I know a lot of discussion has surrounded the heresy of Modalism lately due to T.D. Jakes’s star appearance on the seeker-sensitive sitcom known as the Elephant Room 2. There is another rank heresy that challenges the very nature of God which is just as bad as Modalism. Those who teach that Jesus is not the eternal Son of God are also attacking the very core nature of our Lord. The truth is that God never changes and He has existed eternally as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit three but yet One(Hebrews 13:8).

It was deeply encouraging when John MacArthur repented of his error of denying the eternal Sonship. See: Reexamining the Eternal Sonship of Christ

I personally believe denying Christ’s eternal relationship within the Trinity is as deadly as what Modalism teaches. I would encourage all my readers to ponder what I have written today.

  1. Gregory J.S.Burrows says:

    Mr. McArthur should have stood his ground and not capitulated.He was essentially correct in concluding that Jesus became the Son of God at the incarnation.The Word of God (pre-existing Christ) was with God and was God(divine and sharing divinity with God and the Holy Spirit), but how could the Son have always been a son and yet be God?The two things are incompatible.This is where the Nicene Creed comes in.It non-biblically says that Christ was begotten of the Father, “before all worlds”.Also we hear about ” eternal generation” as though it is scriptural.It is not!If the Father generated the Son, He would have existed before the Word.If so, the Word could not be God, because no one generates God! We have to be careful in defending something that is indefensible and then demonizing other believers who are bold enough to examine things that have been in place for a long time,but cannot hold up under scrutiny.

  2. cal4u says:

    I’ve read his so-called “retraction”, if sounds very “iffy” to me, as if he still does not believe it, but says he is, only due to the uproar it has caused. He still has not changed any of his teaching material on this subject, true repentance does a complete turn around, and would burn ALL his books that would carry such heresy. Actually anyone who does not believe the Eternal Sonship of Christ, has never known the true Jesus Christ. This also goes for his heretical teaching on the Blood of Christ. The man is not a born-again Christian, never has been sorry to say.
    Only the Lord can grant him repentance to become a true born again believer, by God’s Spirit.
    The Lord bless you.

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