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Posted: September 24, 2011 in theology
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Have any of you had any dealings with these people? This sect was brought to my attention by Mark. I plan on doing some research into this movement as soon as I have time. From what little bit I’ve seen, red flags are going up like wildfire!

If anyone has a story to share or links about this movement please post them.

Thanks in advance,

David J

  1. laura says:

    mmmm this is a hot bed of schisms…. the british israelites also hold to much of this…. in south africa there are the LOST TRIBES OF YAHWEH…. oh too much to mention. but one thing that does come out of this…. does GOD have a name – and if so, what is it?? HIS name is not GOD… if you know what i mean…. and there is something lost in translations that dont transliterate the names given to GOD and JESUS CHRIST… but to take it to the lengths that some of these groups do is quite normal of any new schism or sect or denomination. we tend to forget, in 2011, that some of the denominations that we call NORMAL today, were regarded as HERETICS back when they split and started…. so then, WHAT’S NEW UNDER THE SUN???? nada!!! BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I was/am ministering to a a few women that I believe u r referring. Legalistic. They were blowing trumpets this week and before long will be sleeping in tents for seven days. They refer to God as Phonetically spelled…Yah. And they talk about a yeshua that might be Jesus but not the same Jesus I know. Very focused on the Spirit, but make Him sound more like magic and mystique than part of trinity. Husband told my husband he was a prophet sent to get our family and others back on track w obedience to Yah. They r sabbath keepers too. And they have issues w paul. When my husband tried to ignore or refute this guy, he became hostile….literally so mad he was yelling and spit was flyimg as he talked.

  3. stan says:

    Never heard of this movement, but since I’ve been ill, I had the time to watch all 11 videos over a couple of days. Thanks for the post.

    That “brother Jerry” is the most undisciplined teacher I have ever heard. He rambled. He would repeat the same thought a half a dozen ways. He used the phrase “King James Bible” many dozens of times, apparently exalting it above other translations. He would ask the audience a question then immediately ask another loosely-related question and not ever get an answer from them for the initial question nor answer it himself anywhere near the question. He would begin one question, interrupt himself and go somewhere else. Tellingly, he would interrupt the Word of God when someone was reading a passage so as to expound on it. Interrupting sentences before they’re over is rude. Then, what does it show when they do that to God’s word?

    Trying to follow him was like being behind a caravan leader on a 12 lane highway who keeps changing lanes unexpectedly. How anyone actually got a whole lot out of him is beyond me. His methods were just plain wearying. Basically, everything it took him in @ 3 hours to say about the name could have been taught clearly and completely in less than 1/2 hour. Namely, that Jesus is the wrong name. It should be Iesus as the 1611 only version has it, but not with a J because Js didn’t exist way back when (something I found on wiki was that J came over to England from Normandy in 1066 with William and Iacob or Iames were changed to the more masculine sounding Jacob and James – Hence, Iesus followed along to become Jesus). That YHWH or YAH is the only right name by which to worship the Father.

    He seemed like someone working toward a punch line(s) but wanted a long buildup first. So he used repetition; English lessons; historical and esoteric Hebrew and Greek grammar lessons; supernatural testimonies; tales of persecution and claims of winning debates on the matter. People who need volumes of build up to make their point show that the point is simply not that profound. It is also seemed to me that he was trying to convince himself of what he was saying.

    Worse was his indirect and direct accusations against the broad denominations. I agree with the characterizations to a point, but he won’t allow that many denominations have remnant believers in them despite the mixed multitude that make up much of their crowds. It also reinforces the cultic smugness that they have the corner on a rediscovered foundational truth everyone else has lost to their ruination.

    He also denounced “the church” with this and “the church” with that, such as, the church has lost the name and the church won’t be able to withstand the demons of the last time with the weakened form “Jesus.” This nugget was brought out in an early video when Jerry related a vision he had of demons being rebuked by the name of “Jesus” until one arose that was impervious to “Jesus.” The implications of this mystical experience are astounding to him and his group. They, with Iesus and YHWH, will prevail where churches will lose. Of course, to them, they will be “The Church,” the surviving miniscule remnant left in this age. It will be their mission to speak out on this name issue, and, as was stated in video 8 (I believe), that to worship the Father with any other name than YHWH makes it paganism. To use “Jesus” will leave the church vulnerable to last-days’ deception.

    One thing I have learned is that in the entire NT, whenever believers were guilty of particular things, it was only in particular churches and at particular times. Whenever the church as a whole was spoken of it was without accusation. For example, at a certain time in its history, Ephesus was about to have its lampstand removed, or Laodicea was about to be vomited out, or the Corinthians were receiving a different Jesus, and so on. When the expression “the church” that is, the Body of Christ, was used, it was likened to a husband loving a wife, or “Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior” or “through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms” and so on. Therefore, no one has the biblical foundation to accuse the church at large of anything, for that body is known only to the Lord as it says in 2 Tim 2:19 “The Lord knows those who are His.”

    So, according to the sacred name movement, the teaching that unless we use the names YHWH and Iesus, we lose access to God and his authority is a tempest in a teacup. For myself, over the years as a believer, I often use Yahweh when referring to the Lord, but I also use the title Lord. I didn’t gain, then lose, access to the throne of Grace between the usages. I agree that confounding a title for a proper name is not a good idea, but I take solace from the fact that when Paul prayed, he “bowed his knee to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” which does not indicate his use of YHWH in his prayers to God. Since he was modeling prayer for Gentile believers especially, I am comfortable with using such terms for God or Lord or Father.

    The “Sacred Name” doctrine puts unfounded guilt on those who use “Lord” and “Jesus,” and like the somewhat related movement of KJVOism, it is divisive over a point that is not salvific.


  4. Stan,

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks for the detailed info concerning this movement.

    When I finally get the time to do some detailed study, I’m going to post some more stuff about this group.

  5. stan says:

    Thanks, David. I am doing better. I don’t know if I have a detailed understanding of the movement, those were just my reactions to this series of videos. But, I think I have the gist of it. It seems pretty marginal to me.

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