I simply do not see how people can defend John Piper’s poor judgement in endorsing Rick Warren. I just wag my head when I read other Reformed people defending Piper and Warren. It’s one thing to try to reach out to a person in error, but it’s not right to endorse them as “sound in doctrine” when it’s very clear there are problems. I guess the old excuse of “No Perfect People” pardons Piper for failing to see the dangers Rick Warren presents to the body of Christ. – David J

*I found these videos at Apprising Ministries.

  1. Ken Silva says:

    Cool David, thanks for the plug. 🙂

  2. stan says:

    Question, Todd says in video 2 @ 4:00 that he wasn’t questioning Rick Warren’s faith only his teaching. If that is the case, it would be wrong to label him a “false teacher” for the apostles uniformly condemn them in the strongest terms. So, is Rick Warren a false teacher or does he just have bad teachings and he must still be accepted among the brethren?

    If Todd is right, then I (along with many who blog of RW) would have to repent of the “false teacher” and “wolf” label we’ve given him. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

  3. Stan,

    You are very insightful as always. I was wondering if any one else would pick up on that. 🙂

    The way I look at it is “it is what it is” and the gospel that Rick Warren teaches is not the Gospel taught in the Bible. IMO the problem with many known preaches/teaches/etc is that they want to straddle the fence a little instead of simply calling a spade a spade. They don’t want the label as name caller, hateful, etc… so they only critic things to a point. I agree that we should admonish in love while seeking for the person/group to repent, but we must understand that the Bible is very clear in 1.) the identification of false teachers 2.) That we are to mark them and warn the brethren 3.) That we are to avoid them if they do not repent. We are not to call a false teacher like Rick Warren our brother; his fruits let us know that his gospel is false.

    I think too many times we forget that Christ came not to unite but to divide. Yes, God is love but God expects us to obey His Word fully.

  4. stan says:

    Thank you for the kind words, David. I agree with you. RW’s fruit is proved to be unpalatable for a biblically-grounded believer. The Christ we serve unifies those who love His truth but divides all men firmly over it, one from another.

    I am trying to understand why Todd Friel balked on his characterization of Warren, so I will take a stab at it. I could be way off base, but it’s what I think is going on with Todd. He is in a dilemma he has not yet made full sense of. His understandably great respect for Piper has him a bit off-balance regarding Warren against his better judgment, for at the end of 2 he calls this a “confusing and complicated issue.” It isn’t really. He also says it’s complicated by the fact that ‘Warren’s “file cabinet’ (his official statements of faith) are orthodox, but his public preaching is terrible – it’s confusing.’ Again, not really, for the ‘file cabinet’ is Warren’s window dressing. Warren can preach orthodox then turn around and preach self-esteem, inclusivism for solving the world’s problems and contemplative prayer to “get closer to God.”

    I think Todd is showing that Piper has that kind of power to mislead because of the trust he has earned with so many for being regarded among the most articulate and sound teachers out there. I think Todd is being led to give Warren more of the benefit of the doubt because Piper’s endorsement has unwittingly raised it for him. Todd’s hearers are left confused over him now because of this is a domino effect. But, I can understand Todd here because I have experienced a time of ambivalence because of teachers I highly respected at one time; but time, prayer, study and reflection persuaded me to let go and stabilize on sound doctrine. Here’s hoping for Todd. So, I am granting him time to come around. I am not so certain about Piper now that he has committed himself to endorsing Warren.

    Todd may be on his way, though, for his proposal @ 5:45 was good: Should we question John Piper? Yes, Todd – question him, examine the fruit. See where it leads and accept the proof of your findings. Christians are to love the truth above all. Strong delusions await anyone who doesn’t. That thought always puts me in ‘fear and trembling,’ for it makes me think about our need of God’s continuing heavenly enablements to stay constantly alert and keeping our armor on. Proverbs 31 “Keep deception and lies far from me O Lord.” or “Lead me O God of my righteousness because of my enemies. Put a straight path before my face.” as Psalm 5 says.


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