How to defeat Calvinism

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Calvinism, theology
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  1. Drake Cash says:

    This is very disturbing video because you make it out that Calvinist are non-Christians and friends of the devil!?! I know a lot of Calvinists and the picture of the Calvinists in this video are friends with Arminians. They consider Arminians their Christian brothers in Christ. They allow Arminians to become members of their churches.

    Those pastors don’t just preach the TULIP. They primarily preach through books of the bible and may bring up Calvinism but it’s never a dominate theme in their sermons.

    My major concern is that the world will not see us, Arminians and Calvinist, and think we’re disciples of Christ because of this fight. Jesus said “they [the world] will know us by our love for one another,” John 13:34.

    There is a lot in common between the two camps and both preach God’s grace and love and both require a man to repent and believe. The Calvinist gospel does not lead people to hell and we need to love one another and not divide.

  2. Excellent satire video even if Drake Cash completely missed the point (or is really good at subtle satire himself).

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