out the wheat but to WAIT until the end of the age when THE ANGELS will separate them and burn the tares. Remember the field belongs to God not us. I John tells us that we have the dicserner within us . Trust the Holy Spirit within. Then He said to “leave them alone” referring to the scribes and Pharisees. I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Don’t get yourself in an uproar over false prophets. Yes, we are required to judge and speak out but again only at the command of the Holy Spirit. Jesus only got in an uproar a few times as recorded in te New Testament. And try the whip and scourage method at some of these false conferences!!~NO! don’t this is just sarcasm. Social media is a good place to teach. TAP.

  25. Loving Him says:

    I never heard of Katie Souza’s or her ministry until summer of 2017. My sister told me about her teaching on supernatural weight loss. During this new year 2018, I started a fast and prayer time to wait on God as I ve done for over twenty years of accepting Jesus; the Holy Spirit told me to listen to her teaching on YouTube , he told me to start at ” episode 1″ I didn’t even know there were arranged by episodes untill I searched online and found the teachings are actually by episodes! I’ve never been one for self help books, conferences and conventions, I’ve always sought God in prayer fasting and the Bible for issues and directions for my life and decisions. But I obeyed God and went through Katie Souza’s episodes on YouTube, as of today I am in episode 100 “miracles while you sleep”. Her teachings are deep Revelations that takes some spiritual growth to handle, moving from milk to the meat of the word. Since I started this journey on 1/2/18 I have been healed of urinary incontinence, a scar tissue from my past pregnancy which flared up every so often disappeared, I lost my appetite for sweets, I got healed of arthritis in my right ankle and hip bone that had bothered me for over 10 years. Is Jesus moving through Katie Souza’s? I believe He is, He healed me as I listened to her teaching, prayed with her in Jesus name and brought offerings as the Holy Spirit led me; I must note here that in one instance God led me to sow the offering into a totally different ministry unrelated to Katie Souza’s. If I were an atheist and read this article and following comments I would want nothing to do with Jesus or his people, even if Katie is wrong shouldn’t she be corrected in love? Jesus prayed that we would love one another and the world would be drawn to him by our love, the world needs to see us love like Jesus did and correct in love. In the meantime I will continue this journey until the Holy Spirit says otherwise; I cannot speak to Katie Souza’s motive for doing this, she may have a bad motive but I thank God for this teaching and Revelations and leave him to sought out the motives and intents of Katie’s heart and actions.

  26. D Knight says:

    We live in a sensationalized world. A generation deceived by ‘looking for a sign’. All this ministry did was remove the ‘lieing’ from the ‘lieing, signs and wonders’ warning to captivate their audience. It was a small edit but familiar enough to catch their ears. Pray for the true light to shine in the darkness to expose the truth.

  27. Mary Ravetta says:

    It really bothers me when God reveals something to a Christian such as Katie in this case, and another person who hasn’t got that revelation judges that person harshly. Wouldn’t it be better if you got your own revelation. If you listen to Katie’s teachings she walks us through each scripture and she explains her revelations and it all makes perfect sense to me. Katie’s teaching actually helps me understand the Bible so much better. There are scriptures that I’ve looked over for over 40 years and now I know what those scriptures are about, thanks to Katie’s teaching. I’ve also been able to follow Katie’s modeling of how she gets her revelations, and then I learn how to get my own revelations. I’ve grown and healed more spiritually with Katie’s teaching in the last year than the 44 years prior. Katie’s teaching is very needed. Satan has held Christians back long enough. Keep up the awesome work Katie and each of her followers. This world needs it very badly.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Only those completely ignorant of God’s Word would fall for the numerous blatant heresies Katie Souza teaches. She has a lot to answer for on That Day. I hope she repents and gets saved.

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