The tithe is the point at which the prosperity gospel and the purpose driven churches meet and marry – ultimately because in each case what is being preached is that you make God indebted to you…and it lines the coffers to support all that high-end production. Ultimately, it would appear that the god being served – the way it’s being preached, at least – is a god of personal peace and comfort (Baal), and not the God of Heaven and Earth.- Barbara (source)

There is so much error and Scripture twisting done by Perry Noble in this small 3:13 minute video clip, I could easily spend many weeks rebuking it via this blog. This hireling will attack and say anything to general $$$$$ for his self-help center!

I challenge any Noble defender to look up all these passages CEO Noble referenced and simply read it in full context. Perry Noble depends on his people (you) being illiterate when it comes to the Holy Scriptures. It’s time for more of us to work hard studying the Word like the Bereans, instead of being lazy sheep who only care about getting a weekly dose of religion once a week from the pulpit/stage!

Acts 17:10-11

New International Version (NIV)

10 As soon as it was night, the believers sent Paul and Silas away to Berea. On arriving there, they went to the Jewish synagogue. 11 Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Here is a good article from In Weakness, Grace Abounds by Ron concerning tithing, Perry Noble, etc.

  1. Stacy says:

    Actually, it’s Perry who should check his Bible. The true Jewish tithe that is described in the Bible is much more than 10%. There was a tithe that was given to support the Levites (Lev 27:30-33 & Numb 18:21-24), another “feast tithe,” which went to support the house of God (Deut 14:22-27), and another tithe that went to the poor (Deut. 14:28 & 26:12). This tithe to the poor was paid every third year. Assuming that all were about 10%, then a Jew actually paid 33% of his income to the tithe every three years.

  2. stan says:

    “You’re stupid and you don’t read your bible. You don’t want to play the bible game with me on this subject. You don’t read your bible.” Words in keeping with this man’s character – He’s a verbal bully. Anyway, I’ll play your bible game with you, PN.

    Abraham tithed from the spoils of war. If you want your subjects to follow Abraham’s example, then they must return the other 90% to the world from which they got it, for that is what Abraham did with the remainder of the spoils – minus expenses for his Canaanite friends, whom he did not obligate to his own vow to God. So, the rest went back to the King of Sodom. There is no verse that says Abraham tithed of his regular substance. Jacob vowed to tithe of whatever he was going to acquire by the hand of God in his flight to Laban. It was over 20 years after the vow was made that he could make good on it. How’s that for a precedent, Perry? Tell your people to wait that long before your church and you receive one red cent from them.

    Jesus told the Pharisees in Matt 23, You tithe etc., not We tithe. Only crop-growers and those with herds or flocks tithed, of which Abel and Cain both were. Jesus was an iternant preacher who, by law, did not tithe, nor did he as a carpenter. Some of his disciples were fishermen. You don’t tithe fish, not unless you want to stink up the storehouse. The only thing we know Jesus and Peter paid was the poll tax for the temple.

    When preachers teach the tithe going to God, what they mean is it goes to the church of which they’re the pastor. That makes them the direct beneficiary of their own teaching. Jesus taught almsgiving to his disciples, not tithing. He did expect them to give, but the recipients are not to be preachers of expensive architectural assets with fat bank accounts from “worship offerings,” but the poor brother or sister, the needy neighbor, widows and orphans, or the worthy gospel minister or teaching elder. Jesus did teach that these last two should live off the gospel but there was no percentage of income set for them, for economic conditions vary all over the Gentile world in which the gospel was to go.

    So, keep brow-beating your thralls. But, hopefully, some will escape and know the freedom of giving with a cheerful heart and not under the kind of compulsion you put on them.


    • Stacy says:

      Well said, Stan

    • Gregory J.S.Burrows says:

      I concur with what Stan has written.our giving should be motivated by love, need of others,our ability to give, the needs of those spreading the Gospel and the work of the ministry.What we give is not to be dictated by others, although we can encourage one another to be generous and sensitive to needs around us.

  3. Stacy says:

    I do appreciate Stan pointing out the “stupid” comment and the constant, “I know more than you” attitude. Can you imagine Jesus saying such things to those to whom he was ministering? He said things like that to the Pharisees, but not to those who truly followed him.

  4. stan says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Stacy. It’s only recently that I heard of Perry Noble and saw a video of his. I don’t remember what blog it was on, but it was one unpleasant 25 minutes. I am repulsed watching him, so I was glad this video was only 3 minutes long. I also read a diatribe of his against men who were entertaining lust against women. The principle was sound, I’ll say; but the presentation was with an affected manner of righteous anger that seemed only to justify his simmering vulgarity. My guess is he thinks he’s too cool to follow standards of decency and respect.


