This has to be one of the worse sermons I have heard in a long time. Perry Noble twists the Scriptures so far out of context in order to support $tithing$ that it’s sickening! People in my community need to wake up and see Perry Noble for what he really is…

You can listen to the series Upgrade week 2 Greed here:

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  1. stan says:

    I could not watch all of it. First thing ,he looked like he had just finished cutting his lawn and walked on stage. Of course that careless appearance is meant to fit his easy, breezy, oh-so-hip manner. Next, his use of the word “freaking” a couple of times, the sanitized version of the word he made everyone think of as he angrily recalled an unpleasant memory with the paycheck loan people showed a couple of things. First, vulgarity; second, major disrespect for both the sacred office of teacher/pastor and the listeners. Then, to top it off, to make his point, he called up 3 people that had to affirm first they were broke, jokingly warning them that they better not be lying because “God kills people.” Then, dispensing $$ to them as he stood way above them, on condition they give back ten percent to Guest Services on their way out. He humiliated them and exploited their plight publicly to teach tithing. That was it for me. As to what I heard of his use of Scripture, it fit his persona. Ro. 16:17 – mark and avoid.

  2. It’s nothing new for New$pring to exploit those in need. Any time they do something for the community, the cameras are always present to broadcast their token “good” deeds. When I was a member in 2008, this parading the unfortunate was one thing that really bothered me.

    The shenanigans this charlatan Perry Noble performs are truly disgusting to watch. I only spot check what goes on at this self-help center now days. I think more people in my community are becoming more suspicious of what’s going on at New$pring. The sad truth is that no matter what happens to the church, Noble and his inner circle will get away with a golden parachute.

  3. stan says:

    So, you went there! That gave you a front-row seat. I can’t understand his attraction. Glad the Lord got you out of there.

  4. stan says:

    I was showing my brother about Perry Noble today, and I came across this message.

    Attention Pastors: Keep Your Penis In Your Pants!!! October 15, 2008

    No, the title is NOT a type-o! I meant exactly what I said…and I will mean every single word that follows.

    Before you write me an email (which will automatically deleted…I don’t freakin’ care what anyone thinks about this post) you need to understand that I am completely pissed off…and…at the same time completely broken over this subject!

    AND…this is something that NEEDS to be addressed. Unfortunately at conferences people will talk about it in the corners and private conversations…but rarely will anyone speak (or blog) about it because they feel they may offend someone if they use “strong language.” I am SICK and TIRED of people dancing around the issue and speaking in OBSCURE terms! It’s about freakin’ time SOMEONE quite worrying about who gets offended and just flat out told the truth…

    PASTORS…we have a calling from God, we are called to live with integrity, we are called to LEAD by living an example…and that CANNOT be done if we are trying to have sex with women that we are NOT MARRIED TOO!

    The other day I was sitting at my desk and received an email from a friend informing me that another good friend of ours had disqualified himself from the ministry because of an affair.

    I wanted to throw up! I began shaking all over. I wanted to cry…and at the same time I wanted to throw things and cuss. The enemy scored another notch…another black eye on the Christian faith.

    Am I judging the guy? Heck no! Anytime I hear of something like this happening I always say, “It’s by God’s grace that it didn’t happen to me.” In fact; I called him and spoke with him for quite a while. I love the guy–he’s my friend and always will be.

    However, pastors–THIS HAS TO STOP! We cannot get up on Sunday and tell people how to live if lust and sexual fantasies with women we are not married to are dominating our minds.

    Paul said in Philippians 4:8 that we need to think about things that exalt Christ…NOT satisfy our own flesh! Let me ask you an honest question pastor–RIGHT NOW…is there a woman other than you wife that you are thinking sexual thoughts about?

    If the answer is yes then you’ve GOT TO TELL SOMEONE! PLEASE, get some help!!! Talk to a friend…go see a Counselor…but DO IT NOW! I know you think you are strong…but all it takes is ONE WEAK MOMENT and then BAM…everything you’ve worked so hard for is LOST on the five seconds of sensation that you obtain!

    It’s SO SAD when pastors will talk about how bad it was that Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup…and then they will turn around and sell their ministry for an orgasm!

    Is it tough to maintain a sexually pure mind? YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE IT! I remember my pastor saying to me back in 1990 when he was meeting with a group of young men who were called into the ministry, “Boys, everyone of you is going to have a chance to have an affair…and it’s not because you are good looking but rather because the enemy is crafty and knows he can use a woman to take you down!”

    I know of some pastors who have had emotional affairs with women…and when questioned about it they will simply say, “Well, my wife just wasn’t there for me!”

