Comparing his statements from the “Elephant In The Room” to those at his own Unleash Conference. Both from March 2011. (source)



  1. Thanks for sharing!! nothing line unmasking these wolves

  2. Connect says:

    He should have stuck to “arise my love”…

  3. Ryan says:

    Did he open his mouth?

    Then he was lying.

  4. Ashley says:

    I think we should spend more time trying to reach people for Christ instead of seeking out things to attack other Christians with.

  5. Ashley says:

    If these Christians are actually doing things that God sees as wrong let Him handle them.

  6. Yup, he should have stuck to “arise my love”

  7. Carl says:

    Definitely not truthful.
    He is clearly not interested in glorifying God by building up the body of believers either. Seems he is more interested in trying to be hip and cool. The reaction I heard in this clip of the congregation/audience clapping in approval was very saddening to me as well. Hopefully he will admit to his dishonesty, repent and move foreword in following Christ and not his own silly ideas or step down.

  8. stan says:

    What else is to be expected from this guy? In the interview, he’s coming together with staff to really seek God with great humility, but what really happened he’s got some rock station or downloaded music on his ipod while praying and lifting weights and is inspired by a godless song for an Easter service after, of course, mocking the lyrics of a song that contains the gospel truth of the Resurrection. Somebody did some good detective work for this video.

  9. Chase says:

    Please do not tell me you truely found a Christian sinning. That is simply absurd….Seriously people? You find one instance where Perry contradicts himself, and you make a video of it and post a waste-of-time blog about it? Perry is not perfect and he has said that on stage countless time. He does sin just as every other Christian does. And for you other fellow “Christians” to come onto a website and post as many flaws in Perry’s preaching or his decisions is simply not Biblical. We are suppose spur one on to love and good deeds…not slander and attack ridicules at someone everytime the make a mistake. I go to Newspring, love Newspriing, accepted Jesus at Newspring, and if Perry was truely disobeying God and doing the wrong thing…I pretty sure God would have put a stop to it a long time ago.

  10. Barry says:

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

    “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

  11. Matt says:

    Food for thought, did Jesus ‘piss’ the ‘religious’ off in His day when he went through the temple with a whip and turning over tables or calling them white washed tombs full of dead men’s bones ‘? Just a thought …. Hard to swallow if you’re a modern day ‘pharisee or saducee’

  12. Matt,

    Jesus would be taking the whip out and turning over the tables in New$pring Church; it would be sad to see all that coffee spilled on the floor….. I am sure that Jesus was trilled when Perry Noble announced a 90 day money back guarantee for $$$tithing$$$ See: Perry Noble is Latest to Offer “90-Day Money Back Guarantee” on the Tithe.

    You see, Jesus would give Noble and crew some good ol’ fashioned blunt preaching that these seeker-sensitive goat herder hirelings would not want to hear.

    New$pring is an eyesore upon all those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ. But then again, people follow false prophets/teachers every day failing for the same old $$$$ generating smoke and mirror games.

  13. Dave kurtz says:

    Praying for you……newspring is the best church I have ever attended…..Wesleyan…..baptist…..cog….cogop……dusty baptismal pools and empty pews…..thanks but no thanks…..

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