  5. “You’re stupid and you don’t read your bible. You don’t want to play the bible game with me on this subject. You don’t read your bible.” Words in keeping with this man’s character – He’s a verbal bully. Anyway, I’ll play your bible game with you, PN.” -Stan

    Perry Noble is a typical bully who picks on the weak(in this case people who are either willingly allow him to do so because the church is growing, and/or simply ignorant to the truth) while hiding behind the teacher when a true challenge faces him. Noble is a coward. There is no other way to describe him in simple terms. He runs off at the mouth via the stage and his blog, but when challenged to backup his claims, he refuses to do so. He is so big and courageous in his protected environment, but when faced with a man/woman who knows the Scriptures, Noble backs into his little hole screaming,”Do not respond to critics, I do not read what critics blog, and they are enemies of the church“! When challenged by a blogger etc… it’s easy to see that the man who proclaims not to read/listen to what his critics say about his teachings, is a lair.

    So to be very blunt:

    Perry Noble is a coward and a liar.

    Coward- because he picks on the weak and runs from a true fight.

    Lair- Because he is at times obsessed with his critics (refer to his blog and sermons)

    As a former New$pring member, I tried to talk to Noble many months before I starting speaking out in public. I kept my concerns to as few as possible in hope to meet Noble one day in Anderson SC for lunch/etc. My request fell flat and never got past the local staff. My e-mail and tweets were ignored even though I was as nice and polite as I could be(up until right before I left, I admit my attitude got bad because I was frustrated). I tried for months to meet Noble and at the least tried to get him to reply to my e-mails/direct tweets. Nothing I could do would allow me a simple 15-30 minutes meeting in which I was willing to work around his schedule.I refused to go to the Anderson Campus and try to ambush him before the sermons; this was not acceptable in my opinion because I wanted to be respectful to him and the members of the church. The problem was I had my Scripture and I wanted Noble to explain his teaching. Instead of meeting me, I was instructed by the local leadership to follow or leave.

    I never intended for “In the hedge” to be a discernment blog back then because I was big into the seeker-sensitive ideology. This blog was intended to be a seeker-sensitive door, but thank God that He woke me up to the truth through the problems I witnessed within New$pring Church. I admit that my heart is still with those who have been hurt by the church, but today I depend on the Gospel to lead them to Christ and not gimmicks designed to entertain.

  6. Jim says:


    If you read the Didache, one of the earliest Christian writings, perhaps in existence at the time of the Apostles, you would be stunned to learn how they spotted a false teacher or prophet.

    Here it is “Now concerning the apostles and prophets, deal with them as follows in accordance with the rule of the gospel. Let every apostle who comes to you be welcomed as if he were the Lord. But he is not to stay for more than one day, unless there is need, in which case he may stay another. but if he stays three days, he is a false prohet. And when the apostle leaves, he is to take nothing with him except bread until he finds the next nights lodging. But if he asks for money, he is a false prophet.”

    Of course, this isn’t scripture. I find it absolutely stunning that one of the tests for a false teacher was if he asked for money. How far we have strayed.

    • Frank E says:


      That is amazing! I have heard of the Didache but never read it. Of all the books I have read and bought, Didache was not one of them.

      That statement should be broadcasted all over the Christian world! The Apostle Paul not only worked for himself, but for those with him as well! How many “pastors” today would do that? Very few if any.

      “I have coveted no man’s silver, or gold, or apparel. Yea, ye yourselves know, that these hands have ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me.” Acts 20:33-34

      “Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.” Philippians 3:17

      The apostles are our examples, not these modern day charlatans.

      Please Lord Jesus deliver your people from this wicked world soon.

  7. Frank E says:


    Thank You…I will check into it. When it comes to the early “church father’s” I am VERY suspicious of them because a large majority of them were Roman Catholic, Gnostic, mystical heretics and people need to know that. Again, Thank You.

  8. jo powell says:

    Perry noble is great:…..the people on this blog seem a little obsessed with the guy though

    • David Strickland says:

      Why not offer a rebuttal rather than troll the comments with jibber jabber? You really do a disservice to your church with flaming rather than debating the issues. Just further evidence that Perry Noble is just breeding a bunch of biblically illiterate religious people.

      • jo powell says:

        Rabble rabble little fellow, there are other issues that could be discussed besides newspring and trust me i know more about the bible than you

      • jo powell says:

        Perry noble for president, lol you people should get a life and stop the jealousy

      • David Strickland says:

        Ma’am, since you know so much about the bible, it won’t be too much trouble for you to offer a biblical rebuttal, will it? Also, I don’t see how someone who has been posting here since 2010 has the nerve to talk about obsession.

  9. William Kramer says:

    Can’t stand this man…his “church” made I’ve $50 million one year and he has the balls to ask for a check for $1 million so they can send all the kids to the Gautlet…he’s a POS. I was there on Sunday and I’m paraphrasing ” if you’re not going to give you’re time and money to this church, then you are taking up a seat and I want you to leave. That seat is or people who are going to give money not for a freeloader” and yes he said this. So if you don’t pay Newspring to sit down in on of there chairs, they don’t want you. It’s a pay to be saved church. Please stop supporting Newspring ASAP

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