    WHAT A FREAKIN’ WIMP!!! In 99.9% of the cases the wife wasn’t there because the PASTOR was out trying to impress everyone else and, in doing so, didn’t pursue his wife!!!!!!! SHE NEEDS YOU BRO!!! AND…if you would pursue her and QUIT allowing the church to be your mistress…things would be a lot better!

    Pastors…I am NOT a legalist…except for this subject! We simply CANNOT allow the enemy to steal our calling, kill God’s work and destroy our families simply because we began thinking between our legs and not between our ears!

    My advice…take RADICAL steps. Make a committment to NEVER be alone with a woman! EVER…under ANY circumstances. Form a relationship with a godly man whom you trust and talk about your struggles…every single one of them. Pastors–we’ve GOT to stop trying to impress others with how “godly we are!” HONESTY paves the way to INTIMACY with GOD…and the reason a lot of pastors don’t feel a connection with the ALMIGHTY is because they are too busy trying to “connect” with a willing woman…BUT denying that they have the desire to do so!!!

    If you are a church member…PRAY for the purity of your pastor–EVERY SINGLE DAY! Is sexual temptation real for him? Let me go ahead and say it–YES! (And the pastor who says no is a freakin’ liar!!!) As I said earlier…the enemy is wise…he knows WHEN to tempt and WHAT to tempt with!!! Pray that he will walk with Jesus and ONLY have eyes for his wife!!!

    PASTORS…the battle is REAL…and IF you are struggling it is NOT going to go away! How do you resist?

    STOP DENYING there is a problem…if there is…CONFESS IT!!!

    PURSUE YOUR WIFE with passion like never before! Warning…if you haven’t pursued her in a while she is going to be skeptical of your advances…it’s going to take time to win back her heart.

    II Corinthians 10:5 says that we should take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ…that means WHEN (not if) the lustful thoughts come your way…understand that those thoughts are NOT FROM GOD…take them captive!

    STOP FLIRTING WITH ANYONE EXCEPT FOR YOUR WIFE!!! No texting, no emails, no chatting online, no “counseling appointments,” no long lunches…STOP IT NOW!!!

    I’ve said about all I am going to say about this for now…as I said…I am ANGRY…angry that the enemy is so persistent and that SO MANY men give in rather than calling on the unbelievable power that Christ has placed inside of us through HIS Holy Spirit.

    Pastors…let’s be men who LOVE Jesus, LOVE our wives, LOVE our children and then LOVE His church!

    AND…one more time, IF you are struggling with this–PLEASE GET HELP! You cannot keep sin in the dark…Galatians 6:7 says God will not be mocked…you know that verse…you’ve preached it many times…problem is you don’t think it applies to you…and it does!!!

    My desire when it is all said & done is NOT to pastor the largest church in the world or to speak at tons of conferences or to sell lots of books…but rather to hear the words of my Lord, “Well done my good and faihtful servant.”

    And…if I die before ‘Cretia I want for her to be able to stand over my coffin and KNOW that I was 100% faithful to her…that I was a man who took a vow to forsake all others…and that I was man enough to fulfill that vow!!!

    Do you have the stones to man up? Will you commit to purity RIGHT NOW? Seriously, break off a phone call to someone TODAY and have a serious conversation about this. Ask them to ask you the tough questions…and be man enough to be honest!!! We can’t let the enemy have any more ground here…let’s take it back!!!

    The gist of his message for pastors to be faithful to their wives and not flirt even a little bit with someone they’re not married to is sound advice; but, using the language he does compromises his right to deliver the message. Did he not read that “The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God?” So, he cannot do what is wrong (use crude language) so that good may result (godly repentance). Paul also says, “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth?” Yet, PN seems comfortable ignoring this command, as if he is the only person who was ever angry at the things he sees. Perhaps he might claim since Paul cursed those that were enforcing circumcision in Galatia with, I could wish that those who trouble you would even cut themselves off! that he has carte blance to speak crudely as he does. Yet, the apostle reserved that one imprecation against these false teachers for near the end of his corrective letter. It was not laced with the excessive amount of tirades PN’s letter has. So, he’s far from the mark if he thinks he can use Paul’s example.

    PN seems to believe he’s justified using barely restrained vulgarity to address sexual immorality among his peers. Does he think he’s the first to come across that problem in the churches? The Lord and his apostles addressed it a number of times. For example, Jesus warned of even the wrong look as the sin of adultery. Paul wrote Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. or For this you know, that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Neither the Lord nor Paul used crude language to jolt their hearers out of their sins, they instead warned of judgment on those who would unrepentantly indulge in these things. So, for all of his brow-beating, it seems Mr. Noble was too busy being angry to warn his audience about God’s judgment.


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