Dear Mark,

I’m going to make this short for a variety of reasons, none of which are important enough to list for others to read.

I wanted to write this not only to express my concerns for your spiritual well-being, but also to thank you. Yes, I am grateful for your ministry, but not perhaps, for reasons you might presume.

I am not impressed with your notoriety. But I am concerned.

I’m concerned that you have recently claimed to be able to ‘see things’, pornographic things, about other people you don’t even know, which, quite frankly, is a claim to powers no one on earth has. Why do you claim such? Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable, knowing that no one else on earth has such powers, and yet, you, for all practical purposes, claim you do? Or, has fame gone to your head to the extent that you have actually believed the press Acts 29 and the Gospel Coalition has promoted about you?

Mark, can you tell the Church where in Scripture that this is a gift from God? It’s an important question, because if you insist you have this gift, and it is not from God, well, you know the rest.

No, if you will be honest, you can’t my friend. Because it isn’t. You have no such powers or abilities, none whatsoever. It makes you look silly when you claim such things, and, I dare say, stupid. Yeah. Stupid, arrogant, self-centered and self-exalting. It’s sad. Sad because it’s everything Christianity isn’t, and yet, you continue to draw followers. I’m not sure what kind of followers – worldy, unregenerate perhaps, but nonetheless, you are drawing followers.

But I love you, man. I think. I’m not sure. I’m not sure because I don’t know if you are a brother in Christ or the enemy who crept in silently, unnoticed and then promoted and mentored by John Piper. I just don’t know. Jury hasn’t read the verdict….but they’re walking into the courtroom to have a seat.

I’m also concerned about this latest tweet of yours:

Now Mark, I don’t care who heard what, whether it was you or the alleged ‘warlock’ who heard God, but when you imply you can determine who is an elect of God…that’s too far man. You’ve lost it. You claim to be God when you have that ability.

Guess what? You’re not God. I wouldn’t let you mow my lawn. You don’t havethat ability, you never did and you never will, ever. You’re nada. In fact, you’re less than nada when it comes to those attributes. Charles Spurgeon suggested chalk on the coat tails for those of you who think you have such abilities, but even Spurgeon didn’t have that one.

Mark, If you hear voices, it’s not God. If you see things. Not from God. If you elect people to salvation, you are not God. Not your department hotshot.

You are a Seattle-based, YRR, religious person. I’ll try real hard to not go further with the adjectives….[delete, delete, delete].

Mark, I am glad, in fact, very thankful, for your ministry. Listen, no one enjoys negative criticism. But honestly, listening to your fantasies is like watching Lethal Weapon 4 in order to establish guidelines for family television use.

I’m thankful for your ministry for one reason, and that only:

Christians need to understand error. You give us error. That error and the struggle that goes with it (we win btw) gives us a clearer grasp of Truth from God. When more believers recognize that, and gain experience standing against mystic knuckleheads (bless your heart) like yourself, the Church grows stronger in its faithfulness to the Lord, a renewed love and devotion for Christ.

And for that, I thank you Mark, I truly do.

In His service,

J.T. (source)

  1. 2Pc. says:

    Mark Driscoll is not the first person to express this ability. And he needs to be careful about what ‘voices’ he listens to since Satan can “appear(or speak) as an angel of light’.

    But this kind of thing does happened. I was once had a woman I’d never met before in my life walk up to me and gently rebuke me over the sin I had in my life and, yes, I believe she got it from God. There’s no way she’d have that type of information otherwise.

    And over the years, I have seen folks in the church TRY TO ACT as if they had a “Word of Knowledge” but were in fact, phonies. However, there were saints, usually the fatherly and motherly figures, who could walk up to a young person and in a manner reminiscent of the OT prophets say to them, “you were out at the club last night” or “you need to repent because you’ve been fornicating”. I’ve seen it happen myself.

    Now the only way we will know for sure this is error is if down the line, this ‘warlock’ doesn’t get saved. Then we will look at it and say Driscoll was in error. That said, I like Driscoll and have personally benefited from his online resources and materials for the last 3 years. I believe he truly loves Jesus and adores Scripture, but I hope he starts consulting the Lord with these things because they can be of God or the devil.

    God’s grace.

  2. Joe says:

    I heard many pastors express some what similar abilities. They do so in a very subtle, but authoritative manner. For example, they may say something like – I was going to preach this Sunday about (fill in the blank), but God has laid it on my heart to preach about (fill in the blank). It seems that God has personally revealed to them to change the subject of their sermon the last minute. Well, how do they know it was God?

  3. Joe,

    Interesting question I have wondered myself over the years. I personally think some pastors add ” I was going to preach this Sunday about (fill in the blank), but God has laid it on my heart to preach about (fill in the blank)” as part of the show to create drama and interest. I’m not saying that all do this, nor I”m I saying that God cannot lead a man to change his sermon. I believe the Spirit does lead those who are mindful to His will and calling, therefore I believe that some preachers are truly lead to change their sermons at the last moment. The key is being mindful to the Holy Spirit and willing to follow His leading.

    It’s one thing to feel lead to change subjects on Sunday/Wed preaching, but a totally different thing to become the direct link to God like Driscoll did.

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