1. stannj51 says:

    I think I’m confused, is that a satire about seeker sensitivity or is that what a church really put out to get people to come? I hope it’s the first because it’s conformity to the world and it’s embarrassing to watch whenever so-called believers imitate the world, especially shlock like rap.

  2. It’s hard to say…

    I just wonder what is next? I’ve seen pole dancing for Jesus(which my wife and I used to discuss joking), mixed martial arts for Jesus, etc… There is only so much that can be done before these seekers run out of ideas. When this happens, I figure we shall witness the true smut of carnal nature as these clowns try to figure out how to keep up with the ways of the world.

  3. I wonder how many seekers I would draw in with fragging for Jesus? I could setup the church as a host for the PS3 and 360 as we frag away in the name of Christ while playing Call of Duty. To be true to the movement, I would need to setup a $coffee shop$ and sale $$$$ t-shirts that say,” I fragged 10k for Jesus!”

  4. OK says:

    That’s actually pretty funny.

    Relax people, this parody music video is clearly meant as a way to creatively tell the congregation that service times will change on Easter Sunday.

  5. OK,

    Why not just tell the congregation?

    Instead of using this time and money to create a “relevant” video in order to announce whatever, why not use this money and time to help the poor in the community? This is one of my major complaints with churches today because they waste a lot of money and time on junk like this video instead of helping those in true need. Whats even worse in churches today depend on government agencies and agencies like the United Way instead of taking their own wealth to help those in the church who are in need. It’s really disgusting to watch as the church waste thousands on fluff etc.. while in the congregation people are struggling.

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