WHO ARE MORMONS? – Their History, Beliefs and Practices

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Cults, LDS
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Ever want to know what Mormons truly believe? 4MORMONORG has a ton of info concerning this cult.


  • ADAM-GOD DOCTRINE: Brigham Young proclaimed that Adam conceived Jesus and that Adam “is our Father our God, and the only God with whom we have to do.” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 1, p. 50, 51)  This doctrine has officially been denounced by the modern LDS Church.
  • JESUS HAD MANY WIVES: LDS Apostles Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt and Jedediah M. Grant claimed that Jesus was a “Polygamist” who married several women. (The Seer, p. 172; Journal of Discourses, vol. 1, p. 346; vol. 4, p. 259)  The LDS Church of today seeks to distance itself from the polygamist views of early Mormon leaders and thus does not adhere to this view today.
  • THE FATHER PROCREATED JESUS’ HUMAN BODY: LDS authorities and church manuals have taught that Jesus is the “literal” Son of God whose fleshly body was physically “conceived” and “begotten” by Heavenly Father and Mary in the same way that children are begotten. (Mormon Doctrine, p. 742; Family Home Evening, 1972, pp. 125-126)  Although LDS leaders today tend to de-emphasize this belief, it has never been denounced officially by the LDS Church.
  • BLOOD ATONEMENT: The Prophet Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Joseph Fielding Smith and LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie all claimed that there are “certain sins” which the blood of Christ cannot cover and that one must have his “own blood shed” to atone for those sins. (Doctrines of Salvation, vol. 1, pp. 134-135, Journal of Discourses, vol. 4, pp. 53-54, Mormon Doctrine, pp. 92-93) This doctrine, known as the “blood atonement” doctrine, is not emphasized today, but it has never been denounced by the LDS Church.
  • GARDEN OF EDEN IN MISSOURI: Joseph Smith taught Jackson County is where the Garden of Eden was located and that when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, they moved to Caldwell County and Daviess County of Far West, Missouri. LDS believe Far West is the location where Cain killed Abel.  The “Adam-ondi-Ahman” valley in Daviess County is thought to be the location where Adam will visit prior to the second coming of Christ.  While this view is still held by LDS, it has no support with the Biblical text. Since Genesis 2:10-14 mentions the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden, many speculate that if these rivers are in the same location as they were before the flood, the Garden of Eden was located somewhere in the Middle East, possibly in Iraq.
  • CREATION NOT OUT OF NOTHING: Mormons believe that God did not create the world “ex nihilo” (out of nothing), but merely organized matter already in existence.  This view is not unique to Mormonism, for it grew out of second and third century Greek Gnosticism and Aristotelian and the Platonic views of the world.  Early Church Fathers such as Irenaeus and Tertullian argued strongly for the Christian belief that God created the world out of nothing and this has been the historic Christian position for centuries.  While the Bible does not specifically state that God created all things “out of nothing,” it is significant that Scripture uses language that leads to this view.  At Hebrews 11:3 and Romans 4:17 we see that God created the visible world out of the invisible, and that He “calls into being that which does not exist.” 1. (source)

Please visit WHO ARE MORMONS? – Their History, Beliefs and Practices for a good overview of the Mormon faith.


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