A seeker-sensitive life coach pastor is the ultimate cheerleader when it comes to uplifting those who promote his vision. He is there to push his people to volunteer, to invite people to church, and to encourage his people to be positive. He is there as the supreme spiritual leader and the example for his people to follow. He boasts constantly about the great works of his church and how lives are being changed; this is done as verbal rewards to those who faithfully $buy$ into his vision. He is completely sold out to make his vision a reality and eagerly thanks all those who have made it possible. As long as he is not questioned, he is the most positive man in the church.

When asked to use the Scriptures in context(2 Timothy 2:15) to backup his vision and methods(Acts 17:11), this same man who is so upbeat and willing to take extreme measures to reach the lost, will transform into the world’s biggest detractor of the very Word of God he proclaims to preach.

  1. danny says:

    Also, how can someone who claims to “Love” the lost, be so mean and arrogant to the “Found”?

  2. Acidri says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Nice one.

  3. thereformedtraveler says:

    Came back over this morning to send this to someone and re-read. Initially, I thought it read, “will transform into the world’s biggest dictator…”, even read it to my husband with dictator stuck in there, lol. (gee, can’t tell that I’m having trouble with bifocals, that they need changed… that, or.. reading way too much on authoritarianism in the pulpit) I got it, detractor!! “As long as he is not questioned”..so true.

  4. LOL, dictator could be used also…

    Don’t you hate getting older? 🙂

    • thereformedtraveler says:

      I think my ‘get’ has already ‘got’ ;)…as they say, Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.. or…Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!!

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