Just a few months ago, I was kidding around with some friends telling them it will not be long before pole dancing will performed in the church.

The apostasy in the seeker-sensitive church never ceases to surprise me. Please visit here to watch the video.

Snoop would be proud!

  1. Where will the quest for relevance end? oh by the way David just a small tip that i was given regarding tags. If a post has several similar tags search machines usually get confused and skip the post and consider it as spam. Use at most 12 tags to a post or less and let tags not be similar with categories as that too can cause confusion to search engines. Hope i have been a blessing.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    I fear that this quest will one day lead to “Christian” strip clubs were the “ladies” only go “so” far in what they take off. I’m sure some sex crazed hireling out there has pondered if this could be pulled off. It would be pushed as a way to “Introduce Christ to men addicted to nude clubs”.

    If Jesus came back in the flesh today, the flogging he would put on these hirelings and their herd of goats would be far worse than what He did the the Jews in the temple. These people have no fear of God and no shame in what they do!

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